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Mermod M., Bongiovanni M., Petrova T.V., Dubikovskaya E.A., Simon C., Tolstonog G., Monnier Y., Prediction of occult lymph node metastasis in squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity and the oropharynx using peritumoral Prospero homeobox protein 1 lymphatic nuclear quantification. Head and Neck [Epub ahead of print], In Press. [DOI] [Pubmed] ok

Mermod M., Bongiovanni M., Petrova T.V., Dubikovskaya E.A., Simon C., Tolstonog G., Monnier Y., Correlation between podoplanin expression and extracapsular spread in squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity using subjective immunoreactivity scores and semiquantitative image analysis. Head and Neck, In Press. [DOI] [Pubmed] ok

Towhidi L., Khodadadi D., Maimari N., Pedrigi R.M., Ip H., Kis Z., Kwak B.R., Petrova T.W., Delorenzi M., Krams R., Comparison between direct and reverse electroporation of cells in situ: a simulation study. Physiological Reports 4(6), In Press. [DOI] [Pubmed]



Kerr B.A., West X.Z., Kim Y.W., Zhao Y., Tischenko M., Cull R.M., Phares T.W., Peng X.D., Bernier-Latmani J., Petrova T.V. et al., Stability and function of adult vasculature is sustained by Akt/Jagged1 signalling axis in endothelium. Nature Communications 7, p. 10960, 2016. [Document] [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok


Bernier-Latmani J., Cisarovsky C., Demir C.S., Bruand M., Jaquet M., Davanture S., Ragusa S., Siegert S., Dormond O., Benedito R. et al., DLL4 promotes continuous adult intestinal lacteal regeneration and dietary fat transport. Journal of Clinical Investigation 2015, pp. 4572-4586, 2015. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok

Demaria O., De Gassart A., Coso S., Gestermann N., Di Domizio J., Flatz L., Gaide O., Michielin O., Hwu P., Petrova T.V. et al., STING activation of tumor endothelial cells initiates spontaneous and therapeutic antitumor immunity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112(50), pp. 15408-15413, 2015. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]

Kazenwadel J., Betterman K.L., Chong C.E., Stokes P.H., Lee Y.K., Secker G.A., Agalarov Y., Demir C.S., Lawrence D.M., Sutton D.L. et al., GATA2 is required for lymphatic vessel valve development and maintenance. Journal of Clinical Investigation 125(8), pp. 2979-2994, 2015. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok

Liebl J., Zhang S., Moser M., Agalarov Y., Demir C.S., Hager B., Bibb J.A., Adams R.H., Kiefer F., Miura N. et al., Cdk5 controls lymphatic vessel development and function by phosphorylation of Foxc2. Nature Communications 6, p. 7274, 2015. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok

Sabine A., Bovay E., Demir C.S., Kimura W., Jaquet M., Agalarov Y., Zangger N., Scallan J.P., Graber W., Gulpinar E. et al., FOXC2 and fluid shear stress stabilize postnatal lymphatic vasculature. Journal of Clinical Investigation 125(10), pp. 3861-3877, 2015. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok


Coso S., Bovay E., Petrova T.V., Pressing the right buttons: signaling in lymphangiogenesis. Blood 123(17), pp. 2614-2624, 2014. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]

Coxam B., Sabine A., Bower N.I., Smith K.A., Pichol-Thievend C., Skoczylas R., Astin J.W., Frampton E., Jaquet M., Crosier P.S. et al., Pkd1 Regulates Lymphatic Vascular Morphogenesis during Development. Cell Reports 7(3), pp. 623-633, 2014. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]

Meens M.J., Sabine A., Petrova T.V., Kwak B.R., Connexins in lymphatic vessel physiology and disease. FEBS Letters 588(8), pp. 1271-1277, 2014. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]

Ragusa S., Cheng J., Ivanov K.I., Zangger N., Ceteci F., Bernier-Latmani J., Milatos S., Joseph J.M., Tercier S., Bouzourene H. et al., PROX1 Promotes Metabolic Adaptation and Fuels Outgrowth of Wnt(high) Metastatic Colon Cancer Cells. Cell Reports 8(6), pp. 1957-1973, 2014. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok

Sabine A., Petrova T.V., Interplay of mechanotransduction, FOXC2, connexins, and calcineurin signaling in lymphatic valve formation. Advances in Anatomy, Embryology, and Cell Biology 214, pp. 67-80, 2014. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]

Zheng W., Nurmi H., Appak S., Sabine A., Bovay E., Korhonen E.A., Orsenigo F., Lohela M., D'Amico G., Holopainen T. et al., Angiopoietin 2 regulates the transformation and integrity of lymphatic endothelial cell junctions. Genes and Development 28(14), pp. 1592-1603, 2014. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]


Ivanov K.I., Agalarov Y., Valmu L., Samuilova O., Liebl J., Houhou N., Maby-El Hajjami H., Norrmén C., Jaquet M., Miura N. et al., Phosphorylation regulates FOXC2-mediated transcription in lymphatic endothelial cells. Molecular and Cellular Biology 33(19), pp. 3749-3761, 2013. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]


