Céline Rozenblat

Education and work experience


2006 : Winner of the competition of the Sandoz Family Foundation for a post as Professor Tenure Track in the University of Lausanne.

1992 : Price of Regional Science Philippe Aydalot (GREMI - ASRDLF)

2004 : HDR
« Fabric of cities. Networks and urban systems in Europe » [PDF]. Univ. Montpellier III.
Jury: Jean-Bernard Racine, Univ. Lausanne (Chairman)
Pierre Beckouche, Univ. Paris; Nicole Commerçon, CNRS Lyon, Jean-Christophe Gay, Univ. Montpellier III; Denise Pumain, Univ. Paris; Pierre Veltz, Ecole Nat. Des Ponts et Chaussées.

« Fabric of networks »
Scientific route [PDF]

1992 : PhD in Geography
« The network of multinational companies in the network of European cities » (University of Paris I) led by Denise Pumain.
with highest honors

1991-1992 : Lecturer University of Paris I

1988-1991 : Phd MRT-DATAR - Monitor University of Paris I

1987-1988: MASTER: Epistémology, Theory and Analysis in Geography (ATEG)
Under the direction of Denise Pumain, "European cities: bibliography and sources", Univ. Paris VII.
With highest honors.

1986-1988 : Master of Geography
Under the direction of François Durand-Dastès and Lena Sanders, "Heterogeneities of the population of Paris, University of Paris VII.
With highest honors.

1983-1986 : Bachelor Degree in Geography and University of Paris VII

1983 - Baccalaureate C series - Jacques Decour College (Paris 9th)

Training courses
2013: ORA - Network analysis and GIS (Sunbelt of Social networks, Hamburg)
2013: ERGM Valued - Network statistics (Sunbelt of Social networks, Hamburg)
2011: Multi-agent systems- NETLOGO Software (North Western Univ., Chicago)
2007: Day for training in dynamic graphs in sociology. SIENNA Software (Zurich, Sept. 12)
2006: Workshop organized by Prof. Kanevsky IGAR-FGSE UNIL: "Machine Learning Algorithms for Spatial Data"
2001: School CNRS Category: Simulation models and spatial analysis, Montpellier
1999: School Thematic CNRS: Modeling the city, Nantes
1997: School CNRS Category: Data analysis in ecology, Garchy
1995: School Thematic CNRS, procedures and practices in spatial analysis, Montpellier
1994: School Thematic CNRS: Statistics and forms of urbanization, St-Quentin en Yvelines, Cargèse
1994: School Thematic CNRS: Dynamic modeling in Geography, Garchy
1993: Formation Geographic Information Systems, Montpellier
1989: School Thematic CNRS: Expert systems in Geography, Grenoble
1987: Stage National Institute of Demographic Studies, Paris
1986: Stage Laboratory Gerontology, Fr Cribier, SAS, Paris

Read English, spoken and written (2006-2007)
Spanish read, spoken, written
German courses starting from September 2007 at UNIL
Italian read
Portuguese read
Hebrew read

Work experience

Since 2006: Professor Tenure Track at the Institute of Geography of the University of Lausanne.

1992-2006 : Lecturer at the University of Montpellier III
URBAN GEOGRAPHY: DEUG 2 (28h), DEA Mutations space (10h), aggregation (6h)
SCIENCE REGIONAL: Licensing Management (responsible) (28h)
ORGANIZATION OF SPACE: current level license (responsible) (36h)
MODELING: current level license (responsible) (36h)
SYSTEMS APPROACH: methodological option of DEA Mutations space (in charge) (10h)
STATISTICS: current levels DEUG 2, BA, MA, MA (Manager of the Statistics Department of Geography since 1998) (168 h)
COMPUTER MAPPING: current levels BA, MA, MA (Head)
NEW TOOLS OF GEOGRAPHY: (GIS, dynamic models, Geostatistics, ...) level control (14h)

Other university
1995-1997: DYNAMICS OF CITIES, workshop in DEA SDS (Structural and Spatial Dynamics) (30 h)
1998: "Multinational enterprises in European cities" invited by JM. Offner, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Marne La Vallée (3h)
1997: "Factorial analysis and urban ecology" invited by JB Racine and M Cosinschi, speech at the University of Lausanne (3h)
1995: The system of European cities, invited by Denise Pumain, DEA and Epistemological and Theoretical Analysis in Geography (ATEG, Univ. Paris1, Un. Paris VII - ENS).
1991-1992: General DEUG2 Human Geography (Un. Paris 1)
1988-1992: Statistics in Geography DEUG1 (Un. Paris 1 with Th. Saint-Julien) (42 h)

Others activities

Position in the scientific community
Erdös Number 3: 2005 with Douglas R. White which published with Franck Harary which published in 1965 with Paul Erdös

2010 : H index : 5, G index 10
2013 : H index : 12, G index 23
2016 : H index : 19, G index 35
Google Scholar 2007 : 89 références, 53 citations max.
2010: 195 références, 120 citations max.
2013: 366 références, 142 citations max.
2016: 389 références, 191 citations max.

Commissions and university administration
2016-2020: International Council for science (ICSU) : Member of the Scientific Committee for Health and Wellbeing in the Changing Urban Environment
2015-2018: Council member of the Complex Science society
2012-2020: Chair of the Commission on Urban Geography of the IGU (International Geographical Union).
2008-2012: Vice Chair of the Commission on Urban Geography of the IGU (International Geographical Union).
2007--: Appointed representative of the Institute in the commission of mobility FGSE (Erasmus)
2007-2009: Appointed to National Committee for Scientific Research of France-CNRS, Interdisciplinary Section 46: "Environmental Risk and Society"
2006-2015: Elected to the Council of the Faculty of Geoscience and Environment - University of Lausanne
2005-2006: Director of the UMR SPACE - 6012 CNRS site of the House of Geography Montpellier MGM.
2003-2006: Member of the National University (Geography), France
1999-2003: Vice-President of the National University (Geography), France

Editorial activities
Member of the editorial boards:
-- PLOS-1
-- CYBERGEO journal
-- M@ppemonde journal
-- Journal of Mathematics and Social Sciences, EHESS, Paris
-- Group Dupont: Drafts Dupont (Editor since 1996)

Evaluations for journals:
-- Environment & Planning
-- Urban Studies
-- Urban Geography
-- Regional Studies
-- The Canadian geographer
-- The Annals of Geography
-- Review of urban and regional economy (RERU)
-- Geographica Helvetica

Organization of scientific training (outside the university)
2003: Stage statistical analysis and mapping UMR ESPACE, site of Montpellier (15h.)
2001: Organization of a training workshop CNRS "Simulation models and spatial analysis - September 30 speakers, 50 listeners http://www.mgm.fr/libergeo
1995: Organization of a training workshop CNRS, "Procedures and practices in spatial analysis, in collaboration with Charre J., Fr.Auriac and JL Bonnefoy, 18-21 September, Montpellier.

Organization of a training for policy makers
2000: organizing and running a workshop of the IHEDAT (Institut of High Studies for Development and Spatial Planning, DATAR) on the thematic of Metropolisation, training of senior officials (deputies, prefects, heads of firms departments, and so on.). Annual Program (5 times 2 days). Study tours organized in Toulouse (in collaboration with Jean-Paul Laborie) and Milan (in collaboration Lidia Diappi).

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