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Picking profitable investments: The success of equal weighting in simulated venture capitalist decision making
Woike J. K., Hoffrage U., Petty J. S., 2015/08. Journal of Business Research, 68 (8) pp. 1705-1716. Peer-reviewed.
Economies of Extremes: Lessons from Venture-Capital Decision Making
de Treville S., Petty J. S., Wager S., 2014/09. Journal of Operations Management, 32 (6) pp. 387-398. Peer-reviewed.
Public Policy: Moving Beyond Firm Creation
Petty J.S., Bonardi J.-P., 2012/03. dans Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation International Research and Policy Roundtable. Peer-reviewed.
"In Pursuit of the Real Deal": A Longitudinal Study of VC Decision Making
Petty J. S., Gruber M., 2011/03. Journal of Business Venturing, 26 (2) pp. 172-188. Peer-reviewed.
Quick Response Service: The Case of a Non-Profit Humanitarian Service Organization
Alp A., Reiner G., Petty J. S., 2010. pp. 91-104 dans Reiner G. (eds.) Rapid Modelling and Quick Response, London, UK: Springer-Verlag.
"This deal is dead!": A Longitudinal Study of VC Decision Making.
Petty J. S., Gruber M., 2009. dans Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, Proceedings of the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference. Peer-reviewed.
Is there a relationship between VC firm business process flow management and investment decisions?
Petty J. S., Reiner G., 2009. pp. 209-220 dans Reiner G. (eds.) Rapid Modelling for Increasing Competitiveness, London, UK: Springer.
Managerial Decision Making and Lead Times: The Impact of Cognitive Illusions
de Treville S., Hoffrage U., Petty J. S., 2009. pp. 3-14 dans Reiner G. (eds.) Rapid Modelling for Increasing Competitiveness chap. 1, London, UK: Springer.
The dynamics of venture capital decision making
Petty J.S., 2009. dans Best Paper Proceedings of the Academy of Management Annual Meeting. Peer-reviewed.
Cognitive illusions in operations management
de Treville S., Hoffrage U., Petty J.S., 2006. p. 17 dans Proceedings of the 2006 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Peer-reviewed.
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