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Coping with structural disadvantage: Overcoming negative effects of perceived barriers through bonding identities.
Bakouri M., Staerklé C British Journal of Social Psychology. Peer-reviewed.
Studying youth transitions through a social network: First impressions.
Eicher V., Bakouri M., Staerklé C., Carvalhosa Barbosa M., Clémence A dans D.Joye , M.Oris , C.Roberts , M.Ernst-Stähli (eds.) Surveying Vulnerabilities, Surveying Vulnerable Populations, Springer.
Accused for involvement in collective violence: The discursive reconstruction of agency and identity by perpetrators of international crimes.
Rauschenbach M., Staerklé C., Scalia D. Political Psychology. Peer-reviewed.
Methoden in der Sozialpsychologie
Staerklé C. dans R. Diaz-Bone , C. Weischer (eds.) Methoden-Lexikon für die Sozialwissenschaften, Berlin: Springer, VS..
Global value perceptions: The legitimising functions of Western representations of democracy
Staerklé, C., Falomir-Pichastor, J.M., Pereira, A., Berent, J., & Butera, F. European Journal of Social Psychology. Peer-reviewed.
Immigration and Multiculturalism in Context: A Framework for Psychological Research
Ward Colleen, Gale Jessica, Staerklé Christian, Stuart Jaimee, 2018/11/14. Journal of Social Issues. Peer-reviewed.
Flexible Solidarity with Refugees: Integrating Minority Influence and Intergroup Communication
Politi Emanuele, Gale Jessica, Staerklé Christian, 2017/07/27. International Review of Social Psychology, 30 (1) pp. 172-183.
Collective Victimhood and Acknowledgement of Outgroup Suffering across History: Majority and Minority Perspectives.
Green Eva G. T., Visintin Emilio Paolo, Hristova Antoaneta, Bozhanova Ana, Pereira Adrienne, Staerklé Christian, 2017/03. European Journal of Social Psychology, 47 (2) pp. 228-240. Peer-reviewed.
Staerklé Christian, Butera Fabrizio, 2017. pp. 7-13 dans Staerklé Christian, Butera Fabrizio (eds.) Conflits constructifs, conflits destructifs : Regards psychosociaux , Antipodes.
Conflits constructifs, conflits destructifs : Regards psychosociaux
Staerklé Christian, Butera Fabrizio (eds.), 2017. 238, Antipodes.
La frontière mince entre accueil et rejet: Le cas des citoyens naturalisés en Suisse
Politi Emanuele, Staerklé Christian, 2017/01/01. dans Staerklé Christian, Butera Fabrizio (eds.) Conflits constructifs, conflits destructifs: Regards psychosociaux, Antipodes.
Political beliefs and political behaviour
Goncalves-Portelinha Isabelle, Staerklé Christian, Elcheroth Guy, 2017. pp. 222-236 dans Howarth Caroline, Andreouli Eleni (eds.) The social psychology of everyday politics, Routledge.
Accused for Involvement in Collective Violence: The Discursive Reconstruction of Agency and Identity by Perpetrators of International Crimes : Discursive Reconstruction of Perpetrator Discourse
Rauschenbach M., Staerklé C., Scalia D., 2016/04. Political Psychology, 37 (2) pp. 219-235.
Collective punishment depends on collective responsibility and political organization of the target group
Pereira A., Berent J., Falomir-Pichastor J.M., Staerklé C., Butera F., 2015. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 56 pp. 4-17. Peer-reviewed.
Commentary: A social psychology of human rights rooted in asymmetric intergroup relations
Staerklé C., Clémence A., Spini D., 2015. Peace and Conflict : Journal of Peace Psychology, 21 (1) pp. 133-141. Peer-reviewed.
In the name of democracy : the value of democracy explains leniency towards wrongdoings as a function of group political organization
Pereira A., Falomir-Pichastor J.M., Berent J., Staerklé C., Butera F., 2015. European Journal of Social Psychology, 45 pp. 191-203. Peer-reviewed.
Political Psychology
Staerklé C., 2015. pp. 427-433 dans Wright J.D. (eds.) International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Oxford: Elsevier.
Social order and political legitimacy.
Staerklé C., 2015. pp. 280-294 dans G. Sammut, E. Andreouli, G. Gaskell, & J. Valsiner (eds.) The Cambridge Handbook of Social Representations, Cambridge University Press..
Welfare support in Europe: Interplay of dependency culture beliefs and meritocratic contexts.
Likki T,, Staerklé C., 2015. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 27 pp. 138-153. Peer-reviewed.
Laisser tomber la formation : une tentation répandue
Eicher V., Staerklé C., Clémence A., 2014/06. Revue d'Information Sociale REISO.
). A typology of ideological attitudes towards social solidarity and social control.
Likki T., Staerklé C., 2014. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, 24 pp. 406-421. Peer-reviewed.
