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A Cellular Insulator against CLE45 Peptide Signaling.
Breda A.S., Hazak O., Schultz P., Anne P., Graeff M., Simon R., Hardtke C.S., 2019/08/05. Current biology, 29 (15) pp. 2501-2508.e3. Peer-reviewed.
A molecular rheostat adjusts auxin flux to promote root protophloem differentiation.
Marhava P., Bassukas AEL, Zourelidou M., Kolb M., Moret B., Fastner A., Schulze W.X., Cattaneo P., Hammes U.Z., Schwechheimer C. et al., 2018/06. Nature, 558 (7709) pp. 297-300. Peer-reviewed.
Phloem function and development-biophysics meets genetics.
Anne P., Hardtke C.S., 2018/06. Current opinion in plant biology, 43 pp. 22-28. Peer-reviewed.
Broad spectrum developmental role of Brachypodium AUX1.
van der Schuren A., Voiniciuc C., Bragg J., Ljung K., Vogel J., Pauly M., Hardtke C.S., 2018. The New Phytologist, 219 (4) pp. 1216-1223. Peer-reviewed.
CLERK is a novel receptor kinase required for sensing of root-active CLE peptides in <i>Arabidopsis</i>.
Anne P., Amiguet-Vercher A., Brandt B., Kalmbach L., Geldner N., Hothorn M., Hardtke C.S., 2018. Development, 145 (10) pp. NA. Peer-reviewed.
Low number of fixed somatic mutations in a long-lived oak tree.
Schmid-Siegert E., Sarkar N., Iseli C., Calderon S., Gouhier-Darimont C., Chrast J., Cattaneo P., Schütz F., Farinelli L., Pagni M. et al., 2017/12. Nature plants, 3 (12) pp. 926-929. Peer-reviewed.
BIG BROTHER Uncouples Cell Proliferation from Elongation in the Arabidopsis Primary Root.
Cattaneo P., Hardtke C.S., 2017/09/01. Plant & cell physiology, 58 (9) pp. 1519-1527. Peer-reviewed.
Editorial overview: Developmental mechanisms, patterning and evolution: Developmental patterning: from stochasticity to plasticity.
Hardtke C.S., Takahashi Y., 2017/08. Current opinion in genetics & development, 45 pp. iv-v. Peer-reviewed.
Phosphosite charge rather than shootward localization determines OCTOPUS activity in root protophloem.
Breda A.S., Hazak O., Hardtke C.S., 2017/07/11. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 114 (28) pp. E5721-E5730. Peer-reviewed.
The Arabidopsis leucine-rich repeat receptor kinase MIK2/LRR-KISS connects cell wall integrity sensing, root growth and response to abiotic and biotic stresses.
Van der Does D., Boutrot F., Engelsdorf T., Rhodes J., McKenna J.F., Vernhettes S., Koevoets I., Tintor N., Veerabagu M., Miedes E. et al., 2017/06. PLoS genetics, 13 (6) pp. e1006832. Peer-reviewed.
Brassinosteroid signaling directs formative cell divisions and protophloem differentiation in Arabidopsis root meristems.
Kang Y.H., Breda A., Hardtke C.S., 2017. Development, 144 (2) pp. 272-280. Peer-reviewed.
Perception of root-active CLE peptides requires CORYNE function in the phloem vasculature.
Hazak O., Brandt B., Cattaneo P., Santiago J., Rodriguez-Villalon A., Hothorn M., Hardtke C.S., 2017. EMBO Reports, 18 (8) pp. 1367-1381. Peer-reviewed.
The Effects of High Steady State Auxin Levels on Root Cell Elongation in Brachypodium.
Pacheco-Villalobos D., Díaz-Moreno S.M., van der Schuren A., Tamaki T., Kang Y.H., Gujas B., Novak O., Jaspert N., Li Z., Wolf S. et al., 2016/05. The Plant cell, 28 (5) pp. 1009-1024. Peer-reviewed.
