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Card-index course

Learning by Problem Solving

Apprentissage par problèmes (APP)

Responsible Faculty: School of Biology (FBM-BIO)

Teacher(s): Angela Teresa Ciuffi

Validity: 2019 ->

No timetable defined.


Spring semester
12 hours per semester
Teaching language(s): French
Public: No
Credits: 0
Participants: maximum 36


The main objective of this module is to understand and integrate the intellectual process starting from the identification of a problem to its resolution, and to see what are the difficulties encountered during this path. More generally, this module aims thus at stimulating reflection using medical issues.

The goals of this module are:

- To understand the importance and the logics of a tree of knowledge and the role of experimental research in its development. To know how to organize, structure and use a tree of knowledge.

- To understand that differential diagnostic is an essential tool, at the interface between biology and medicine, in the use of a decision tree.

- To identify the diagnostic assay (or the experimental method) to be used according to the circumstances.

- To understand that the diagnostic assay (or the experimental method) is a step and not a finality.

- To identify the current limits of knowledge.


The content of this module is divided in 4 blocks (APP belong to the 4th block):

- The first block aims at providing a general overview, "patient"-oriented, that starts from the clinical problem that needs to be diagnosed and that ends ideally by the elimination of the problem. The three key steps are thus: phenotype analysis (symptoms) - diagnostic - treatment.

- The second block uses selected examples of pathologies to illustrate the general concepts in more detail, to highlight the role of research in the development of knowledge trees, to provide the necessary tools for the use of decision trees, and to stimulate discussions using current themes and concerns.

- The third block focuses on diagnosis, which is at the interface between biology and medicine. This teaching block is more practical and starts with the visit of diagnostic laboratories of the CHUV Laboratory Department, and ends with practical work.

- The fourth and last block contains exercises (learning by problem solving - APP). This blocks aims at summarizing the approach of the development and use of a tree through the study of real clinical cases. The students will be divided into small groups and will present their case and how they solved it orally at the end of the APP.


Active participation to the APP
Oral presentation as small groups

Use contextFaculty codeStatusCredits
Biology - Step 2 : Modules 2 to 7 : 2nd and 3rd Years (2012 ->) ›› Module From Clinics to Basics... and back!Compulsory
(1971 ->) ›› Module From Clinics to Basics... and back!Compulsory
Préalable Master Comportement, Evolution et Conservation (2004 ->) ›› Module From Clinics to Basics... and back!Compulsory
Préalable Master Sciences moléculaires du vivant (2011 ->) ›› Module From Clinics to Basics... and back!Compulsory
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