Grégory Quin

Education and work experience


PhD in Sport Science (University of Lausanne) and in Pedagogy (University Paris Descartes)
This dissertation analyzes French doctor's involvement in debates and initiatives concerning physical education between 1741 and 1888. Based on a prosopographic inventory of those physicians who participated in the development of physical education, it explores the variety of their discourses with respect to the practice of physical exercises. This investigation relies on a large selection of primary sources: works devoted to medical gymnastic, but also medical treatises related to anatomy, hygiene, therapeutics, physiology, orthopedics, etc. The sources also include articles from the major medical dictionaries and journals of the nineteenth century. These documents are used to explore the socio-scientific mechanisms that underlay physicians' commitment to physical education.
Three chronological periods structure medical engagement in the area of physical education. Between 1741 and 1817 the thesis traces the emergence of a questioning; the years 1817 to 1847 represent an « orthopedic moment » in the development of gymnastics; finally between 1847 and 1888, one witnesses a diversification of the legitimation process between medicine and gymnastics.
2006 - 2010

Master - Recherche en STAPS mention Histoire du Sport à l'UFR STAPS de Strasbourg
2005 - 2006

Maîtrise d'Histoire à l'UFR de Sciences Historiques de Strasbourg
2005 - 2006

Maîtrise STAPS mention Management du Sport à l'UFR STAPS de Strasbourg
2004 - 2005

Licence d'Histoire à l'UFR des Sciences Historiques de Strasbourg
2004 - 2005

Licence STAPS mention Management du sport à l'UFR STAPS de Strasbourg
2003 - 2004

Diplôme d'Etudes Universitaires Générales (DEUG) à l'UFR STAPS de Strasbourg
2001 - 2003

Baccalauréat Scientifique - Spécialité physique-chimie - Gymnase Jean Sturm (Strasbourg)
1998 - 2001

Work experience

Postdoctoral research - Advanced Postdoc.Mobility
2015 - 2015
Great Britain

Postdoctoral research - Early Postdoc.Mobility
2013 - 2015
Great Britain

Secondary School Teacher - Secondary School in Bex (Waadt)
2012 - 2013

Primary School Teacher - Primary School in Bex (Waadt)
2011 - 2012

Postdoctoral research - UEFA Grant
2011 - 2012

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