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Card-index course

Modern magnetic resonance imaging applications in biology and medicine - ED 25/SÚrie 4

Responsible Faculty: Doctoral school (FBM-DOCT)

Teacher(s): Ruud Van Heeswijk

Validity: 2015 ->

No timetable defined.

Course (optional)


Teaching language(s): English
Public: Yes
Credits: 1.00


After the completion of this course, the student should be able to:
- explain the practical basics of how MRI works and how an image is created.
- explain how they can manipulate and change MRI parameters to obtain the image contrast they want.
- know the advantages and disadvantages of using various types of MRI for research within their own field.


The course will start with an introduction on how MRI works and what safety measures are needed. It will then go into how an image is created and how contrast can be manipulated, what can be done with contrast agents, and how to measure metabolism. The second half consists of illustrations and practical explanations of MRI in the fields of psychology, cardiology, and oncology. All principles will be illustrated with conceptual examples. The exam will be a short essay.


Personal work : Yes
Personal presentation: No
Final test: No
Evaluation of participation by the teacher: Yes


To be established during the course.

Programme requirements

The course focuses on practical applications and will assume knowledge of high-school exam levels of biology, physics, and mathematics. More advanced physics and mathematical concepts will be explained with "biologist-compatible" examples.

Grant requirements

presence, essay

Access requirements

Registration: via the Doctoral School. Period 4.

Additional information


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