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Card-index course

Integrated Practical Work

Travaux pratiques de terrain intégrés

Responsible Faculty: School of Biology (FBM-BIO)

Teacher(s): Philippe Christe

Validity: 2016 -> 2016

No timetable defined.

Practical work

Spring semester
30 hours per semester

Teaching language(s): French
Public: No
Credits: 0
Participants: maximum 40


The aims of this teaching are:
- to give the knowledge to identify species (mainly key or indicator species) in Switzerland;
- to know the main technics to catch animals and for monitoring;
- to be able to identify most of the habitats in Switzerland.


This practical is given simultaneously by Philippe Christe, Nadir Alvarez, Tanja Schwander et Pascal Vittoz.
A first part of the practical is for necessary basis to identify Swiss vertebrates, invertebrates and plants.
The second part is a 3-days field course to practice identification and to learn technics of trapping and plant inventories.


Reports, by groups of 2 students, about the 3-days field course and tests.


- Delarze, R. & Gonseth, Y. 2008. Guide des milieux naturels de Suisse. Ecologie - Menaces - Espèces caractéristiques. Editions Rossolis, Bussigny.

- www.biodiversity.ch (Site du Forum Biodiversité Suisse)
- www.environnement-suisse.ch (Site de l'Office fédéral de l'environnement)
- www.cscf.ch (Centre suisse de cartographie de la faune)
- www.infoflora.ch (Centre national de données et d'informations sur la flore de Suisse)

Programme requirements

To like field work and to attend to the related lectures.

Canton de Vaud
Swiss University
Unicentre  -  CH-1015 Lausanne  -  Suisse  -  Tél. +41 21 692 11 11  -  Fax  +41 21 692 26 15