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Card-index course

Assessement methods of psychopathology - DD

Démarches et méthodes d'évaluation en psychopathologie

Responsible Faculty: Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (SSP)

Teacher(s): Anik Debrot, Charles-Edouard Rengade
Lecturer(s): -

Validity: 2016 -> 2016

No timetable defined.


Spring semester
2 hours per week
28 hours per semester

Teaching language(s): French
Public: Yes
Credits: 0


This seminar is devoted to the discovery of instruments commonly used to investigate and measure psychopathology. Students will learn to know the major assessment tools (projective methods excluded) recommended by experts or largely widespread in psychiatry and clinical psychology. They will be trained to evaluate the qualities and limits of these clinical instruments from psychometric, clinical and practical points of view. Through dedicated exercises they will be prepared to use some of them concretely, in order to familiarize with them.


The scientific assessment of psychopathology is a most certainly essential step for an evidence-based practice in clinical psychology. It can be achieved through various methods like (semi-)standardized clinical interviews, guided (self-)monitoring or clinical observations, and the use of questionnaires or other psychometric instruments. A multitude of standardized tools dedicated to the investigation or measurement of psychopathology has been developed in clinical psychology or psychiatry, and it is virtually impossible to master them all. But some of them are internationally validated, and so widely recognized that the clinical psychologist who is interested or active in this field should know them. This seminar will explore some of the major tools devoted to the diagnosis of psychiatric illnesses, the evaluation of psychosocial functioning and quality of life, and the measurement of the severity of specific psychological disorders like depression, anxiety disorders, psychoses, addictions, eating, sleep, somatoform or personality disorders.


Elaboration of a document which can be : (a) a synthetic, critical and descriptive record of a selected assessment instrument, or (b) a review of a scientific paper about assessment methods or instruments in clinical psychology, or (c) the development of a simple electronic file for the computerized scoring or use of a selected psychometric instrument (e.g. in Microsoft Excel software).


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Programme requirements

Bachelor in psychology (BSc). Having followed an introductory course in psychopathology. Knowing the major psychiatric diagnostic categories described in the DSM-IV TR or ICD-10.

Canton de Vaud
Swiss University
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