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Card-index course

Microbial strategies for host invasion and survival/Stratégies des microbes pour l'invasion et la propagation chez leurs hôtes - 21a/MS/Série 2

Responsible Faculty: Doctoral school (FBM-DOCT)

Teacher(s): Dominique Sanglard

Validity: 2012 -> 2019

No timetable defined.



Teaching language(s): English
Public: Yes
Credits: 0


This tutorial aims to highlight the different strategies (at the cellular and molecular level) implemented by different human microbial pathogens (yeast, fungi, bacteria, viruses) to invade and multiply in their hosts.


The tutorial focuses on the presentation of key papers that are founders of biological concepts. A general introduction is provided by each teacher responsible for parts of the course:
D. Sanglard: yeasts and fungi
A. COSTE: Bacteria
H. MORENO: Virus


Personal work : Yes
Presentation : Yes
Final Test : No
Participation evaluated by the tutor : Yes
Certificate of participation to the doctoral student: Yes


1) Molecular Principles of Fungal Pathogenesis, J. Heitman, S. Filler, Harbor, J.E. Edwards, A.P. Mitchell, ASM Press 2006 2) Salyers, AA, Whitt DD: Bacterial Pathogenesis - A Molecular Approach ASM Press, 1994 3) Flint, S.J., Enquist, L.W., Racaniello, V.R., and Skalka, A.M. Principles of Virology 3rd edition, ASM Press, 2014.

Programme requirements

Good knowledge of the biology of microbes and about immunity is recommended

Grant requirements

The course will be assessed on the basis of active participation.

Access requirements

Registration via the Doctoral School. Period 2.

Additional information


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