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MA Digital Humanities, commun program 'Digital Culture, Societies and Humanities'
Attestation 40 ECTS en grec ancien

Course structure

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Master of Arts (MA) in Digital Humanities (2016 ->)

Degree :Master of Arts (MA) in Digital Humanities
Programme requirements :The Master of Arts (MA) in Digital Humanities (120 ECTS credits) is comprised of two 60 ECTS credits programs: a common program in "Digital Cultures, Societies and Humanities" (60 ECTS credits) and a second program selected among the disciplines offered by the three partner Faculties, which is comprised of coursework (30 ECTS credits) and of a Master's thesis (30 ECTS credits).


In addition to the competences acquired at university Bachelor's level, Master's students are, at the end of their training and, where appropriate, in the language of the discipline, capable of:

- identifying the main theoretical and historical issues of digital culture from an interdisciplinary perspective (humanities, social and political sciences, religious studies),
- formulating, on a general level and more specifically in relation to his/her field of study, a personal, informed and critical discourse on various applications of digital technologies in academia and in society,
- mobilising digital knowledge and skills within the framework of research conducted in his/her field of study, in particular by carrying out productive collaboration with computer science professionals,
- carrying out personal work in which they combine disciplinary skills and reflection on digital culture and/or the use of digital tools in the academic field,
- applying and adapting certain methodologies developed in a disciplinary context to the objects of digital culture,
- publishing content in the public domain, about and through the use of, digital technologies.


Certificate of 40 credits ECTS in Ancient Greek (2013 ->)

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