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Fiche de cours

Exploration : Medieval English Theatre

Faculté de gestion: Faculté des lettres

Responsable(s): Denis Renevey
Intervenant(s): -

Période de validité: 2013 -> 2013

Pas d'horaire défini.


Semestre d'automne
2 heures par semaine
28 heures par semestre

Langue(s) d'enseignement: anglais
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This second-year seminar further explores Middle English language and literature, and focuses more particularly on a group of works that was popularly favoured for the whole of the late medieval period and beyond: the mystery plays.

Alongside practice in late Middle English language and consideration of the historical events that build the context to the literary productions of the time, we will read a selection of mystery plays and one miracle play. The study of the dramatic genre and the analysis of the plays will allow us to consider questions of performance, didacticism, authority and typology (to name but a few) and will thus familiarize students with many aspects of late medieval society and culture.


Students will be required to give a short oral presentation in addition to two written evaluations: a mid-term evaluation consisting of a close-reading of a passage of one of the plays and an end-of-term essay (written in class, c. 1500 words).


All material will be accessible via Moodle.

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Discovery : Medieval English

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