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Exploring Emotion and Affect : Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde

Faculté de gestion: Faculté des lettres

Responsable(s): Denis Renevey
Intervenant(s): -

Période de validité: 2012 -> 2012

Pas d'horaire défini.


Semestre d'automne
2 heures par semaine
28 heures par semestre

Langue(s) d'enseignement: anglais
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Exploring Emotion and Affect: Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde

Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde is an innovative text in many respects. It makes use of the romance genre to finally let go of its most significant characteristics; it creates one of the most daring literary hoaxes by claiming its main source to be made of the writings of a certain Lollius; it assumes a link with an historical event without fully exploring its potential; it claims to align itself to a series of medieval texts participating in the circulation of the matter of Troy without really performing that to the full; it makes use of Boethian philosophy in order to assess individual decision making in the broader context of cosmic harmony.

After discussing some of these aspects, we will explore Troilus and Criseyde as an archive of the emotions. In order to be successful in assessing emotions in Troilus and Criseyde, we will need to find the analytical tools that allow for an understanding of their alterity. Theology and the ideology of courtly love, for instance, should allow for a better understanding of what constitute a medieval emotion, and to recognise their performance in Troilus and Criseyde. Further, the notion of performance is going to be analysed in the following way. Not only are we going to assess, via a careful attention to affective stylistics, how the texts make meaning or, rather, make feeling, but we will also assess how Troilus and Criseyde functions not only as an archive of emotion, but contributes via its affective performative characteristics to generate feelings that play a role in history.

Set text:

Geoffrey Chaucer, Troilus and Criseyde, ed. by Stephen Barney, A Norton Critical Editions Series (New York and London: W.W. Norton, 2006).


Students will be assessed by means of active participation and the submission of an essay.

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