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Card-index course

Computer Science

Informatique II - Programmation orientée objet

Responsible Faculty: School of Criminal Justice (ESC)

Teacher(s): Kévin Huguenin

Validity: 2015 -> 2016

Course Timetable (Weekly)

Date Location Notice Topics Lecturer(s)
2016/2017 : Monday 08:00-09:45 (Weekly) Amphipôle/B     Paolo Masulli


Spring semester
2 hours per week
28 hours per semester
Teaching language(s): French
Public: No
Credits: 4.00, 6.00


The programming language used is Python (version 2.x) because it illustrates the basic concepts, common to all languages (variables, types, arithmetic and logical expressions, control structures, procedures, functions, recursion, etc.. ).

In this course Informatique II, we address specifically the structure of programmtion and data, using specifically object-oriented programming.


11. Simple drawings in Python
12. GUI
13. Unified Modeling Language (UML 2.x)
14. Python object-oriented
15. Document structure
16. Python and the Web
17. regular Expressions

Documentation: Handout + various data sheets.


Mid-term examination
It is a written exam (2 hours) that takes place around the middle of the semester. This examination will include questions of the same type as that requested in the semester exam. This examination is optional but highly recommended because it allows to obtain "bonus" points without incurring a "penalty".
Indeed if the student receives a score ranging from 4.5 to 5.5 will receive a bonus of 0.5.
If the note is ranging from 5.6 to 6.0 the bonus will be 1.0.

Semester Exam (June session)
It is a written examination lasting 2 hours. At the first attempt the final score is obtained by adding the note "bonus" obtained at the mid-term examination to the notes of the Semester examination.
When the student is under consideration for a second attempt only the score of theSemester Exam is taken into account for the final grade.


- Site officiel de Python; http://docs.python.org/index.html

- Python 2.x

- Martelli A. (2006) Python in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference, 696pp., 2e édition, O'Reilly Editeur.
- Ziadé T. (2007) Programmation Python: Petit guide à l'usage du développeur agile, 187pp., 1ère édition, Dunod Editeur.
- Chun W.J. (2008) Au coeur de Python, version 2.5 - Volume 1, 646pp, Campus Press Editeur.
- Dupré X. (2011) Programmation avec le langage Python, 336pp., 2e. edition, Ellipses Editeur.

- Python 3.x

- Lutz M. (2011) Learning Python: Powerful object-oriented programming, 1162pp, , 4e édition, O'Reilly Editeur.
- Lutz M. (2011) Programming Python, 1632pp, 4e édition, O'Reilly Editeur.

Programme requirements

Knowledge of the basics of programming and linear programming in Python. This semester course is designed as a continuation of Informatique-I given in the previous semester.

Additional information


Use contextFaculty codeStatusCredits
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Forensic Science, 1st part (2016 ->) ›› Basic sciencesCompulsory6.00
Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science, 1st year (2009 -> 2016) ›› Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science, 1st yearCompulsory4.00
Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science, 1st year (2012 ->) ›› Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science, 1st yearCompulsory6.00
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