Jurisic G., Maby-El Hajjami H., Karaman S., Ochsenbein A.M., Alitalo A., Siddiqui S.S., Ochoa Pereira C., Petrova T.V., Detmar M., An unexpected role of semaphorin3a-neuropilin-1 signaling in lymphatic vessel maturation and valve formation. Circulation Research 111(4), pp. 426-436, 2012. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]

Sabine A., Agalarov Y., Maby-El Hajjami H., Jaquet M., Hägerling R., Pollmann C., Bebber D., Pfenniger A., Miura N., Dormond O. et al., Mechanotransduction, PROX1, and FOXC2 cooperate to control connexin37 and calcineurin during lymphatic-valve formation. Developmental Cell 22(2), pp. 430-445, 2012. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]


Alitalo K., Fifteen years of molecular lymphangiogenesis - an interview with Kari Alitalo by Tatiana Petrova. International Journal of Developmental Biology 55(4-5), pp. 389-394, 2011. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]

Norrmén C., Tammela T., Petrova T.V., Alitalo K., Biological basis of therapeutic lymphangiogenesis. Circulation 123(12), pp. 1335-1351, 2011. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]

Schulte-Merker S., Sabine A., Petrova T.V., Lymphatic vascular morphogenesis in development, physiology, and disease. Journal of Cell Biology 193(4), pp. 607-618, 2011. [Document] [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]

Skog M., Bono P., Lundin M., Lundin J., Louhimo J., Linder N., Petrova T.V., Andersson L.C., Joensuu H., Alitalo K. et al., Expression and prognostic value of transcription factor PROX1 in colorectal cancer. British Journal of Cancer 105(9), pp. 1346-1351, 2011. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]


Kim H., Nguyen V.P., Petrova T.V., Cruz M., Alitalo K., Dumont D.J., Embryonic vascular endothelial cells are malleable to reprogramming via Prox1 to a lymphatic gene signature. BMC Developmental Biology 10, p. 72, 2010. [Document] [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]

Norrmén C., Vandevelde W., Ny A., Saharinen P., Gentile M., Haraldsen G., Puolakkainen P., Lukanidin E., Dewerchin M., Alitalo K. et al., Liprin (beta)1 is highly expressed in lymphatic vasculature and is important for lymphatic vessel integrity. Blood 115(4), pp. 906-909, 2010. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]


Mouta-Bellum C., Kirov A., Miceli-Libby L., Mancini M.L., Petrova T.V., Liaw L., Prudovsky I., Thorpe P.E., Miura N., Cantley L.C. et al., Organ-specific lymphangiectasia, arrested lymphatic sprouting, and maturation defects resulting from gene-targeting of the PI3K regulatory isoforms p85alpha, p55alpha, and p50alpha. Developmental Dynamics 238(10), pp. 2670-2679, 2009. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]

Norrmén C., Ivanov K.I., Cheng J., Zangger N., Delorenzi M., Jaquet M., Miura N., Puolakkainen P., Horsley V., Hu J. et al., FOXC2 controls formation and maturation of lymphatic collecting vessels through cooperation with NFATc1. Journal of Cell Biology 185(3), pp. 439-457, 2009. [Document] [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]

Thiel A., Ganesan A., Mrena J., Junnila S., Nykänen A., Hemmes A., Tai H.H., Monni O., Kokkola A., Haglund C. et al., 15-hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase is down-regulated in gastric cancer. Clinical Cancer Research 15(14), pp. 4572-4580, 2009. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]


Kirjavainen A., Sulg M., Heyd F., Alitalo K., Ylä-Herttuala S., Möröy T., Petrova T.V., Pirvola U., Prox1 interacts with Atoh1 and Gfi1, and regulates cellular differentiation in the inner ear sensory epithelia. Developmental Biology 322(1), pp. 33-45, 2008. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]

Maby-El Hajjami H., Petrova T.V., Developmental and pathological lymphangiogenesis: from models to human disease. Histochemistry and Cell Biology 130(6), pp. 1063-1078, 2008. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok

Petrova T.V., Bono P., Holnthoner W., Chesnes J., Pytowski B., Sihto H., Laakkonen P., Heikkilä P., Joensuu H., Alitalo K., VEGFR-3 expression is restricted to blood and lymphatic vessels in solid tumors. Cancer Cell 13(6), pp. 554-556, 2008. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok

Petrova T.V., Nykänen A., Norrmén C., Ivanov K.I., Andersson L.C., Haglund C., Puolakkainen P., Wempe F., von Melchner H., Gradwohl G. et al., Transcription factor PROX1 induces colon cancer progression by promoting the transition from benign to highly dysplastic phenotype. Cancer Cell 13(5), pp. 407-419, 2008. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok


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Tammela T., Saaristo A., Holopainen T., Lyytikkä J., Kotronen A., Pitkonen M., Abo-Ramadan U., Ylä-Herttuala S., Petrova T.V., Alitalo K., Therapeutic differentiation and maturation of lymphatic vessels after lymph node dissection and transplantation. Nature Medicine 13(12), pp. 1458-1466, 2007. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]


Kreuger J., Nilsson I., Kerjaschki D., Petrova T., Alitalo K., Claesson-Welsh L., Early lymph vessel development from embryonic stem cells. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology 26(5), pp. 1073-1078, 2006. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]

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