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Card-index course


Responsible Faculty: Faculty of Geosciences and Environment (FGSE)

Teacher(s): Lukas Baumgartner
Lecturer(s): Lukas Baumgartner

Validity: 2013 ->

No timetable defined.


Spring semester
7 hours per semester
Teaching language(s): English
Public: Yes
Credits: 0.50


X-ray microtomography provides 3-D images of rocks, composite materials like concrete or soils, as well as technical gadgets. It is used in material sciences and earth sciences to "map" the interior of solid samples. It is based on the fact, that different minerals attenuate X-ray differently, mainly based on their density and chemistry. This course will teach the principles of X-ray tomography, its use and limits. It will allow the participants to actually use the X-ray tomography laboratory. Some specific examples from etrology, sedimentology, and material sciences will be used.


Practical work

Use contextFaculty codeStatusCredits
Master of Science (MSc) in Earth Sciences (2018 ->) ›› Part C2 Free choice credits - Geochemistry, alpine tectonic, ore depositsOptional0.50
Master of Science (MSc) in Earth Sciences (2019 ->) ›› Partie C2 Crédits libres - Géochimie, tectonique alpine, gîtes métallifèresOptional0.50
Master of Science (MSc) in Geology (2016 ->) ›› Méthodes analytiquesOptional0.50
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