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Card-index course

Some toxic plants and poisonous mushrooms of medico-legal interest: botany, pharmacology, detection and quantification in biological samples ... with a focus on the toxicology and on the effects of cannabis - ED 24/Série 3

Quelques plantes et champignons toxiques d'intérêt médico-légal: botanique, pharmacologie, détection et dosage dans les prélèvements biologiques avec un focus sur la toxicologie et les effets du cannabis

Responsible Faculty: Doctoral school (FBM-DOCT)

Teacher(s): Christian Giroud

Validity: 2012 ->

No timetable defined.

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Teaching language(s): English, French
Public: Yes
Credits: 1.00


To become aware of the health and medico-legal issues of natural poisons, their mode of action, the identification and quantification techniques while being aware of the limits of these tests


History and classification of natural occuring poisons. Misuse in the forensic context.
Analytical methods and their technical limits
Some toxic plants and mushrooms and / or psychoactive drugs of forensic interest
Coca and opium poppy and their chemicals
Cannabis history: from Shennong bencao jing to internet, from advocated to prohibited, evolution of legal context
Botany, cannabis varieties, in-door and out-door cultivation
Chemistry, biosynthesis, genetics and ecological role of plant cannabinoids
Synthetic cannabinoids: a nightmare for the toxicologist?
Cannabis forms and consumption patterns: from joint to E-joint
Epidemiology, use, misuse and abuse. Why people use it?
Cannabis impaired crime victims
ADME, PK, PD, Metabolism of cannabinoids
Side effects, driving behavior and performances under the effect of cannabis (DUIC)
Therapeutic potential of THC and minor cannabinoids
Detection and quantification in biological samples (blood, urine, oral fluid, hair)
Passive exposure, intra-uterin and breast-feeding exposure
Early onset of use and side-effects on brain structure, function and maturation

Websites: http://www.curml.ch or http://www.scaht.org/scaht/en/


!!! Juin, date à fixer suivant la météo : Visite du jardin botanique de Lausanne avec un focus sur les plantes psychotropes et toxiques Plantes psychotropes et médicinales, (mardi 12h15-13h45) repas sur place avec le Dr François Felber, directeur du jardin !!!

Personal work : No
Presentation : Yes
Final Test : No
Participation evaluated by the teacher : Yes


1. C. Giroud, M. Bollmann, A. Thomas, P. Mangin, and B. Favrat, Cannabis: what are the risks? Ann. Toxicol. Anal. 20 (2008) 183-205.
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Programme requirements

Basic knowledge in biology, pharmacology and chemistry

Grant requirements

Certificate of participation delivered by the organizer.

Access requirements

Registration: via the Doctoral School. Period 3

Additional information

www.curml.ch / www.scaht.org

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