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Card-index course

Metamorphic Petrology, camp

Pétrologie métamorphique, camp

Responsible Faculty: Faculty of Geosciences and Environment (FGSE)

Teacher(s): Lukas Baumgartner
Lecturer(s): -

Validity: 2020 ->

No timetable defined.


Spring semester
80 hours per semester
Teaching language(s): French
Public: Yes
Credits: 6.00


Combining the knowledge acquired from structural geology, igneous petrology, and metamorphic petrology to produce a geologic map. Appreciate the complexity and the reductionism going into establishing an outcrop map and the interpretation of their interpretation.


After a short excursion, each student will map an area of ca. 2km2 in a small group. Maps are established containing the structural, lithological, and metamorphic characteristics of the terrain on a scale of 1:10'000. The field area is systematically mapped. The results are discussed daily.
Each student will furbish an individual report detailing the geology, deformation and metamorphism of the area, a description of the map units, and the deformation events. The individual report will contain also a strategically placed cross section(s).


Each student will produce a report detailing the results of the mapping campaign; this includes among other aspects a geologic outcrop map, a synthesis map, a metamorphic and structural map. The description of the mapped units is complemented by a tectonic/structural interpretation of the area.
If applicable, the report will also include a short description of the excursion leading up to the mapping exercise.

Programme requirements

courses in mapping
structural geology
igneous and metamorphic petrology

Use contextFaculty codeStatusCredits
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Geosciences and Environment orientation Geology, 2nd part (2014 ->) ›› M5 - Advanced geologyCompulsory6.00
(2011 ->) ›› Niveau bachelorOptional6.00
Pr MA géologie (2008 ->) ›› Pr MA géologieOptional6.00
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