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Card-index course

Toxicology - 53a/Série 1

Responsible Faculty: Doctoral school (FBM-DOCT)

Teacher(s): Aurélien Thomas

Validity: 2018 ->

Course Timetable (Aperiodic)

Date Location Notice Topics Lecturer(s)
28.10.2020 de 10:00 à 12:00 PMU - E. Jequier-Doge Introduction to toxicology Aurélien Thomas
04.11.2020 de 10:00 à 12:00 Salle Paros - BL08.1241 Biotransformation of drugs and toxicants Aurélien Thomas
11.11.2020 de 10:00 à 12:00 PMU - E. Jequier-Doge Toxicological investigations: from main standard to toxicogenomic Aurélien Thomas
18.11.2020 de 10:00 à 12:00 PMU - E. Jequier-Doge Forensic toxicology Marc Augsburger
25.11.2020 de 10:00 à 12:00 PMU - E. Jequier-Doge Clinical toxicology Thierry Buclin

Tutorial (optional)

Teaching language(s): English, French
Public: Yes
Credits: 1.00


Toxicology is a branch of biology, chemistry and medicine, which aims at characterizing the disposition of xenobiotics in living organisms, the types of adverse effects that may be produced after exposure, the mechanisms of action behind these effects and the impacts of possible interactions among agents. Factors that influence chemical toxicity include dose, time of exposition, route of exposure, species, age, sex, genetic predispositions and environmental factors. This course will provide to students a basic knowledge and fundamental principles about toxicology with a special focus on human toxicology.


The tutorial will give a general overview and training in toxicological sciences with a focus on human toxicology. Key notions in toxicokinetics, toxicodynamics, mechanisms of toxicity, and analytical toxicology will be presented and discussed. Students will actively participate on the interpretation of case studies as a support to the discussion and the training. Application of forensic and clinical toxicology will be covered.


Personal work : Yes
Presentation : Yes
Final Test : No
Participation evaluated by the tutor : Yes
Attestation of participation: Yes



1) Essentials of Toxicology, Casarett & Doull's, CD Klaassen, JB Watkins (2015)

2) Précis de toxicologie, J Diezi, E Felley-Bosco (2008)



Programme requirements


Grant requirements

The course will be assessed on the basis of active participation.

Access requirements

Registration: via the Doctoral School. Period 1.

Additional information


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