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Card-index course

Overview of strategies to combat infections

Agents antimicrobiens et préventions des maladies infectieuses

Responsible Faculty: School of Biology (FBM-BIO)

Teacher(s): Dominique Sanglard, Amalio Telenti

Validity: 2009 -> 2009

No timetable defined.


Spring semester
14 hours per semester

Teaching language(s): English
Public: On written demand
Credits: 1.50, 3.00


- Learn about modes of action at the molecular level of the main classes of antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals and pest control compounds.
- Learn how microorganisms are developing resistance to antimicrobial substances
- Learn the biological basis of vaccines and their medical applications


A. Virology
1. Antivirals and resistance mechanisms (A. Telenti)
2. Examples: -Herpes
- DNA viral and target identification of antiviral agents
- nucleoside analogues with antiviral activity
- Mutations of genes targets involved in viral resistance
- Genotypic and phenotypic resistance tests
- Hepatitis
- Type of antiretroviral therapy and used mode of action
- Resistance mechanisms
- Impact of resistance on fitness
- The development of new antiviral substances

B. Bacteriology
1. Presentation of the major classes of antibacterial agents and their site of action (G. Greub)
2. History, use of antibiotics, and susceptibility tests notions of bioavailability (G. Greub)
3. Resistance Mechanism (G. Greub)
- enzyme [lactamases and cephalosporinases]
- mutations [gyrase, rpoB]
- Efflux mechanisms
4. Investigation of resistance to an antibiotic (study of an article) (P. Hauser)

C. Mycology
1. Type antifungal substances used in therapy and mode of action (D. Sanglard)
2. Resistance mechanism and epidemiology of resistance
3. Novel Antifungal substances and methods for target identificatiion

D. Parasitology
1. Pest control substances: mechanisms of action and resistance (P. Hauser)

E. Vaccine Strategies
1. Vaccines and Immunization (D. Nardelli)
- History, eradications and public health goals
- Problems of eradication and immunization safety
- Types of vaccines, adjuvants and routes of administration
2. Selected examples of experimental vaccines (A. Telenti)
- Vaccine Against AIDS (HIV)
- Subunit vaccines, live attenuated vaccines, viral (canarypox) and DNA vaccines
- Therapeutic Vaccines after infection with HIV

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