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Card-index course

Microbial pathogenesis and antibiotic resistance in bacteria

Résistance aux antibiotiques et pathogénèse expérimentale

Responsible Faculty: School of Biology (FBM-BIO)

Teacher(s): Jose Manuel Entenza

Validity: 2010 -> 2010

No timetable defined.


Spring semester
7 hours per semester

Teaching language(s): English, French
Public: On written demand
Credits: 0.50


The goals of this course are:
- to initiate students into the mechanisms of bacterial
pathogenesis and antibiotic resistance
- to estimulate the curiosity of the students in this field


* Pathogenesis of staphylococcal infections
* Pathogenesis of streptococcal infections
* Mechanisms of bacterial resistance to antibiotics
- Introduction: short history of antibitoics
- Resistance to cell wall inhibitors
(beta-lactams, vancomycin)
- Resistance to nucleic acid inhibitors
- Resistance to protein synthesis inhibitors
(macrolides-lincosamides-streptogramines, linezolid)
- Resistance to membrane inhibiteurs
(daptomycin, peptides)
- Resistance to inhibitors of folic acid synthesis
(sulfonamides, trimethoprim)
- Phages and lysins




- Mandell, Douglas and Bennett. Principles and practice of
infectious diseases. 7th ed. Churchill Livingstone. 2010
- Lorian, V. Antibiotics in laboratory medicine. 5th edition.
Williams & Wilkins. 2005
- Courvalin, P. Antibiogramme. 2ème édition. Editions ESKA. 2006

Programme requirements


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