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Card-index course

Academic Education

Formation académique

Responsible Faculty: Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (SSP)

Teacher(s): Elise Dan Glauser

Validity: 2019 ->

Course Timetable (Weekly)

Date Location Notice Topics Lecturer(s)
2019/2020 : Thursday 08:00-10:00 (Weekly) Amphimax/410     Yousra Benkortbi, Manon Bourguignon, Marie Béguin, Stéphanie Cardoso, Marwa Mahmoud, Nathalie Muller Mirza


Autumn semester
2 hours per week
28 hours per semester
Teaching language(s): French
Public: Yes
Credits: 3.00


The objective of this academic training course is to familiarize students with the process of scientific research and writing.

Based on concrete examples, this course aims to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge that is directly useful for the elaboration and writing of scientific outputs (seminar work, research report, thesis, scientific article, etc.).

The seminar will focus, among other things, on the key steps in a research process, on the development of a research question, on the challenges of litterature search, on the hypotheses and the operationalization of the research. In addition, we will give some suggestions for data collection that limits biases.

We will also discuss the process of interpreting the results obtained and we will detaile the steps involved in writing a scientific article and the standards to be respected in psychology.

Active participation is required from students throughout the semester (article discussion, group work, writing exercises, etc.).


The themes that structure the teaching are based on certain concrete practices of the young researcher in psychology.

The purpose of this course is to prepare students to conduct scientific research, such as Master's thesis, for example.

The following issues will be addressed and discussed during the semester:

- Why conducting research? Why is it important to aim for a "good" research practice?
- What are the steps in a research process?
- What is a research question and how to build it?
- How to choose the relevant sources?
- How to formulate research hypotheses?
- How to find the right tools for data collection?
- What are the main ethical rules to follow?
- What are the potential measurement biases to be considered?
- What are the key steps in data analysis and interpretation?
- How to structure a research report/article (scientific text)?
- How to develop an editorial plan?
- How to quote authors?
- How to write a reference list?


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Use contextFaculty codeStatusCredits
Bachelor of Science in Psychology, 2nd part (2014 ->) ›› Methodology Module, Major in Psychology, 2nd partCompulsory3.00
Bachelor of Science in Psychology, 2nd part (2016 ->) ›› Methodology Module, Major in Psychology, 2nd partCompulsory3.00
(2004 ->) ›› Plan libre en SSP (mobilité, auditeurs, hôtes, externe)Optional3.00
Preparatory Program to the Master in Psychology (2006 ->) ›› Preparatory Program to the Master in PsychologyFacultative3.00
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