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2011 | 2010 |
Instruments measuring spirituality in clinical research: a systematic review.
Monod S., Brennan M., Rochat E., Martin E., Rochat S., Büla C.J., 2011. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 26 (11) pp. 1345-1357.
New diagnoses of dementia among older patients admitted to postacute care.
Ferretti Michele, Seematter-Bagnoud Laurence, Martin Estelle, Büla Christophe J., 2010. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, 11 (5) pp. 371-376. Peer-reviewed.
The cemented lémania femoral stem: clinical and radiological results at 10 years with objective gait analysis
Grzesiak A., Aminian K., Martin E., Morel P., Jolles B.M., 2010. dans EORS2010 (European Orthopaedic Research Society).
The spiritual distress assessment tool: an instrument to assess spiritual distress in hospitalised elderly persons.
Monod S.M., Rochat E., Büla C.J., Jobin G., Martin E., Spencer B., 2010. BMC Geriatrics, 10 (88) pp. 1-9. Peer-reviewed.
Validation de la mesure de l'oedème postopératoire par bioimpédance chez les patients opérés d'une prothèse totale du genou : une expérience de collaboration entre physiothérapeutes et ingénieurs
Pichonnaz C., Bassin J.P., Currat D., Pirinoli C., Staderini E., Lambert J., Zoll V., Martin E., Jolles B.M., 2010. dans 1st Swiss Congress for Health Professions = 1er Congrès National sur les Professions de la Santé.
Vulnerability in high-functioning persons aged 65 to 70 years: the importance of the fear factor
Seematter-Bagnoud Laurence, Santos-Eggimann Brigitte, Rochat Stéphane, Martin Estelle, Karmaniola Athanassia, Aminian Kamiar, Piot-Ziegler Chantal, Büla Christophe, 2010. Aging Clinical and Experimental Research, 22 (3) pp. 212-218. Peer-reviewed.
What is the relationship between fear of falling and gait in well-functioning older persons aged 65 to 70 years?
Rochat Stéphane, Büla Christophe J., Martin Estelle, Seematter-Bagnoud Laurence, Karmaniola Athanassia, Aminian Kamiar, Piot-Ziegler Chantal, Santos-Eggimann Brigitte, 2010. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 91 (6) pp. 879-884. Peer-reviewed.
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