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Card-index course

Behavioural Ecology

Ecologie comportementale II

Responsible Faculty: School of Biology (FBM-BIO)

Teacher(s): Philippe Christe, Alexandre Roulin

Validity: 2010 -> 2010

No timetable defined.


Autumn semester
14 hours per semester

Teaching language(s): English
Public: No
Credits: 1.00, 1.50


Discussion about scientific papers


This lecture is divided in two parts, the first one being interactive between the student and professor and the second one being more formal.

a) Discussion about scientific papers (A. Roulin)

b) Ecology and evolution of parasitism (P. Christe).


Oral exam


Réale, D., Reader, S.M., Sol, D., McDougall, P.T. & Dingemanse, N.J. (2007). Integrating animal temperament within ecology and evolution. Biol. Rev., 82, 291-318.

Sih, A., Bell, A.M., Johnson, J.C. & Ziemba, R.E. (2004). Behavioral syndromes: an integrative overview. Q. Rev. Biol., 79, 241-277.

Journaux scientifiques figurant à la bibliothèque du Biophore ou sur internet (http://perunil.unil.ch/perunil/periodiques/).

Programme requirements


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