Secondary growth of the Arabidopsis hypocotyl-vascular development in dimensions.
Lehmann F., Hardtke C.S., 2016/02. Current opinion in plant biology, 29 pp. 9-15.
Arabidopsis MAKR5 is a positive effector of BAM3-dependent CLE45 signaling.
Kang Y.H., Hardtke C.S., 2016. EMBO Reports, 17 (8) pp. 1145-1154.
CLAVATA 1-type receptors in plant development.
Hazak O., Hardtke C.S., 2016. Journal of Experimental Botany, 67 (16) pp. 4827-4833.
Polarly localized kinase SGN1 is required for Casparian strip integrity and positioning.
Alassimone J., Fujita S., Doblas V.G., van Dop M., Barberon M., Kalmbach L., Vermeer J.E., Rojas-Murcia N., Santuari L., Hardtke C.S. et al., 2016. Nature Plants, 2 p. 16113. Peer-reviewed.
Antagonistic peptide technology for functional dissection of CLE peptides revisited.
Czyzewicz N., Wildhagen M., Cattaneo P., Stahl Y., Pinto K.G., Aalen R.B., Butenko M.A., Simon R., Hardtke C.S., De Smet I., 2015. Journal of Experimental Botany, 66 (17) pp. 5367-5374.
Primary root protophloem differentiation requires balanced phosphatidylinositol-4,5-biphosphate levels and systemically affects root branching.
Rodriguez-Villalon A., Gujas B., van Wijk R., Munnik T., Hardtke C.S., 2015. Development, 142 (8) pp. 1437-1446.
The co-chaperone p23 controls root development through the modulation of auxin distribution in the Arabidopsis root meristem.
D'Alessandro S., Golin S., Hardtke C.S., Lo Schiavo F., Zottini M., 2015. Journal of Experimental Botany, 66 (16) pp. 5113-5122. Peer-reviewed.
The IBO germination quantitative trait locus encodes a phosphatase 2C-related variant with a nonsynonymous amino acid change that interferes with abscisic acid signaling.
Amiguet-Vercher A., Santuari L., Gonzalez-Guzman M., Depuydt S., Rodriguez P.L., Hardtke C.S., 2015. New Phytologist, 205 (3) pp. 1076-1082.
Automated quantitative histology reveals vascular morphodynamics during Arabidopsis hypocotyl secondary growth.
Sankar M., Nieminen K., Ragni L., Xenarios I., Hardtke C.S., 2014. Elife, 3 pp. e01567. Peer-reviewed.
Molecular genetic framework for protophloem formation.
Rodriguez-Villalon A., Gujas B., Kang Y.H., Breda A.S., Cattaneo P., Depuydt S., Hardtke C.S., 2014. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 111 (31) pp. 11551-11556.
Small but thick enough-the Arabidopsis hypocotyl as a model to study secondary growth.
Ragni L., Hardtke C.S., 2014. Physiologia Plantarum, 151 (2) pp. 164-171.
Strigolactone Promotes Degradation of DWARF14, an α/β Hydrolase Essential for Strigolactone Signaling in Arabidopsis.
Chevalier F., Nieminen K., Sánchez-Ferrero J.C., Rodríguez M.L., Chagoyen M., Hardtke C.S., Cubas P., 2014. Plant Cell, 26 (3) pp. 1134-1150. Peer-reviewed.
Disturbed local auxin homeostasis enhances cellular anisotropy and reveals alternative wiring of auxin-ethylene crosstalk in Brachypodium distachyon seminal roots.
Pacheco-Villalobos D., Sankar M., Ljung K., Hardtke C.S., 2013. PLoS Genetics, 9 (6) pp. e1003564.
Expression quantitative trait locus mapping across water availability environments reveals contrasting associations with genomic features in Arabidopsis.
Lowry D.B., Logan T.L., Santuari L., Hardtke C.S., Richards J.H., DeRose-Wilson L.J., McKay J.K., Sen S., Juenger T.E., 2013. Plant Cell, 25 (9) pp. 3266-3279.
