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Card-index course

Genomics-Ecology-Evolution - 39a/Série 1

Genomics-Ecology-Evolution - Fall

Responsible Faculty: Doctoral school (FBM-DOCT)

Teacher(s): Jérôme Goudet, Marc Robinson-Rechavi

Validity: 2011 -> 2014

No timetable defined.

Tutorial (optional)


Teaching language(s): english
Public: Yes
Credits: 1


Be aware of emerging new genomic technologies.
Understand the impact of these technologies of research in Ecology and Evolution.
Understand the implications of ecology and evolution for research in Genomics.
Programme: http://www3.unil.ch/wpmu/genomeeee/2014/10/06/tutorial-program-autumn-2014-genomics-ecology-evolution-etc/


One to three papers will be discussed at each meeting. All participants are expected to have read the papers, and participate in the discussion.
For each meeting, one student will write a blog entry summarizing the papers and the discussion, and providing his/her own opinion on the topic, and how it relates to genomics, ecology and/or evolutionary biology.


Personal work : Yes
Presentation : Yes
Final Test : No
Participation evaluated by the tutor : Yes


Information: http://www3.unil.ch/wpmu/genomeeee/2014/10/06/tutorial-program-autumn-2014-genomics-ecology-evolution-etc/

Programme requirements

Basic understanding of molecular biology and of evolutionary biology (i.e., Bachelor of biology level).
Very basic notions of statistics.
Willingness to read and understand new methods, including statistical or computational aspects, molecular aspects, and ecological or evolutionary aspects.

Grant requirements

The course will be assessed on the basis of active participation (incl. the blog entry).

Access requirements

Registration: via the Doctoral School. Period 1.

Additional information


Canton de Vaud
Swiss University
Unicentre  -  CH-1015 Lausanne  -  Suisse  -  Tél. +41 21 692 11 11  -  Fax  +41 21 692 26 15