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Faculty of Arts

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BA - Religious Sciences and History, 1st year
BA - Complément de formation en langues classiques, Grec ancien, année I (2013 ->)
MA - Specialisation 'Focus on Interculturality'

Course structure

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Bachelor of Arts (BA), Religious Sciences and History (2017 ->)

Programme requirements :60 credits ECTS in the first year, 20 each in three different subjects, 120 credits ECTS in the second (2 year) stage, 50 credits in each major and 20 in the options programme.
Duration :From 6 to 10 semesters, with exceptions


Complément de formation en langues classiques, Grec ancien, BA, Année I (2013 ->)


Master of Arts (MA), Specialisation "Focus on Interculturality" (2017 ->)

Programme requirements :The Master of Arts degrees with and without specialisation (120 ECTS credits and 90 ECTS credits respectively) both comprise a main discipline (60 ECTS credits) and, optionally, either a secondary discipline, or reinforcement programme (30 ECTS credits). The Master of Arts degree with specialisation also includes a specialisation programme with a volume of 30 ECTS credits.
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