Klaus Holliger

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Relating Geophysical Parameters to Hydraulic Properties

My current field of research is hydrogeophysics sensu lato. As such, I am interested in relating relatively easy-to-measure geophysical data to elusive hydraulic properties, notably the permeability. To this end, my group and I pursue two fundamentally different, yet highly complementary, approaches. Our original approach is based on the idea of using geostatistical techniques for integrating sparse measurements of the hydraulic target parameters with the more extensive geophysical measurements. Our second approach is more direct and seeks to interpret certain attributes of seismic data in terms of the underlying hydraulic rock properties. A current focus of this part of our research is the hydraulic characterization of fractured rocks, which is widely considered as being one of the major frontiers in applied geophysics with preeminent applications in groundwater hydrology, hydrocarbon exploration, and geothermal energy production.

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