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Card-index course

Language Change across the Lifespan

Responsible Faculty: Faculty of Arts

Teacher(s): Jennifer Thorburn
Lecturer(s): -

Validity: 2017 -> 2017

No timetable defined.


Autumn semester
2 hours per week
28 hours per semester

Teaching language(s): English
Public: Yes
Credits: 0


After successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

- Critically engage with sociolinguistic literature, with particular focus on language variation and change
- Lead thoughtful academic discussion
- Understand how language use can change across the lifespan
- Understand how age intersects with other social factors
- Design and conduct a quantitative linguistic research project including basic statistical analyses


This course introduces students to an increasingly important avenue of investigation in variationist sociolinguistics: intra-speaker linguistic change. Much of the sociolinguistic canon relies on the hypothesis that an individual's way of speaking is fairly stable after adolescence; this course will explore this assumption. Students will analyse key case studies and discuss phenomena such as age-grading and lifespan change. They will conduct an independent research project, which will develop their understanding of how an individual's linguistic practices do or do not change after the critical period. Students will be exposed to different methodologies and tools employed in quantitative variationist sociolinguistics and are expected to implement them in their own study.


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