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Nutrient Intake in the First Two Weeks of Life and Brain Growth in Preterm Neonates.
Schneider J., Fischer Fumeaux C.J., Duerden E.G., Guo T., Foong J., Graz M.B., Hagmann P., Chakravarty M.M., Hüppi P.S., Beauport L. et al., 2018/03. Pediatrics, 141 (3) p. 1. Peer-reviewed.
Procedural pain and oral glucose in preterm neonates: brain development and sex-specific effects.
Schneider J., Duerden E.G., Guo T., Ng K., Hagmann P., Bickle Graz M., Grunau R.E., Chakravarty M.M., Hüppi P.S., Truttmann A.C. et al., 2018/03. Pain, 159 (3) pp. 515-525. Peer-reviewed.
Clinical characteristics, audiological and neurodevelopmental outcomes of newborns with congenital cytomegalovirus infection.
Kobas M., Bickle Graz M., Truttmann A.C., Giannoni E., Meylan P., Asner S.A., 2018. Swiss medical weekly, 148 pp. w14627. Peer-reviewed.
Enhanced autophagy contributes to excitotoxic lesions in a rat model of preterm brain injury.
Descloux C., Ginet V., Rummel C., Truttmann A.C., Puyal J., 2018. Cell Death & Disease, 9 (9) p. 853. Peer-reviewed.
Nutrient intake in the first 2 weeks of life predicts brain growth in preterm neonates
Schneider J., Beauport L., Duerden EG., Guo T., Foong J., Hagmann P., Chakravarty MM., Hüppi PS., Fischer-Fumeaux CJ., Truttmann A. et al., 2017/04/05., Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning, Robert B. Salter Auditorium, 686 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5G 0A4. April 5th 2017 dans The SickKids Centre for Brain & Mental Health (C-BMH) 10 Years of Brain & Mental Health Integration.. Peer-reviewed.
Homer1 Scaffold Proteins Govern Ca2+ Dynamics in Normal and Reactive Astrocytes.
Buscemi L., Ginet V., Lopatar J., Montana V., Pucci L., Spagnuolo P., Zehnder T., Grubišic V., Truttman A., Sala C. et al., 2017/03/01. Cerebral cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991), 27 (3) pp. 2365-2384. Peer-reviewed.
Impact of Early Nutritional Intake on Preterm Brain: A Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study.
Beauport L., Schneider J., Faouzi M., Hagmann P., Hüppi P.S., Tolsa J.F., Truttmann A.C., Fischer Fumeaux C.J., 2017/02. The Journal of pediatrics, 181 pp. 29-36.e1. Peer-reviewed.
Exploring the role of white matter connectivity in cortex maturation.
Friedrichs-Maeder C.L., Griffa A., Schneider J., Hüppi P.S., Truttmann A., Hagmann P., 2017. PloS one, 12 (5) pp. e0177466. Peer-reviewed.
Clinical management of pregnant women exposed to Zika virus.
Vouga M., Musso D., Panchaud A., Baud D., 2016/07. The Lancet. Infectious diseases, 16 (7) p. 773. Peer-reviewed.
Clinical management of pregnant women exposed to Zika virus.
Baud D., Van Mieghem T., Musso D., Truttmann A.C., Panchaud A., Vouga M., 2016/05. The Lancet. Infectious diseases, 16 (5) p. 523. Peer-reviewed.
Altered Amygdala Development and Fear Processing in Prematurely Born Infants.
Cismaru A.L., Gui L., Vasung L., Lejeune F., Barisnikov K., Truttmann A., Borradori Tolsa C., Hüppi P.S., 2016. Frontiers In Neuroanatomy, 10 p. 55. Peer-reviewed.
Evolution of T1 Relaxation, ADC, and Fractional Anisotropy during Early Brain Maturation: A Serial Imaging Study on Preterm Infants.
Schneider J., Kober T., Bickle Graz M., Meuli R., Hüppi P.S., Hagmann P., Truttmann A.C., 2016. Ajnr. American Journal of Neuroradiology, 37 (1) pp. 155-162. Peer-reviewed.
Neuroprotection by selective neuronal deletion of Atg7 in neonatal brain injury.
Xie C., Ginet V., Sun Y., Koike M., Zhou K., Li T., Li H., Li Q., Wang X., Uchiyama Y. et al., 2016. Autophagy, 12 (2) pp. 410-423. Peer-reviewed.
NODDI intra-axonal volume fraction shows stronger correlation with developmental age than fractional anisotropy in preterm human newborns
Kunz N., Schneider J., Vasung L., Zhang H., Hagmann P., Truttmann A., Lazeyras F., Huppi P., 2015/05. dans ISMRM 2015 , ISMRM 23rd Annual Meeting & Exhibition, SMRT 24th Annual Meeting, Annual Meeting Proceedings. Peer-reviewed.