De la psicología social a la psicología política: El abordaje social.
Staerklé Christian, Doise Willem, 2014. pp. 23-52 dans Zubieta Elena, Valencia José, Delfino Gisela (eds.) Psicología Social y Política: Procesos teóricos y estudios aplicados, Buenos Aires: Eudeba.
I want to quit education: a longitudinal study of stress and optimism as predictors of school dropout intention
Eicher V., Staerklé C., Clémence A., 2014. Journal of Adolescence, 37 (7) pp. 1021-1030. Peer-reviewed.
Ryhmäkeskeisyydestä moniarvoisuuteen: Ryhmienvälinen reflektiivinen tieto [in Finnish, From Group-Centrism to Pluralism: An Intergroup Approach to Reflexive Knowledge].
Staerklé C., Green E.G.T., 2014. pp. 92-110 dans L. Myyry S. Ahola M. Ahokas I. Sakki (eds.) Arkiajattelu, tieto ja oikeudenmukaisuus [in Finnish, Everyday thinking, knowledge and justice], Helsinki: Sosiaalitieteiden laitos..
Welfare Support in Europe: Interplay of Dependency Culture Beliefs and Meritocratic Contexts
Likki T., Staerkle C., 2014. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 27 (1) pp. 138-153. Peer-reviewed.
Collective symbolic coping with disease threat and othering: A case study of avian influenza
Gilles I., Bangerter A., Clémence A., Green E.G.T., Krings F., Mouton A., Rigaud D., Staerklé C., Wagner-Egger P., 2013/03. British Journal of Social Psychology, 52 (1) pp. 83-102. Peer-reviewed.
Editorial: Special issue on Keynote lectures of the 11th International Conference on Social Representations in Evora
Staerklé C., 2013. Papers on Social Representations, 22 pp. 12.1-12.7. Peer-reviewed.
Migration and multiculturalism
Green E. G. T., Staerklé C., 2013. pp. 852-889 dans Huddy L., Sears D. O., Levy J. (eds.) Oxford handbook of Political Psychology, Oxford University Press.
Political lay thinking as representations of social order
Staerklé C., 2013. pp. 49-74 dans Magioglou T. (eds.) Culture and Political Psychology: A Societal Perspective, Information Age Publishing.
The true citizen: Social order and intergroup antagonisms in political lay thinking.
Staerklé C., 2013. Papers on Social Representations, 22 pp. Peer-reviewed.
When sub-categorization facilitates group cohesion: A temporal study of the relational regulation of in-group opinion divisions
Gianettoni L., Clémence A., Staerklé C., 2012/10. Swiss Journal of Psychology, 71 (4) pp. 205-213. Peer-reviewed.
Preventing contagion with avian influenza: Disease salience, attitudes toward foreigners, and avoidance beliefs
Krings F., Green E. G. T., Bangerter A., Staerklé C., Clémence A., Wagner-Egger P., Bornand T., 2012/06. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 42 (6) pp. 1451-1466. Peer-reviewed.
A normative approach to welfare attitudes
Staerklé C., Likki T., Scheidegger R., 2012. pp. 81-118 dans Svallfors S. (eds.) Contested Welfare States: Welfare Attitudes in Europe and Beyond, Stanford University Press.
Democracy as Justification for Waging War: The Role of Public Support
Falomir J. M., Staerklé C., Pereira A., Butera F., 2012. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 3 (3) pp. 324-332. Peer-reviewed.
Do All Lives Have the Same Value? Support for International Military Interventions as a Function of Political System and Public Opinion of the Target States
Falomir J.M., Pereira A., Staerklé C., Butera F., 2012. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, 15 pp. 347- 362. Peer-reviewed.
Opposition to Anti-Racism Laws across Swiss Municipalities: A Multilevel Analysis
Sarrasin O., Green E.G.T., Fasel N., Christ O., Staerklé C., Clémence A., 2012. Political Psychology, 33 (5) pp. 659-681. Peer-reviewed.
Paroles d'accusés sur la légitimité de la justice pénale internationale
Scalia D., Rauschenbach M., Staerklé C., 2012. Revue de sciences criminelles et de droit pénal comparé, 12 (3) pp. 727-746.
Trust in medical organizations predicts pandemic (H1N1) 2009 vaccination behavior and perceived efficacy of protection measures in the Swiss public
Gilles I., Bangerter A., Clémence A., Green E. G. T., Krings F., Staerklé C., Wagner-Egger P., 2011/03. European Journal of Epidemiology, 26 (3) pp. 203-210. Peer-reviewed.
Back to new roots: Societal psychology and social representations
Staerklé C., 2011. pp. 81-106 dans J.P.Valentim (eds.) Societal approaches in social psychology, Peter Lang.
