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Card-index course

Research seminar III: contempory issues of tourism

Séminaire de recherche III : enjeux contemporains du tourisme

Responsible Faculty: Faculty of Geosciences and Environment (FGSE)

Teacher(s): Christophe Clivaz
Lecturer(s): -

Validity: 2013 -> 2015

No timetable defined.

Course+Seminar (compulsory)

Autumn semester
28 hours per semester

Teaching language(s): French
Public: Yes
Credits: 0


1) to understand the different aspects related to the issue of sustainable tourism;
2) to address this issue in a critical way;
3) to know the core concepts of sustainable tourism and to insert them in the current scientific debates.


This seminar approaches in an interdisciplinary way a topic that is a contemporary issue of tourism. This year the choice was made on the issue of sustainability in tourism. From this issue it is possible to raise a number of questions falling within different interdisciplinary fields. The seminar is an opportunity to mobilize the content of the various courses of the MET.
In addition, the seminar is also an opportunity to get closer to practical needs by addressing the question of the sustainability of tourism not only from an analytical point of view, but also from a normative and operational perspective.




Une bibliographie est distribuée au début du séminaire.

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