Erythropoietin for the Repair of Cerebral Injury in Very Preterm Infants (EpoRepair).
Rüegger C.M., Hagmann C.F., Bührer C., Held L., Bucher H.U., Wellmann S., EpoRepair Investigators, 2015. Neonatology, 108 (3) pp. 198-204. Peer-reviewed.
Neuronal death after perinatal cerebral hypoxia-ischemia: Focus on autophagy-mediated cell death.
Descloux C., Ginet V., Clarke P.G., Puyal J., Truttmann A.C., 2015. International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the International Society For Developmental Neuroscience, 45 pp. 75-85. Peer-reviewed.
The impact of a register on the management of neonatal cooling in Switzerland.
Brotschi B., Grass B., Ramos G., Beck I., Held U., Hagmann C., National Asphyxia Cooling Register Group, Meyer P., Meyer P., Zeilinger G. et al., 2015. Early Human Development, 91 (4) pp. 277-284. Peer-reviewed.
Asphyxie néonatale: l'encéphalopathie hypoxique-ischémique
Truttmann A.C. , 2014. pp. 63-65 dans Gehri Mario, Laubscher Bernard , Di Paolo Ermindo , Roth-Kleiner Matthias (eds.) Vade-Mecum de Pédiatrie chap. 7.3.2, Babyguide Sarl.
Dying neurons in thalamus of asphyxiated term newborns and rats are autophagic.
Ginet V., Pittet M.P., Rummel C., Osterheld M.C., Meuli R., Clarke P.G., Puyal J., Truttmann A.C., 2014. Annals of Neurology, 76 (5) pp. 695-711. Peer-reviewed.
Involvement of autophagy in hypoxic-excitotoxic neuronal death.
Ginet V., Spiehlmann A., Rummel C., Rudinskiy N., Grishchuk Y., Luthi-Carter R., Clarke P.G., Truttmann A.C., Puyal J., 2014. Autophagy, 10 (5) pp. 846-860. Peer-reviewed.
Lésions cérébrales du prématuré et techniques d'imagerie à visée pronostique du développement neurocognitif [Cerebral brain injury in preterm infants and the role of neuroimaging in predicting neurodevelopmental outcomes].
Schneider J., Vasung L., Truttmann A.C., Huppi P.S., 2014. Revue Médicale Suisse, 10 (418) pp. 442-449.
Subplate in a rat model of preterm hypoxia-ischemia.
Okusa C., Oeschger F., Ginet V., Wang W.Z., Hoerder-Suabedissen A., Matsuyama T., Truttmann A.C., Molnár Z., 2014. Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology, 1 (9) pp. 679-691. Peer-reviewed.
Therapeutic hypothermia in term infants after perinatal encephalopathy: the last 5 years in Switzerland.
Ramos G., Brotschi B., Latal B., Bernet V., Wagner B., Hagmann C., Swiss Neonatal Network, 2013/03. Early human development, 89 (3) pp. 159-164. Peer-reviewed.
Neurodevelopment outcome of newborns with cerebral subependymal pseudocysts at 18 and 46 months: a prospective study.
Cevey-Macherel M., Forcada Guex M., Bickle Graz M., Truttmann A.C., 2013. Archives of Disease in Childhood, 98 (7) pp. 497-502. Peer-reviewed.
Normal neurodevelopmental outcome despite severe and early extensive encephalomalacia: plasticity, repair or magic?
Bickle Graz M., Monnier M., von Laer Tschudin L., Truttmann A.C., 2013. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, 55 (9) pp. 868-869.
Quantitative assessment of T1 relaxation and diffusion as a prognostic tool for brain development: a serial study on healthy preterm babies
Schneider J., Kober T., Bickle-Graz M., Meuli R., Hüppi P., Hagmann P., Truttmann A.C., 2013. dans ESPR 2013, 50th Annual Meeting and 36th Post Graduate Course of the European Society of Paediatric Radiology.
The nNOS-p38MAPK Pathway Is Mediated by NOS1AP during Neuronal Death.
Li L.L., Ginet V., Liu X., Vergun O., Tuittila M., Mathieu M., Bonny C., Puyal J., Truttmann A.C., Courtney M.J., 2013. Journal of Neuroscience, 33 (19) pp. 8185-8201.
Towards a connectome mapping pipeline for neonates using high-resolution MP2RAGE and DTI
Pauli A., Schneider J., Bach Cuadra M., Griffa A., Fischi Gomez E., Meuli R., Thiran J.P., Truttman A., Hagmann P., 2013. dans 21st Annual Meeting International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine.
Development of cystic periventricular leukomalacia in newborn infants after rotavirus infection.