Lay perceptions of collectives at the outbreak of the H1N1 epidemic: heroes, villains and victims
Wagner-Egger P., Bangerter A., Gilles I., Green E.G.T., Rigaud D., Krings F., Staerklé C., Clémence A., 2011. Public Understanding of Science, 20 (4) pp. 461-476. Peer-reviewed.
Nationalism and patriotism as predictors of immigration attitudes in Switzerland: A municipality-level analysis
Green E.G.T., Sarrasin O., Fasel N., Staerklé C., 2011. Swiss Political Science Review, 17 (4) pp. 369-393. Peer-reviewed.
Political trust and distrust in Switzerland: A normative analysis
Scheidegger R., Staerklé C., 2011. Swiss Political Science Review, 17 pp. 164-187. Peer-reviewed.
Social representations: A normative and dynamic intergroup approach
Staerklé C., Clémence A., Spini D., 2011. Political Psychology, 32 (5) pp. 759-768. Peer-reviewed.
Policy attitudes toward the Swiss Health Care System : defending a moral order or denouncing structural inequalities?
Gianettoni L., Simon-Vermot P., Staerklé C., Roux P., Delay C., 2010/11. International Review of Social Psychology = Revue internationale de psychologie sociale, 23 (2-3) pp. 97-124. Peer-reviewed.
Ancrage de la légitimité économique dans les filières académiques: une approche représentationnelle de la socialisation et de l'autosélection
Scheidegger R., Clémence A., Staerklé C., 2010. Revue Internationale de Psychologie Sociale, 23 (1) pp. 111-142. Peer-reviewed.
Ethnic minority-majority asymmetry in national attitudes around the world: A multilevel analysis
Staerklé C., Sidanius J., Green E. G. T., & Molina L. E. , 2010. Political Psychology, 31 (4) pp. 491-519.
Keeping the Vermin Out: Perceived Disease Threat and Ideological Orientations as Predictors of Exclusionary Immigration Attitudes
Green E. G. T., Krings F., Staerklé C., Bangerter A., Clémence A., Wagner-Egger P., Bornand T., 2010. Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology, 20 (4) pp. 299-316. Peer-reviewed.
Policy attitudes, ideological values and social representations
Staerklé C., 2009. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 3 (6) pp. 1096-1112. Peer-reviewed.
Reactions to Crime as a Hierarchy Regulating Strategy : The Moderating Role of Social Dominance Orientation
Green E. G. T., Thomsen L., Sidanius J., Staerklé C., Potanina P., 2009. Social Justice Research, 22 pp. 416-436.
Déviance et attitudes disciplinaires: Une approche représentationnelle
Staerklé C., 2008/12. Revue électronique de psychologie sociale 3 pp. 57-69. Peer-reviewed.
The future ESS IV module on welfare attitudes : stakes, challenges and prospects
Staerklé C, Svallfors S, Van Oorschot W., 2007/09., Commission Européenne, Eurostat dans Proceedings of the 34th CEIES seminar on Perspectives of Improving Economic Welfare Measurement in a Changing Europe, Comité Consultatif Européen de l'Information Statistique dans les Domaines Economique et Social (CEIES).
Perceived legitimacy of collective punishment as a function of democratic versus non-democratic group structure.
Falomir J.M., Staerklé C., Depuiset M., Butera F., 2007. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 10 pp. 565-579.
Qui a droit à quoi ? Représentations et légitimation de l'ordre social.
Staerklé C., Delay C., Gianettoni L., Roux P., 2007., Grenoble: Presses Universitaires de Grenoble.
Régulation disciplinaire et redistributive : le double effet du sentiment de vulnérabilité matérielle
Staerklé Christian, Delay Christophe, Gianettoni Lavinia, Roux Patricia, 2007. Bulletin de Psychologie, 60 (5) pp. 397-405.
The centrality of the self-control ethos in Western aspersions regarding outgroups : a social representational analysis of common stereotype content
Joffe H., Staerklé C., 2007. Culture and Psychology, 13 pp. 395-418. Peer-reviewed.
Symbolic Racism and Whites' Attitudes Towards Punitive and Preventive Crime Policies.
Green E. G. T., Staerklé C., Sears D. O., 2006. Law and Human Behavior, 30 pp. 435-454.
The individual as the source of progressive thinking : A comment on Liu & Sibley (2006)
Staerklé C., 2006. Papers on Social Representations, 15 pp. 6.1-6.7.
Democracy justifies the means: Political group structure moderates the perceived legitimacy of intergroup aggression
Falomir J.M., Staerklé C., Depuiset M., Butera F., 2005. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 31 pp. 1683-1695.
Ethic of rights and ethic of duties : societal change and stability in everyday thinking
Staerklé C, Doise W, 2005. pp. 279-303 dans Pirttilä-Backman A.-M., Ahokas M, Myyry L, Lähteenoja S (eds.) Values, Morality and Society, Gaudeamus.