Small ubiquitin-like modifier conjugating enzyme with active site mutation acts as dominant negative inhibitor of SUMO conjugation in arabidopsis(F).
Tomanov K., Hardtke C., Budhiraja R., Hermkes R., Coupland G., Bachmair A., 2013. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, 55 (1) pp. 75-82.
Suppression of Arabidopsis protophloem differentiation and root meristem growth by CLE45 requires the receptor-like kinase BAM3.
Depuydt S., Rodriguez-Villalon A., Santuari L., Wyser-Rmili C., Ragni L., Hardtke C.S., 2013. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110 (17) pp. 7074-7079.
Context-dependent dual role of SKI8 homologs in mRNA synthesis and turnover.
Dorcey E., Rodriguez-Villalon A., Salinas P., Santuari L., Pradervand S., Harshman K., Hardtke C.S., 2012. PLoS Genetics, 8 (4) pp. e1002652.
Natural Arabidopsis brx loss-of-function alleles confer root adaptation to acidic soil.
Gujas B., Alonso-Blanco C., Hardtke C.S., 2012. Current Biology, 22 (20) pp. 1962-1968.
Natural genetic variation of root system architecture from Arabidopsis to Brachypodium: towards adaptive value.
Pacheco-Villalobos D., Hardtke C.S., 2012. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences, 367 (1595) pp. 1552-1558.
A qualitative continuous model of cellular auxin and brassinosteroid signaling and their crosstalk.
Sankar M., Osmont K.S., Rolcik J., Gujas B., Tarkowska D., Strnad M., Xenarios I., Hardtke C.S., 2011. Bioinformatics, 27 (10) pp. 1404-1412.
Hormone signalling crosstalk in plant growth regulation.
Depuydt S., Hardtke C.S., 2011. Current Biology, 21 (9) pp. R365-R373.
Mobile gibberellin directly stimulates Arabidopsis hypocotyl xylem expansion.
Ragni L., Nieminen K., Pacheco-Villalobos D., Sibout R., Schwechheimer C., Hardtke C.S., 2011. Plant Cell, 23 (4) pp. 1322-1336.
Positional information by differential endocytosis splits auxin response to drive Arabidopsis root meristem growth.
Santuari L., Scacchi E., Rodriguez-Villalon A., Salinas P., Dohmann E.M., Brunoud G., Vernoux T., Smith R.S., Hardtke C.S., 2011. Current Biology, 21 (22) pp. 1918-1923.
A hyperactive quantitative trait locus allele of Arabidopsis BRX contributes to natural variation in root growth vigor.
Beuchat J., Li S., Ragni L., Shindo C., Kohn M.H., Hardtke C.S., 2010. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 107 (18) pp. 8475-8480.
BRX promotes Arabidopsis shoot growth.
Beuchat J., Scacchi E., Tarkowska D., Ragni L., Strnad M., Hardtke C.S., 2010. New Phytologist, 188 (1) pp. 23-29.
Spatio-temporal sequence of cross-regulatory events in root meristem growth.
Scacchi E., Salinas P., Gujas B., Santuari L., Krogan N., Ragni L., Berleth T., Hardtke C.S., 2010. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 107 (52) pp. 22734-22739.
Substantial deletion overlap among divergent Arabidopsis genomes revealed by intersection of short reads and tiling arrays.
Santuari L., Pradervand S., Amiguet-Vercher A.M., Thomas J., Dorcey E., Harshman K., Xenarios I., Juenger T.E., Hardtke C.S., 2010. Genome Biology, 11 (1) pp. R4.
The case for resequencing studies of Arabidopsis thaliana accessions: mining the dark matter of natural genetic variation.
Santuari L., Hardtke C.S., 2010. F1000 Biology Reports, 2 p. 85.
Comprehensive analysis of Arabidopsis expression level polymorphisms with simple inheritance.