Verboon-Maciolek M.A., Truttmann A.C., Groenendaal F., Skranes J., Døllner H., Hunt R.W., Hayman M., Diepersloot R.J., Dippersloot R.J., van Loon A.M. et al., 2012/01. Journal of Pediatrics, 160 (1) pp. 165-8.e1. Peer-reviewed.
Neuronal autophagy as a mediator of life and death: contrasting roles in chronic neurodegenerative and acute neural disorders.
Puyal J., Ginet V., Grishchuk Y., Truttmann A.C., Clarke P.G., 2012. Neuroscientist, 18 (3) pp. 224-236.
Pédiatrie [Pediatrics].
Fischer C.J., Giannoni E., Truttmann A.C., Tolsa J.F., Chevallay M., El Ezzi O., Seneggen E., Hohlfeld J., de Buys Roessingh A., Pauchard J.Y. et al., 2012. Revue Médicale Suisse, 8 (323) pp. 51-56. Peer-reviewed.
Quantitative Assessment of T1 Relaxation and Diffusion as a Prognostic Tool for Brain Development: A Longitudinal Preliminary Study on Preterm Babies
Schneider J., Hagmann P., Meuli R., Truttmann A., 2012. dans PAS 2012, Pediatric Academic Societies' Annual Meeting.
Suivi neurodéveloppemental de l'enfant né prématuré dans l'Arc lémanique [Neurodevelopmental follow-up of premature children in Lausanne and Geneva].
Bickle Graz M., Cevey-Macherel M., Forcada-Guex M., Truttmann A., Ha-Vinh Leuchter R., Sizonenko S., Huppi P.S., Borradori Tolsa C., 2011/02. Revue Médicale Suisse, 7 (283) pp. 437-441.
Beclin 1-independent autophagy contributes to apoptosis in cortical neurons.
Grishchuk Y., Ginet V., Truttmann A.C., Clarke P.G., Puyal J., 2011. Autophagy, 7 (10) pp. 1115-1131. Peer-reviewed.
Perinatal care at the limit of viability between 22 and 26 completed weeks of gestation in Switzerland.
Berger T.M., Bernet V., El Alama S., Fauchère J.C., Hösli I., Irion O., Kind C., Latal B., Nelle M., Pfister R.E. et al., 2011. Swiss Medical Weekly, 141 pp. w13280.
Role of homer 1 proteins in the calcium signaling pathway(s) underlying exo-endocytosis processes of glutamatergic slmvs in astrocytes
Cali C., Marchaland J., Ginet L., Hirt L., Truttmann A.C., Puyal J., Bezzi P., 2011. pp. S127 dans 10th European Meeting on Glial Cells in Health and Disease, GLIA. Peer-reviewed.
Subplate subpopulations in the hypoxic-ischemic neonatal rat brain
Oeschger F.M., Wang W.Z., Ginet V., Hoerder-Suabedissen A., Truttmann A.C., Molnar Z., 2011. p. 353 dans Proceedings of the Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland, Journal of Anatomy. Peer-reviewed.
Cell death and autophagy after severe hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy in term newborns
Pittet M.P., Ginet V., Osterheld M.C., Meuli R., Puyal J., Truttmann A.C., 2010. pp. 29S dans Joint annual meeting of the Swiss Society for Pediatrics, Swiss Society of Pediatric Pneumology, Swiss Medical Weekly. Peer-reviewed.
Pédiatrie [Perinatal asphyxia and neonatal hydronephrosis]
Chnayna J., Truttmann A., Chehade H., Parvex P., Cachat F., Meyrat J.B., Birraux J., Frey P., Pfister R., Roth-Kleiner M. et al., 2010. Revue Médicale Suisse, 6 (231) pp. 63-66.
Les deux visages de l'autophagie dans le système nerveux [The two faces of autophagy in the nervous system].
Puyal J., Ginet V., Vaslin A., Truttmann A.C., Clarke P.G., 2009/04. Médecine Sciences, 25 (4) pp. 383-390. Peer-reviewed.
Enhancement of autophagic flux after neonatal cerebral hypoxia-ischemia and its region-specific relationship to apoptotic mechanisms.
Ginet V., Puyal J., Clarke P.G.H., Truttmann A.C., 2009. American Journal of Pathology, 175 (5) pp. 1962-1974.
Limited role of the c-Jun N-terminal kinase pathway in a neonatal rat model of cerebral hypoxia-ischemia
Ginet V., Puyal J., Magnin G., Clarke P.G.H., Truttmann A. C., 2009. Journal of Neurochemistry, 108 (3) pp. 552-562. Peer-reviewed.
Severe neonatal hyporegenerative anemia due to anti-Vw (anti-MNS9) alloantibody.
