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Introduction to English language and linguistics (IELL) - B - G1

Faculté de gestion: Faculté des lettres

Responsable(s): Anita Auer
Intervenant(s): -

Période de validité: 2014 -> 2014

Pas d'horaire défini.

Travaux pratiques

1 heures par semaine
14 heures par année

Langue(s) d'enseignement: anglais
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ln this course you will be introduced to the fascinating world of the English language. You will learn the most essential concepts to explore it from the scientific perspective of Linguistics. ln line with the image of language as an intricate cosmos that consists of many complex worlds, the aim of this introduction is to provide you with a solid overview of the core areas that define the universe of English Linguistics.


The course is structured into two parts: lELL 1 and lELL 2.

ln the autumn term (lELL 1), we will start our exploration of the English language by analyzing its dimensions of form and meaning. With regard to form, we will first scrutinize the system of its speech sounds (phonetics and phonology), the internal structure and organisation of words (morphology) and the arrangement of words into sentences (syntax).

ln the spring term (lELL 2), we will engage with the meaning of English words and sentences (semantics) and how those meanings are evoked in actual contexts of language use (pragmatics). You will also learn how English is employed to constitute complex patterns of language use (discourse analysis). We will then engage with the question of how English and other languages are learnt (child language acquisition), cognitively represented and processed (psycholinguistics). We will also deal with the fact that every language is fundamentally shaped by interacting human beings who belong to specific social communities and cultures (sociolinguistics).


ln the lecture, there will be a written test (validation interne) at the end of the autumn term as well as the spring term. These tests cover the contents of the respective terms.

ln this workshop, students will be required to participate actively, i.e. the instructors expect to see diligent and serious engagement with the exercises.


The following textbook will be used in the fall semester:

Brinton, Laurel J. 2006. The Structure of Modern English: A Linguistic Introduction. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.
[Book in pdf format is available online.]

Students are also encouraged to purchase the following textbook:

Fasold, Ralph and Jeff Connor-Linton (eds.). 2006. An lntroduction to Language and Linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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