Plantegenet S., Weber J., Goldstein D.R., Zeller G., Nussbaumer C., Thomas J., Weigel D., Harshman K., Hardtke C.S., 2009. Molecular Systems Biology, 5 p. 242. Peer-reviewed.
Dynamic, auxin-responsive plasma membrane-to-nucleus movement of Arabidopsis BRX.
Scacchi E., Osmont K.S., Beuchat J., Salinas P., Navarrete-Gómez M., Trigueros M., Ferrándiz C., Hardtke C.S., 2009. Development, 136 (12) pp. 2059-2067. Peer-reviewed.
The Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels: plant scientist input needed.
Haye S., Hardtke C.S., 2009. Trends in Plant Science, 14 (8) pp. 409-412. Peer-reviewed.
The short-rooted phenotype of the brevis radix mutant partly reflects root abscisic acid hypersensitivity.
Rodrigues A., Santiago J., Rubio S., Saez A., Osmont K.S., Gadea J., Hardtke C.S., Rodriguez P.L., 2009. Plant physiology, 149 (4) pp. 1917-1928. Peer-reviewed.
Flowering as a condition for xylem expansion in Arabidopsis hypocotyl and root.
Sibout R., Plantegenet S., Hardtke C.S., 2008. Current Biology, 18 (6) pp. 458-463.
Intraspecific competition reveals conditional fitness effects of single gene polymorphism at the Arabidopsis root growth regulator BRX.
Shindo C., Bernasconi G., Hardtke C.S., 2008. New Phytologist, 180 (1) pp. 71-80. Peer-reviewed.
Plant growth and development - the new wave
Hardtke C.S., Torii K.U., 2008. Current Opinion in Plant Biology, 11 (1) pp. 1-3.
The topless plant developmental phenotype explained!
Osmont K.S., Hardtke C.S., 2008. Genome Biology, 9 (4) p. 219.
Hidden branches: developments in root system architecture.
Osmont K.S., Sibout R., Hardtke C.S., 2007. Annual Review of Plant Biology, 58 pp. 93-113.
Natural genetic variation in Arabidopsis: tools, traits and prospects for evolutionary ecology.
Shindo C., Bernasconi G., Hardtke C.S., 2007. Annals of Botany, 99 (6) pp. 1043-1054.
Phytohormone collaboration: zooming in on auxin-brassinosteroid interactions.
Hardtke C.S., Dorcey E., Osmont K.S., Sibout R., 2007. Trends in Cell Biology, 17 (10) pp. 485-492.
Transcriptional auxin-brassinosteroid crosstalk: who's talking?
Hardtke C.S., 2007. BioEssays, 29 (11) pp. 1115-1123.
Unequal genetic redundancies in Arabidopsis--a neglected phenomenon?
Briggs G. C., Osmont K. S., Shindo C., Sibout R., Hardtke C. S., 2006/10. Trends in Plant Science, 11 (10) pp. 492-8.
BRX mediates feedback between brassinosteroid levels and auxin signalling in root growth
Mouchel C. F., Osmont K. S., Hardtke C. S., 2006/09. Nature, 443 (7110) pp. 458-61.
Characterization of the plant-specific BREVIS RADIX gene family reveals limited genetic redundancy despite high sequence conservation
Briggs G. C., Mouchel C. F., Hardtke C. S., 2006/04. Plant Physiology, 140 (4) pp. 1306-16.
Root development--branching into novel spheres
Hardtke C. S., 2006/02. Current Opinion in Plant Biology, 9 (1) pp. 66-71.
Opposite root growth phenotypes of hy5 versus hy5 hyh mutants correlate with increased constitutive auxin signaling.
Sibout R., Sukumar P., Hettiarachchi C., Holm M., Muday G.K., Hardtke C.S., 2006. PLoS Genetics, 2 (11) pp. e202. Peer-reviewed.
