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TLR2 Signaling in Skin Nonhematopoietic Cells Induces Early Neutrophil Recruitment in Response to Leishmania major Infection.
Ronet C., Passelli K., Charmoy M., Scarpellino L., Myburgh E., Hauyon La Torre Y., Turco S., Mottram J.C., Fasel N., Luther S.A. et al., 2019/06. The Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 139 (6) pp. 1318-1328. Peer-reviewed.
Intratumoral Tcf1<sup>+</sup>PD-1<sup>+</sup>CD8<sup>+</sup> T Cells with Stem-like Properties Promote Tumor Control in Response to Vaccination and Checkpoint Blockade Immunotherapy.
Siddiqui I., Schaeuble K., Chennupati V., Fuertes Marraco S.A., Calderon-Copete S., Pais Ferreira D., Carmona S.J., Scarpellino L., Gfeller D., Pradervand S. et al., 2019/01/15. Immunity, 50 (1) pp. 195-211.e10. Peer-reviewed.
Identification of a new subset of lymph node stromal cells involved in regulating plasma cell homeostasis.
Huang H.Y., Rivas-Caicedo A., Renevey F., Cannelle H., Peranzoni E., Scarpellino L., Hardie D.L., Pommier A., Schaeuble K., Favre S. et al., 2018. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 115 (29) pp. E6826-E6835. Peer-reviewed.
Perivascular Fibroblasts of the Developing Spleen Act as LTα1β2-Dependent Precursors of Both T and B Zone Organizer Cells.
Schaeuble K., Britschgi M.R., Scarpellino L., Favre S., Xu Y., Koroleva E., Lissandrin TKA, Link A., Matloubian M., Ware C.F. et al., 2017/11/28. Cell reports, 21 (9) pp. 2500-2514. Peer-reviewed.
Fibroblastic niches prime T cell alloimmunity through Delta-like Notch ligands.
Chung J., Ebens C.L., Perkey E., Radojcic V., Koch U., Scarpellino L., Tong A., Allen F., Wood S., Feng J. et al., 2017. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 127 (4) pp. 1574-1588. Peer-reviewed.
Notch Signaling Regulates the Homeostasis of Tissue-Restricted Innate-like T Cells.
Chennupati V., Koch U., Coutaz M., Scarpellino L., Tacchini-Cottier F., Luther S.A., Radtke F., Zehn D., MacDonald H.R., 2016/08/01. Journal of immunology, 197 (3) pp. 771-782. Peer-reviewed.
Trapping of naive lymphocytes triggers rapid growth and remodeling of the fibroblast network in reactive murine lymph nodes.
Yang C.Y., Vogt T.K., Favre S., Scarpellino L., Huang H.Y., Tacchini-Cottier F., Luther S.A., 2014. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 111 (1) pp. E109-E118.
Inducible gene expression in fetal thymic epithelium: A new BAC transgenic model.
Fiorini E., Ferrero I., Poisson C., Scarpellino L., Luther S.A., Macdonald H.R., 2013. Genesis, 51 (10) pp. 717-724.
Fibroblastic reticular cells from lymph nodes attenuate T cell expansion by producing nitric oxide.
Siegert S., Huang H.Y., Yang C.Y., Scarpellino L., Carrie L., Essex S., Nelson P.J., Heikenwalder M., Acha-Orbea H., Buckley C.D. et al., 2011. PLoS One, 6 (11) pp. e27618.
Probing the interactions of NK cell receptors with ligand expressed in trans and cis.
Back J., Scarpellino L., Held W., 2010. Methods in Molecular Biology, 612 pp. 313-323.
A Role for cis Interaction between the Inhibitory Ly49A receptor and MHC class I for natural killer cell education.
Chalifour A., Scarpellino L., Back J., Brodin P., Devèvre E., Gros F., Lévy F., Leclercq G., Höglund P., Beermann F. et al., 2009. Immunity, 30 (3) pp. 337-347. Peer-reviewed.
Distinct conformations of Ly49 natural killer cell receptors mediate MHC class I recognition in trans and cis.
Back J., Malchiodi E.L., Cho S., Scarpellino L., Schneider P., Kerzic M.C., Mariuzza R.A., Held W., 2009. Immunity, 31 (4) pp. 598-608. Peer-reviewed.
Long-term, multilineage hematopoiesis occurs in the combined absence of beta-catenin and gamma-catenin
Jeannet G., Scheller M., Scarpellino L., Duboux S., Gardiol N., Back J., Kuttler F., Malanchi I., Birchmeier W., Leutz A. et al., 2008. Blood, 111 (1) pp. 142-149. Peer-reviewed.
Sustained NKG2D engagement induces cross-tolerance of multiple distinct NK cell activation pathways
Coudert J. D., Scarpellino L., Gros F., Vivier E., Held W., 2008. Blood, 111 (7) pp. 3571-3578. Peer-reviewed.
Interactions of Ly49 family receptors with MHC class I ligands in trans and cis.
Scarpellino L., Oeschger F., Guillaume P., Coudert J.D., Lévy F., Leclercq G., Held W., 2007. Journal of immunology, 178 (3) pp. 1277-1284. Peer-reviewed.