Waldvogel S., Natterer J., Canellini G., Truttmann A., Tissot J.D., 2009. Journal of Perinatal Medicine, 37 (4) pp. 422-424. Peer-reviewed.
Multiple Types of Programmed Cell Death and their Relevance to Perinatal Brain Damage
Clarke P.G.H., Puyal J., Vaslin A., Ginet V., Truttmann A., 2008. pp. 23-36 dans L.A. Ramenghi , P. Evrard , E. Mercuri (eds.) Perinatal Brain Damage: from Pathogenesis to Neuroprotection chap. 3, John Libbey Eurotext.
Role of the JNK pathway in a rat neonatal cerebral hypoxia/ischemia model
Ginet V., Vaslin A., Puyal J., Magnin G., Clarke P.G.H., Truttmann A.C., 2007/10., 48th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Research, Prague, Czech Republic : 6-8 October, 2007 pp. 231-231 dans -, Acta paediatrica. Peer-reviewed.
Atypical presentation of Prader-Willi syndrome with cerebral venous thrombosis: association or fortuity?
Beretta L., Hauschild M., Jeannet P.Y., Addor M.C., Maeder P., Truttmann A.C., 2007. Neuropediatrics, 38 (4) pp. 204-206. Peer-reviewed.
Normal plasma total magnesium in Gitelman syndrome
Tosi F., Bianda N. D., Truttmann A. C., Crosazzo L., Bianchetti M. G., Bettinelli A., Ramelli G. P., 2004/04. American Journal of Medicine, 116 (8) pp. 573-574.
Effect of hypoxia on protein phosphatase 2A activity, subcellular distribution and expression in cerebral cortex of newborn piglets
Truttmann A. C., Ashraf Q., Mishra O. P., Delivoria-Papadopoulos M., 2004. Neuroscience, 127 (2) pp. 355-63.
Normomagnesemic Gitelman's syndrome?
Truttmann A.C., Bettinelli A., Crosazzo L., Bianchetti M.G., 2004. American Journal of Kidney Diseases, 43 (6) pp. 1143-1144.
Long-term calcineurin inhibition and magnesium balance after renal transplantation
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The effect of blood transfusion on the hemoglobin oxygen dissociation curve of very early preterm infants during the first week of life
De Halleux V., Truttmann A., Gagnon C., Bard H., 2002/12. Seminars in Perinatology, 26 (6) pp. 411-5.
Postnatal gender-dependent maturation of cellular cysteine uptake
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Maintenance hemodialysis and circulating ionized magnesium.
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Circulating sodium in acute meningitis
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Aminoglycosides and renal magnesium homeostasis in humans
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Hypomagnesaemia-hypercalciuria-nephrocalcinosis: a report of nine cases and a review
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Pulmonary renal syndrome in childhood: a report of twenty-one cases and a review of the literature
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An uncommon G375C substitution in a newborn with achondroplasia.
Addor M.C., Gudinchet F., Truttmann A., Schorderet D.F., 2000. Genetic Counseling, 11 (2) pp. 169-174. Peer-reviewed.
Cough is common in children prescribed converting enzyme inhibitors
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Free and total circulating magnesium following glucagon injection in humans
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Permanently reduced plasma ionized magnesium among renal transplant recipients on cyclosporine
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Plasma ionized magnesium in tubular disorders with and without total hypomagnesemia
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Amlodipine once-daily in systemic hypertension
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Arterial hypertension with normal urinalysis in Henoch-Schonlein disease: a further case
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Simple biochemical screening for aldosterone activity in adrenal insufficiency
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A moratorium should be placed on the use of short-acting nifedipine for hypertensive crises
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Childhood insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: initial presentation and management in the nineties
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Circulating ionized and total magnesium in end-stage kidney disease
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Free circulating magnesium and renal magnesium handling during acute metabolic acidosis in humans
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Sulphonamides in vasculitides: which mechanism?
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Free plasma magnesium following glucose loading in healthy humans
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Apparent Mg2+-adenosine 5-triphosphate dissociation constant measured with Mg2+ macroelectrodes under conditions pertinent to 31P NMR ionized magnesium determinations
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Hemolytic-uremic syndrome after Escherichia coli urinary tract infection
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Wie wird das hamolytisch-uramische Syndrom des Kindesalters in der Schweiz erworben? [How is hemolytic-uremic syndrome in childhood acquired in Switzerland?]
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Erkrankungen durch verotoxinbildende Escherichia coli beim Menschen [Verotoxin-producing Escherichia coli in human disease]
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Extracellular magnesium depletion in pediatric patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
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Free circulating magnesium and loop diuretics in humans.
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Métabolisme du magnésium pour le clinicien : une mise au point actuelle et simple [Magnesium metabolism for clinical practioner : an up to date review]
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The manufacture and characteristics of magnesium selective macroelectrodes
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