The Arabidopsis transcription factor HY5 integrates light and hormone signaling pathways
Cluis C. P., Mouchel C. F., Hardtke C. S., 2004/04. Plant Journal, 38 (2) pp. 332-47.
Natural genetic variation in Arabidopsis identifies BREVIS RADIX, a novel regulator of cell proliferation and elongation in the root
Mouchel C. F., Briggs G. C., Hardtke C. S., 2004/03. Genes and Development, 18 (6) pp. 700-14.
Overlapping and non-redundant functions of the Arabidopsis auxin response factors MONOPTEROS and NONPHOTOTROPIC HYPOCOTYL 4
Hardtke C. S., Ckurshumova W., Vidaurre D. P., Singh S. A., Stamatiou G., Tiwari S. B., Hagen G., Guilfoyle T. J., Berleth T., 2004/03. Development, 131 (5) pp. 1089-100.
Dispatch. Gibberellin signaling: GRASs growing roots dispatch
Hardtke C. S., 2003/04. Current Biology, 13 (9) pp. R366-7.
Biochemical evidence for ubiquitin ligase activity of the Arabidopsis COP1 interacting protein 8 (CIP8)
Hardtke C. S., Okamoto H., Stoop-Myer C., Deng X. W., 2002/05. Plant Journal, 30 (4) pp. 385-94.
Evaluation and classification of RING-finger domains encoded by the Arabidopsis genome
Kosarev P., Mayer K. F., Hardtke C. S., 2002. Genome Biology, 3 (4) pp. RESEARCH0016.
Identification of a structural motif that confers specific interaction with the WD40 repeat domain of Arabidopsis COP1
Holm M., Hardtke C. S., Gaudet R., Deng X. W., 2001/01. EMBO Journal, 20 (1-2) pp. 118-27.
The cell biology of the COP/DET/FUS proteins. Regulating proteolysis in photomorphogenesis and beyond?
Hardtke C. S., Deng X. W., 2000/12. Plant Physiology, 124 (4) pp. 1548-57.
HY5 stability and activity in arabidopsis is regulated by phosphorylation in its COP1 binding domain
Hardtke C. S., Gohda K., Osterlund M. T., Oyama T., Okada K., Deng X. W., 2000/09. EMBO Journal, 19 (18) pp. 4997-5006.
Vascular continuity and auxin signals
Berleth T., Mattsson J., Hardtke C. S., 2000/09. Trends in Plant Science, 5 (9) pp. 387-93.
Targeted destabilization of HY5 during light-regulated development of Arabidopsis
Osterlund M. T., Hardtke C. S., Wei N., Deng X. W., 2000/05. Nature, 405 (6785) pp. 462-6.
Vascular continuity, cell axialization and auxin.
Berleth T., Mattsson J., Hardtke C. S., 2000. Plant Growth Regulation, 32 (2-3) pp. 173-85. Peer-reviewed.
The Arabidopsis gene MONOPTEROS encodes a transcription factor mediating embryo axis formation and vascular development
Hardtke C. S., Berleth T., 1998/03. EMBO Journal, 17 (5) pp. 1405-11.
Genetic and contig map of a 2200-kb region encompassing 5.5 cM on chromosome 1 of Arabidopsis thaliana
Hardtke C. S., Berleth T., 1996/12. Genome, 39 (6) pp. 1086-92.
Genetic similarity among Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes estimated by DNA sequence comparison
Hardtke C. S., Muller J., Berleth T., 1996/12. Plant Molecular Biology, 32 (5) pp. 915-22.
Mutational analysis of root initiation in the Arabidopsis embryo.
Berleth T., Hardtke C. S., Przemeck G. K. H, Mueller J. , 1996. Plant and Soil, 187 pp. 1-9. Peer-reviewed.
Studies on the role of the Arabidopsis gene MONOPTEROS in vascular development and plant cell axialization
Przemeck G. K., Mattsson J., Hardtke C. S., Sung Z. R., Berleth T., 1996. Planta, 200 (2) pp. 229-37.
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