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Temple, synagogue, church in Ancient Galilee / Temples, synagogues, églises dans la Galilée antique

Faculté de gestion: Faculté de théologie et de sciences des religions (FTSR)

Responsable(s): Mordechai Aviam, David Hamidovic
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Période de validité: 2018 -> 2018

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Langue(s) d'enseignement: français
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The Galilee, which is the northern region in the Holy Land is unique in the entire land and in some points in the entire Mediterranean. This is the only place in the world where one can find, side by side, in a distance of 40 km. Bronze age Canaanite temples, Israelite religious places, Roman temples, synagogues from the Second period as well as from the Roman and Byzantine periods, and Christian churches.
In this course we will start our discussion with the remains of Bronze period (2100-1300 BCE) temples discovered in the two main ancient cities of the north: Megiddo and Hazor. We will continue to the time of the Israelite kingdom in learning one of the two cultic centers of the Northern kingdom at Tel Dan.
There is one site in the north which is a cultic site from the Persian (6-4 centuries BCE) and Hellenistic (3-1 centuries BCE), at Mt. Mizpe Yamim.
The Galilee has the largest concentration of ancient synagogues in the world. The earliest two (at Magdala and Tel Rekhesh) are from the first century CE and dozens of others are from the 3-8 centuries CE.
One of the earliest Christian praying rooms was found at Legio, dated to the 3rd century CE. When Christianity took over the Roman Empire (323 CE), The Galilee became one of the three "sacred zones" of the Holy and place of worship were built following the places where Jesus visited. Many dozens of Churches were built in the area. We will try to follow the types as well as the relations between Jews and Christians in the region

Le cours aura lieu :
- le 07.05.2019 en salle Géopolis/2121
- le 08.05.2019 en salle Internef/125
- le 09.05.2019 en salle Géopolis/2207

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