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Does continuous EEG influence prognosis in patients after cardiac arrest?
Fatuzzo D., Beuchat I., Alvarez V., Novy J., Oddo M., Rossetti A.O., 2018/11. Resuscitation, 132 pp. 29-32. Peer-reviewed.
Does Continuous Video-EEG in Patients With Altered Consciousness Improve Patient Outcome? Current Evidence and Randomized Controlled Trial Design.
Rossetti A.O., Schindler K., Alvarez V., Sutter R., Novy J., Oddo M., Warpelin-Decrausaz L., Rüegg S., 2018/09. Journal of clinical neurophysiology, 35 (5) pp. 359-364. Peer-reviewed.
Ocular bobbing/dipping after cardiac arrest may be a post-anoxic myoclonus.
Schneider J., Rossetti A.O., Alvarez V., 2018/03. Resuscitation, 124 pp. e7. Peer-reviewed.
The use and yield of continuous EEG in critically ill patients: A comparative study of three centers.
Alvarez V., Rodriguez Ruiz A.A., LaRoche S., Hirsch L.J., Parres C., Voinescu P.E., Fernandez A., Petroff O.A., Rampal N., Haider H.A. et al., 2017/01/17. Clinical neurophysiology : official journal of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology, 128 (4) pp. 570-578. Peer-reviewed.
Intravenous lacosamide in status epilepticus: Correlation between loading dose, serum levels, and clinical response.
Perrenoud M., André P., Alvarez V., Stähli C., Decosterd L.A., Rossetti A.O., Novy J., 2017. Epilepsy Research, 135 pp. 38-42. Peer-reviewed.
Movement artifacts mimicking a normal EEG background activity in a patient with anoxic brain injury.
Schneider J., Turini P., Alvarez V., 2017/01. Resuscitation, 110 pp. e5-e6. Peer-reviewed.
Therapeutic coma for status epilepticus: Differing practices in a prospective multicenter study.
Alvarez V., Lee J.W., Westover M.B., Drislane F.W., Novy J., Faouzi M., Marchi N.A., Dworetzky B.A., Rossetti A.O., 2016/10/18. Neurology, 87 (16) pp. 1650-1659. Peer-reviewed.
Is Favorable Outcome Possible After Prolonged Refractory Status Epilepticus?
Alvarez V., Drislane F.W., 2016. Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology : Official Publication of the American Electroencephalographic Society, 33 (1) pp. 32-41. Peer-reviewed.
Monotherapy or Polytherapy for First-Line Treatment of SE?
Alvarez V., Rossetti A.O., 2016. Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology : Official Publication of the American Electroencephalographic Society, 33 (1) pp. 14-17. Peer-reviewed.
Characteristics and role in outcome prediction of continuous EEG after status epilepticus: A prospective observational cohort.
Alvarez V., Drislane F.W., Westover M.B., Dworetzky B.A., Lee J.W., 2015. Epilepsia, 56 (6) pp. 933-941. Peer-reviewed.
Clinical Use of EEG in the ICU: Technical Setting.
Alvarez V., Rossetti A.O., 2015. Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology : Official Publication of the American Electroencephalographic Society, 32 (6) pp. 481-485.
Continuous electrodermal activity as a potential novel neurophysiological biomarker of prognosis after cardiac arrest--A pilot study.
Alvarez V., Reinsberger C., Scirica B., O'Brien M.H., Avery K.R., Henderson G., Lee J.W., 2015. Resuscitation, 93 pp. 128-135. Peer-reviewed.
Electroencephalography and evoked potentials. Technical background.
Alvarez Vincent, Rossetti Andrea O., 2015. pp. 7-24 dans Rossetti Andrea O., Laureys Steven (eds.) Clinical neurophysiology in disorders of consciousness: brain function monitoring in the ICU and beyond., Springer.
New-onset refractory status epilepticus: Etiology, clinical features, and outcome.
Gaspard N., Foreman B.P., Alvarez V., Cabrera Kang C., Probasco J.C., Jongeling A.C., Meyers E., Espinera A., Haas K.F., Schmitt S.E. et al., 2015. Neurology, 85 (18) pp. 1604-1613. Peer-reviewed.
Practice variability and efficacy of clonazepam, lorazepam, and midazolam in status epilepticus: A multicenter comparison.
Alvarez V., Lee J.W., Drislane F.W., Westover M.B., Novy J., Dworetzky B.A., Rossetti A.O., 2015. Epilepsia, 56 (8) pp. 1275-1285. Peer-reviewed.
Statins are associated with decreased mortality risk after status epilepticus.
Sierra-Marcos A., Alvarez V., Faouzi M., Burnand B., Rossetti A.O., 2015. European Journal of Neurology, 22 (2) pp. 402-405. Peer-reviewed.