Ethnic Minority-Majority Asymmetry and Attitudes towards Immigrants across 11 Nations.
Staerklé C., Sidanius J., Green E. G. T., & Molina L. , 2005. Psicologia Politica, 30 pp. 7-26.
L'idéal démocratique perverti : Représentations antagonistes dans la mise en altérité du non-Occident
Staerklé C., 2005. pp. 117-148 dans Sanchez-Mazas M., Licata L. (eds.) L'Autre : Regards psychosociaux, Presses Universitaires de Grenoble.
L'héritage éclectique de Willem Doise: Une introduction à la Festschrift.
Staerklé C, Spini D, 2004. Nouvelle Revue de Psychologie Sociale/New Review of Social Psychology, 3 pp. 16-21.
Special issue to the honour of Willem Doise.
Staerklé C, Spini D (invited editors), 2004. Nouvelle Revue de Psychologie Sociale/New Review of Social Psychology, 3 pp. 1-2.
The eclectic legacy of Willem Doise : An introduction to the Festschrift.
Staerklé C, Spini D, 2004. Nouvelle Revue de Psychologie Sociale/New Review of Social Psychology, 3 pp. 12-15.
Why People are Committed to Human Rights and Still Tolerate Their Violation: A Contextual Analysis of the Principle-Application Gap
Staerklé C, Clémence A, 2004. Social Justice Research, 17 pp. 389-406.
Citoyenneté et représentations sociales : une étude pilote en Belgique et en Suisse
Sanchez-Mazas M, Staerklé C, Martin B, 2003. pp. 183-206 dans Lavallée M, Vincent S, Ouellet C, Garnier C (eds.) Les Représentations sociales : constructions nouvelles, Université du Québec (Groupe d'étude sur l'interdisciplinarité et les représentations sociales).
Consensus and conflict in lay conceptions of citizenship: why people reject or support maternity policies in Switzerland.
Staerklé C., Roux P., Delay C., Gianettoni L., Perrin C., 2003. Psychologica Belgica (Special issue: Social Identity and Citizenship), 43 (1) pp. 9-32.
Droits et appartenances dans une société fragilisée : Analyse de la légitimité populaire de l'Etat social suisse (rapport final/PNR45).
Staerklé C., Roux P., Delay C., Gianettoni L., 2003. 252, Fonds National Suisse.
Re-inventing citizenship in the South Caucasus : Exploring the dynamics and contradictions between formal definitions and popular conceptions
Bachmann C, Staerklé C, Doise W, Nodia G, Efendi J, Poghosyan G, 2003. 138, Fonds National Suisse (SCOPES).
From social to political psychology : the societal approach
Doise W, Staerklé C, 2002. pp. 151-172 dans Monroe K (eds.) Political Psychology, Lawrence Erlbaum.
Intégration européenne : de l'opinion publique aux représentations sociales
Staerklé C, Sanchez-Mazas M, Keller F, 2001. pp. 278-282 dans Monteil J-M, Beauvois J-L (eds.) Des compétences pour l'application, Presses Universitaires de Grenoble.
Conceptions populaires de la citoyenneté : droits collectifs et solidarité institutionnelle
Sanchez-Mazas M, Roux P, Staerklé C, 2000. pp. 56-86 dans Staerklé C, Doise W (eds.) Recueil de textes pour le cours de 2ème cycle Psychologie sociale du raisonnement, FPSE.
Représentations sociales de l'inégalité
Staerklé C, 2000. pp. 164-173 dans Daniel C., LeClainche C. (eds.) Définir les inégalités : des principes de justice à leur représentation sociale, Ministère de l'Emploi et de la Santé, DREES.
Ranskankielistä kokeellista sosiaalipsykologiaa [French experimental social psychology].
Green E. G. T., Staerklé C., 1999. Psykologia, 34 pp. 391-397.
Représentations de l'idéal démocratique chez des jeunes Suisses et projets d'éducation à la citoyenneté
Staerklé C., 1999. pp. 67-78 dans Bastien M, Broquet H (eds.) Éducation démocratique, éducation à la démocratie, EVO.
Human rights and Geneva youth: A developmental study of social representations
Doise W, Staerklé C, Clémence A, Savory F, 1998. Swiss Journal of Psychology, 57 pp. 86-100.
Representation of human rights across different national contexts: The role of democratic and non-democratic populations and governments
Staerklé C, Clémence A, Doise W, 1998. European Journal of Social Psychology, 28 pp. 297-326.
Vygotsky in the East and West
Doise W, Staerkle C, Clémence A, 1996. Journal of Russian and East European Psychology, 34 pp. 67-96.
Psychologie sociale des droits de l'homme. Rapport final de recherche
Doise W, Clémence A, Savory F, Spini D, Staerklé C, 1995., Fonds National Suisse.
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