Stable masking by H-2Dd cis ligand limits Ly49A relocalization to the site of NK cell/target cell contact.
Back J., Chalifour A., Scarpellino L., Held W., 2007. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 104 (10) pp. 3978-3983. Peer-reviewed.
Cooperating pre-T-cell receptor and TCF-1-dependent signals ensure thymocyte survival.
Goux D., Coudert J.D., Maurice D., Scarpellino L., Jeannet G., Piccolo S., Weston K., Huelsken J., Held W., 2005. Blood, 106 (5) pp. 1726-1733. Peer-reviewed.
Cis association of Ly49A with MHC class I restricts natural killer cell inhibition.
Doucey M.A., Scarpellino L., Zimmer J., Guillaume P., Luescher I.F., Bron C., Held W., 2004. Nature Immunology, 5 (3) pp. 328-336. Peer-reviewed.
Initiation and limitation of Ly-49A NK cell receptor acquisition by T cell factor-1.
Ioannidis V., Kunz B., Tanamachi D.M., Scarpellino L., Held W., 2003. Journal of immunology, 171 (2) pp. 769-775. Peer-reviewed.
Pseudoprolines: Targeting a cis Conformation in a Mimetic of the gp120 V3 Loop of HIV-1 We are grateful to Dipl.-Biol. Raymond Jacquet for helpful advice. This work was supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation.
Wittelsberger A., Keller M., Scarpellino L., Patiny L., Acha-Orbea H., Mutter M., 2000. Angewandte Chemie, 39 (6) pp. 1111-1115.
Interplays between mouse mammary tumor virus and the cellular and humoral immune response.
Acha-Orbea H., Finke D., Attinger A., Schmid S., Wehrli N., Vacheron S., Xenarios I., Scarpellino L., Toellner K.M., MacLennan I.C. et al., 1999. Immunological Reviews, 168 pp. 287-303.
Early neutralizing antibody response against mouse mammary tumor virus: critical role of viral infection and superantigen-reactive T cells.
Luther S.A., Maillard I., Luthi F., Scarpellino L., Diggelmann H., Acha-Orbea H., 1997. Journal of Immunology, 159 (6) pp. 2807-2814.
CD28/CTLA4-B7 interaction is dispensable for T cell stimulation by mouse mammary tumor virus superantigen but not for B cell differentiation and virus dissemination.
Champagne E., Scarpellino L., Lane P., Acha-Orbea H., 1996. European Journal of Immunology, 26 (7) pp. 1595-1602.
Exogenous and endogenous mouse mammary tumor virus superantigens.
Acha-Orbea H., Held W., Waanders G.A., Shakhov A.N., Scarpellino L., Lees R.K., MacDonald H.R., 1993. Immunological Reviews, 131 (1) pp. 5-25.
Superantigen-induced immune stimulation amplifies mouse mammary tumor virus infection and allows virus transmission.
Held W., Waanders G.A., Shakhov A.N., Scarpellino L., Acha-Orbea H., MacDonald H.R., 1993. Cell, 74 (3) pp. 529-540. Peer-reviewed.
Superantigen-reactive CD4+ T cells are required to stimulate B cells after infection with mouse mammary tumor virus.
Held W., Shakhov A.N., Izui S., Waanders G.A., Scarpellino L., MacDonald H.R., Acha-Orbea H., 1993. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 177 (2) pp. 359-366. Peer-reviewed.
An exogenous mouse mammary tumor virus with properties of Mls-1a (Mtv-7).
Held W., Shakhov A.N., Waanders G., Scarpellino L., Luethy R., Kraehenbuhl J.P., MacDonald H.R., Acha-Orbea H., 1992. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 175 (6) pp. 1623-1633.
Inhibition of mouse mammary tumor virus-induced T cell responses in vivo by antibodies to an open reading frame protein.
Acha-Orbea H., Scarpellino L., Shakhov A.N., Held W., MacDonald H.R., 1992. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 176 (6) pp. 1769-1772.
Mls: a link between immunology and retrovirology.
Acha-Orbea H., Held W., Scarpellino L., Shakhov A.N., 1992. International Reviews of Immunology, 8 (4) pp. 327-336.
Clonal deletion of V beta 14-bearing T cells in mice transgenic for mammary tumour virus.
Acha-Orbea H., Shakhov A.N., Scarpellino L., Kolb E., Müller V., Vessaz-Shaw A., Fuchs R., Blöchlinger K., Rollini P., Billotte J. et al., 1991. Nature, 350 (6315) pp. 207-211.
Nonobese diabetic and nonobese nondiabetic mice have unique MHC class II haplotypes.
Acha-Orbea H., Scarpellino L., 1991. Immunogenetics, 34 (1) pp. 57-59.
Inhibition of lymphocyte mediated cytotoxicity by perforin antisense oligonucleotides.
Acha-Orbea H., Scarpellino L., Hertig S., Dupuis M., Tschopp J., 1990. EMBO Journal, 9 (12) pp. 3815-3819.
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