Teaching NeuroImages: Acute generalized suppression on continuous EEG heralds clinical and radiologic deterioration.
Fantaneanu T., Alvarez V., Lee J.W., 2015. Neurology, 84 (16) pp. e119-e120. Peer-reviewed.
Evaluation of a clinical tool for early etiology identification in status epilepticus.
Alvarez V., Westover M.B., Drislane F.W., Dworetzky B.A., Curley D., Lee J.W., Rossetti A.O., 2014. Epilepsia, 55 (12) pp. 2059-2068. Peer-reviewed.
Acute seizures in acute ischemic stroke: does thrombolysis have a role to play?
Alvarez V., Rossetti A.O., Papavasileiou V., Michel P., 2013. Journal of Neurology, 260 (1) pp. 55-61. Peer-reviewed.
Benzodiazepine overtreatment in status epilepticus is related to higher need of intubation and longer hospitalization.
Spatola M., Alvarez V., Rossetti A.O., 2013. Epilepsia, 54 (8) pp. e99-e102.
Neurologie [2012: news in neurology].
Alvarez V., Rossetti A.O., Michel P., Kuntzer T., Nater B., Démonet J.F., Schluep M., Du Pasquier R., Vingerhoets F., 2013. Revue Médicale Suisse, 9 (368) pp. 62-65. Peer-reviewed.
Stimulus-induced rhythmic, periodic or ictal discharges (SIRPIDs) in comatose survivors of cardiac arrest: Characteristics and prognostic value.
Alvarez V., Oddo M., Rossetti A.O., 2013. Clinical Neurophysiology, 124 (1) pp. 204-208. Peer-reviewed.
Treatment deviating from guidelines does not influence status epilepticus prognosis.
Rossetti A.O., Alvarez V., Januel J.M., Burnand B., 2013. Journal of Neurology, 260 (2) pp. 421-428. Peer-reviewed.
Very late-onset Friedreich ataxia: later than life expectancy?
Alvarez V., Arnold P., Kuntzer T., 2013. Journal of Neurology, 260 (5) pp. 1408-1409. Peer-reviewed.
Yield of intermittent versus continuous EEG in comatose survivors of cardiac arrest treated with hypothermia.
Alvarez V., Sierra-Marcos A., Oddo M., Rossetti A.O., 2013. Critical Care, 17 (5) pp. R190. Peer-reviewed.
Appropriate drug treatment for status epilepticus does not influence its prognosis
Rossetti A.O., Alvarez V., Januel J.M., Burnand B., 2012. pp. S59 dans 137th Annual Meeting of the American Neurological Association, Annals of Neurology.
Does adequate delivery of anti-epileptic drugs change the prognostic of status epilepticus?
Alvarez Vincent, Januel Jean-Marie, Burnand Bernard, Rossetti Andrea O., 2012., 22nd Meeting of the European Neurological Society, Prague, Czech Republic, 9-12 June, 2012 pp. S14 dans Journal of Neurology.
Role of comorbidities in outcome prediction after status epilepticus.
Alvarez V., Januel J.M., Burnand B., Rossetti A.O., 2012. Epilepsia, 53 (5) pp. e89-e92. Peer-reviewed.
Second-line status epilepticus treatment: comparison of phenytoin, valproate, and levetiracetam.
Alvarez V., Januel J.M., Burnand B., Rossetti A.O., 2011/07. Epilepsia, 52 (7) pp. 1292-1296. Peer-reviewed.
An episode mimicking a versive seizure in acute bilateral pontine stroke.
Alvarez V., Morier J., Hirt L., 2011. Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, 18 (8) pp. 1141-2. Peer-reviewed.
Pallidal hyperintensities - a coincidental finding of clinical relevance in Miller Fisher syndrome.
Alvarez V., Siclari F., Kuntzer T., 2011. European Journal of Neurology, 18 (8) pp. e94-e95. Peer-reviewed.
Treatment of status epilepticus: a comparison of phenytoin, valproate, or levetiracetam
Alvarez Vincent, Januel Jean-Marie, Burnand Burnand, Rossetti Andrea, 2011. pp. S53 dans 21st Meeting of the European Neurological Society, Journal of Neurology. Peer-reviewed.
Watching television: a previously unrecognized powerful trigger of λ waves.
Alvarez V., Maeder-Ingvar M., Rossetti A.O., 2011. Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology, 28 (4) pp. 400-403. Peer-reviewed.
Postictal blood-brain barrier breakdown on contrast-enhanced MRI
Alvarez V., Maeder P., Rossetti A.O., 2010. Epilepsy and Behavior, 17 (2) pp. 302-303. Peer-reviewed.
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