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Le dialogue nécessaire entre médecine et antidopage pour l’intégrité du sport et de l’athlète = The necessary dialogue between medicine and anti-doping for the integrity of sport and the athlete
Faiss R., Salamin O., Astolfi T., Saugy M., 2018/07/11. Revue médicale suisse, 14 (613) pp. 1360-1363. Peer-reviewed.
Heart rate recovery of individuals undergoing cardiac rehabilitation after acute coronary syndrome.
Astolfi T., Borrani F., Savcic M., Gremeaux V., Millet G.P., 2018/03. Annals of physical and rehabilitation medicine, 61 (2) pp. 65-71. Peer-reviewed.
Pushing beyond the limits in sport: linking phenomenological and cardiac data
Hauw Denis, Astolfi Tiffany (eds.), 2017/07/13., Conference: International Society of Sport Psychology 14th World Congress, At Sevilla.
Putting together first- and third-person approaches for sport activity analysis : The case of ultra-trail runners' performance analysis
Hauw D., Rochat N., Gesbert V., Astolfi T., Antonini Philippe R., Mariani B., 2016. pp. 49-59 dans Salmon P., Macquet A.-C. (eds.) Advances in Human Factors in Sports and Outdoor Recreation, Springer International Publishing Switzerland.
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