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Card-index course

Industrial Ecology I

Ecologie globale I (Ba)

Responsible Faculty: Faculty of Geosciences and Environment (FGSE)

Teacher(s): Suren Erkman
Lecturer(s): -

Validity: 2008 -> 2009

No timetable defined.


Autumn semester
2 hours per week
28 hours per semester

Teaching language(s): French
Public: Yes
Credits: 3.00, 4.00


Introduction to Industrial Ecology
Basic notions of industrial ecology: from end of pipe to industrial ecosystems
Methodologies: material flow analysis, life cycle analysis
Evolution of the industrial system: quasi-circular economy, minimization of dissipative losses, dematerialization, decarbonization
Industrial symbioses, resource optimization at various scales
Rebound effect, technological trajectories (Cleantechs)


Written Exam


Suren Erkman:
Vers une écologie industrielle
Paris, Editions Charles Léopold Mayer, 2004 (2e édition)

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