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Card-index course

Management of sport organisations

Management des organisations sportives

Responsible Faculty: Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (SSP)

Teacher(s): Emmanuel Bayle

Validity: 2012 ->

Course Timetable (Weekly)

Date Location Notice Topics Lecturer(s)
2019/2020 : Thursday 08:30-12:00 (Weekly) Synathlon/2420     Emmanuel Bayle


Autumn semester
4 hours per week
56 hours per semester
Teaching language(s): French
Public: Yes
Credits: 6.00


The goal of the course is to develop an expertise on management of sport organisations (strategy, human ressource management, finance, performance).


After the lecture, the student might be able to conceive and settle a strategy of development and business plan for a sport organisation. He also had to master human ressource management policy and the evaluation of the performance of sport organisation (notably sport federations and professional sport clubs).


BAYLE et BRUZEK (2005), Le Management associatif - 4 défis, 15 enjeux et 65 actions pour le mouvement sportif, Eds. CNOSF
BAYLE E. et CHAPPELET J-L. (2005) Performance and strategic management of olympic sport organizations, Eds. Human Kinetics
BARGET E ET VAILLEAU D. (2008), Management du sport: théories et pratiques (Coll. New management), De Boeck.
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TRIBOU G. et AUGE B. (2009) Management du sport (marketing et gestion des clubs sportifs), Dunod

Use contextFaculty codeStatusCredits
Master of Arts (MA) in Public Management and Policy (2013 ->) ›› Public Management (UNIBE)Optional6.00
Master of Arts (MA) in Public Management and Policy (UNIBE) (2013 ->) ›› Public Management (UNIBE)Optional6.00
Master of Science (MSc) in Human Movement and Sport Sciences: Physical Education (2013 ->) ›› Transversal subjects, Master in Sports Sciences (Physical Education HEPV)Optional6.00
Master of Science (MSc) in Human Movement and Sports Sciences: Sport and Leisure Management (2013 ->) ›› Principles and Practices of Sport and Leisure Management, Mandatory Module, Master of Science in Sports Sciences (Sport and Leisure Management)Compulsory6.00
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