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Making personalized medicine ethical: a critical examination of the new promises of ‘personalized health' in Switzerland
Barazzetti Gaia, Bühler Nolwenn, Audétat Marc, Kaufmann Alain, 2021/08/05. Science and Public Policy. Peer-reviewed.
A Value-Oriented Framework for Precision Medicine.
Barazzetti G., Bosisio F., 2021/04. The American journal of bioethics, 21 (4) pp. 88-90. Peer-reviewed.
Dossier électronique du patient : coffre-fort, poubelle à pdf, ou partenariat innovant entre professionnels et patients ?
Barazzetti Gaia, Bugnon Benjamin, Von Plessen Christian, Bischoff Thomas, Kaufmann Alain, 2021/01/27. Revue Médicale Suisse, 17 pp. 230-233.
The “moral making” of data rich personalized medicine
Barazzetti Gaia, 2021/01/05. dans De-sequencing: Identity work with genes, Palgrave McMillan.
Patients' decision to contribute to a biobank in the light of the patient-recruiter relationship-a qualitative study of broad consent in a hospital setting.
Bosisio F., Barazzetti G., Koutaissoff D., Spencer B., 2021/01. Journal of community genetics, 12 (1) pp. 15-25. Peer-reviewed.
Citizen Responses to Government Restrictions in Switzerland During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Cross-Sectional Survey.
Selby K., Durand M.A., Gouveia A., Bosisio F., Barazzetti G., Hostettler M., D'Acremont V., Kaufmann A., von Plessen C., 2020/12/03. JMIR Formative Research, 4 (12) pp. e20871 .
Advanced Care Planning: Promoting Autonomy in Caring for People with Dementia
Bosisio Francesca, Barazzetti Gaia, 2020/08/02. The American Journal of Bioethics, 20 (8) pp. 93-95.
Broad consent in practice: lessons learned from a hospital-based biobank for prospective research on genomic and medical data.
Barazzetti G., Bosisio F., Koutaissoff D., Spencer B., 2020/07. European journal of human genetics, 28 (7) pp. 915-924. Peer-reviewed.
Medicina “personalizzata”: questioni etiche e sociali
Barazzetti Gaia, 2019/11. dans L’ottimo medico è anche filosofo? Il proficuo scambio tra medicina e filosofia attraverso i secoli e le culture, Le Due Torri.
Biobanking on participation: exploring the co-production of bioprovision and biosociality in Swiss biobanking
Bühler Nolwenn, Barazzetti Gaia, Kaufmann Alain, 2018/07/27. Tecnoscienza 9(2) pp. 109-132.
"Still Rather Hazy at Present": Citizens' and Physicians' Views on Returning Results from Biobank Research Using Broad Consent.
Barazzetti G., Cavalli S., Benaroyo L., Kaufmann A., 2017/03. Genetic testing and molecular biomarkers, 21 (3) pp. 159-165. Peer-reviewed.
Adapting Preclinical Benchmarks for First-in-Human Trials of Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Based Therapies.
Barazzetti G., Hurst S.A., Mauron A., 2016/08. Stem cells translational medicine, 5 (8) pp. 1058-1066. Peer-reviewed.
Sciences et technologies émergentes : pourquoi tant de promesses?
Audétat M., Barazzetti G., Dorthe G., Joseph C., Kaufmann A., Vinck D. (eds.), 2015/09. 316, Hermann.
Quelles pratiques critiques sur le terrain des promesses scientifiques?
Aguiton Sarah, Bovet Emilie, Tocchetti Sara, 2015. pp. 275-296 dans Audétat Marc, Barazzetti Gaïa, Dorthe Gabriel, Joseph Claude, Kaufmann Alain (eds.) Sciences et technologies émergentes, pourquoi tant de promesses? , Hermann.
Enjeux éthiques et sociaux de la médecine génomique
Barazzetti G., Kaufmann A., Benaroyo L., 2014/05. Praxis, Revue Suisse de Médecine, 103 (10) pp. 573 - 577. Peer-reviewed.
Life Extension and Personal Identity
Barazzetti Gaia, Reichlin Massimo, 2014/03/28. pp. 398-409 dans Enhancing Human Capacities, Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
Looking for the Fountain of Youth : Scientific, Ethical, and Social Issues in the Extension of Human Lifespan
Barazzetti Gaia, 2014/03/28. pp. 333-349 dans Enhancing Human Capacities, Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
Barazzetti Gaia, Hurst Samia, Mauron Alexandre, Bondolfi Alberto, 2013/11/01. dans Handbook of Global Bioethics, Springer.
Diagnosi genetica preimpianto ed eugenetica
Barazzetti Gaia, 2012/07/11. dans Etica e genetica: storia, concetti e norme, Bruno Mondadori.
Clinically Driven Safety Benchmarks
Barazzetti Gaia, Hurst Samia A., Mauron Alex, 2012/04. AJOB Neuroscience, 3 (2) pp. 22-23.
Life-extension: a biomedical goal? Scientific prospects, ethical concerns
Barazzetti Gaia, Reichlin Massimo, 2011/04/13. Swiss medical weekly, 141 pp. w13181. Peer-reviewed.
L'eugénisme caché dans le choix du ‘bon' bébé?
Barazzetti Gaia, 2011. Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Philosophie.
Libertà e medicina. Il principio di autonomia nell'etica biomedica
Barazzetti Gaia, 2011., Bruno Mondadori.
What "best practice" could be in Palliative Care: an analysis of statements on practice and ethics expressed by the main Health Organizations
Barazzetti Gaia, Borreani Claudia, Miccinesi Guido, Toscani Franco, 2010/10. BMC Palliative Care. Peer-reviewed.
A challenged choice: donating spare embryos to stem cell research in Switzerland.
Porz R., Bürkli P., Barazzetti G., Leach Scully J., Rehmann-Sutter C., 2008/09/20. Swiss medical weekly, 138 (37-38) pp. 551-556. Peer-reviewed.
Autonomie de l'action et autonomie de la personne
Barazzetti Gaia, 2007/05. Éthique & Santé, 4 (2) pp. 92-94. Peer-reviewed.
Autonomy, Responsibility and the Italian Code of Deontology for Nurses
Barazzetti Gaia, Radaelli Stefania, Sala Roberta, 2007/01. Nursing Ethics, 14 (1) pp. 83-98.
Ethical codes in nursing practice: the viewpoint of Finnish, Greek and Italian nurses
Heikkinen Anne, Lemonidou Chryssoula, Petsios Konstantinos, Sala Roberta, Barazzetti Gaia, Radaelli Stefania, Leino-Kilpi Helena, 2006/08. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 55 (3) pp. 310-319.
The Value of Nurses' Codes: European nurses' views
Tadd Win, Clarke Angela, Lloyd Llynos, Leino-Kilpi Helena, Strandell Camilla, Lemonidou Chryssoula, Petsios Konstantinos, Sala Roberta, Barazzetti Gaia, Radaelli Stefania et al., 2006/07. Nursing Ethics, 13 (4) pp. 376-393.
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