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Bayesian tomography using polynomial chaos expansion and deep generative networks
Meles Giovanni Angelo, Amaya Macarena, Levy Shiran, Marelli Stefano, Linde Niklas, 2024/02/02. Geophysical Journal International, 237 (1) pp. 31-48. Peer-reviewed.
Rare Event Probability Estimation for Groundwater Inverse Problems With a Two‐Stage Sequential Monte Carlo Approach
Friedli Lea, Linde Niklas, 2024/02. Water Resources Research, 60 (2). Peer-reviewed.
Inference of geostatistical hyperparameters with the correlated pseudo-marginal method
Friedli Lea, Linde Niklas, Ginsbourger David, Visentini Alejandro Fernandez, Doucet Arnaud, 2023/03. Advances in Water Resources, 173 p. 104402. Peer-reviewed.
Advancing measurements and representations of subsurface heterogeneity and dynamic processes: towards 4D hydrogeology
Hermans Thomas, Goderniaux Pascal, Jougnot Damien, Fleckenstein Jan H., Brunner Philip, Nguyen Frédéric, Linde Niklas, Huisman Johan Alexander, Bour Olivier, Lopez Alvis Jorge et al., 2023/01/12. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 27 (1) pp. 255-287. Peer-reviewed.
Electrical Signatures of Diffusion-Limited Mixing: Insights from a Milli-fluidic Tracer Experiment
Fernandez Visentini Alejandro, de Anna Pietro, Jougnot Damien, Le Borgne Tanguy, Méheust Yves, Linde Niklas, 2023. Transport in Porous Media, 146 pp. 436-461.
Solving Geophysical Inversion Problems with Intractable Likelihoods: Linearized Gaussian Approximations Versus the Correlated Pseudo-marginal Method
Friedli Lea, Linde Niklas, 2023. Mathematical Geosciences. Peer-reviewed.
Uncertainty Quantification and Experimental Design for Large-Scale Linear Inverse Problems under Gaussian Process Priors
Travelletti Cédric, Ginsbourger David, Linde Niklas, 2023. SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification, 11 (1) pp. 168-198.
Variational Bayesian inference with complex geostatistical priors using inverse autoregressive flows
Levy Shiran, Laloy Eric, Linde Niklas, 2023. Computers & Geosciences, 171 p. 105263. Peer-reviewed.
Water Table and Permeability Estimation From Multi-Channel Seismoelectric Spectral Ratios
Hu Kaiyan, Ren Hengxin, Huang Qinghua, Zeng Ling, Butler Karl E., Jougnot Damien, Linde Niklas, Holliger Klaus, 2023. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 128 (5) pp. e2022JB025505. Peer-reviewed.
Hydrogeological multiple-point statistics inversion by adaptive sequential Monte Carlo
Amaya Macarena, Linde Niklas, Laloy Eric, 2022/08. Advances in Water Resources, 166 p. 104252. Peer-reviewed.
Simulating Fully‐Integrated Hydrological Dynamics in Complex Alpine Headwaters: Potential and Challenges
Thornton J. M., Therrien R., Mariéthoz G., Linde N., Brunner P., 2022/04. Water Resources Research, 58 (4). Peer-reviewed.
Lasting Effects of Soil Compaction on Soil Water Regime Confirmed by Geoelectrical Monitoring
Romero-Ruiz Alejandro, Linde Niklas, Baron Ludovic, Breitenstein Daniel, Keller Thomas, Or Dani, 2022/02. Water Resources Research, 58 (2). Peer-reviewed.
Bayesian tomography with prior-knowledge-based parametrization and surrogate modelling
Meles Giovanni Angelo, Linde Niklas, Marelli Stefano, 2022. Geophysical Journal International, 231 (1) pp. 673-691.
Lithological tomography with the correlated pseudo-marginal method
Friedli L, Linde N, Ginsbourger D, Doucet A, 2022. Geophysical Journal International, 228 (2) pp. 839-856.
Using deep generative neural networks to account for model errors in Markov chain Monte Carlo inversion
Levy Shiran, Hunziker Jürg, Laloy Eric, Irving James, Linde Niklas, 2022. Geophysical Journal International, 228 (2) pp. 1098-1118. Peer-reviewed.
GPR-inferred fracture aperture widening in response to a high-pressure tracer injection test at the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory, Sweden
Molron Justine, Linde Niklas, Davy Philippe, Baron Ludovic, Darcel Caroline, Selroos Jan-Olof, Le Borgne Tanguy, Doolaeghe Diane, 2021/10. Engineering Geology, 292 p. 106249.
Heat transport by flow through rough rock fractures: a numerical investigation
Klepikova Maria, Méheust Yves, Roques Clément, Linde Niklas, 2021/10. Advances in Water Resources, 156 p. 104042.
Individual and joint inversion of head and flux data by geostatistical hydraulic tomography
Pouladi Behzad, Linde Niklas, Longuevergne Laurent, Bour Olivier, 2021/08. Advances in Water Resources, 154 p. 103960.
Seismic signatures reveal persistence of soil compaction
Romero-Ruiz Alejandro, Linde Niklas, Baron Ludovic, Solazzi Santiago Gabriel, Keller Thomas, Or Dani, 2021/07. Vadose Zone Journal, 20 (4).
Approaching geoscientific inverse problems with vector-to-image domain transfer networks
Laloy Eric, Linde Niklas, Jacques Diederik, 2021/06. Advances in Water Resources, 152 p. 103917.
Adaptive sequential Monte Carlo for posterior inference and model selection among complex geological priors
Amaya M, Linde N, Laloy E, 2021/05/19. Geophysical Journal International, 226 (2) pp. 1220-1238.
Inferring geostatistical properties of hydraulic conductivity fields from saline tracer tests and equivalent electrical conductivity time-series
Fernandez Visentini Alejandro, Linde Niklas, Borgne Tanguy Le, Dentz Marco, 2020/12. Advances in Water Resources, 146 p. 103758.
Which fractures are imaged with Ground Penetrating Radar? Results from an experiment in the Äspö Hardrock Laboratory, Sweden
Molron Justine, Linde Niklas, Baron Ludovic, Selroos Jan-Olof, Darcel Caroline, Davy Philippe, 2020/08. Engineering Geology, 273 p. 105674.
Advancing quantitative understanding of self-potential signatures in the critical zone through long-term monitoring
Hu Kaiyan, Jougnot Damien, Huang Qinghua, Looms Majken C., Linde Niklas, 2020/06. Journal of Hydrology.
Time-lapse cross-hole electrical resistivity tomography (CHERT) for monitoring seawater intrusion dynamics in a Mediterranean aquifer
Palacios Andrea, Ledo Juan José, Linde Niklas, Luquot Linda, Bellmunt Fabian, Folch Albert, Marcuello Alex, Queralt Pilar, Pezard Philippe A., Martínez Laura et al., 2020/04/30. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 24 (4) pp. 2121-2139.
Time-Lapse Seismic and Electrical Monitoring of the Vadose Zone during a Controlled Infiltration Experiment at the Ploemeur Hydrological Observatory, France
Blazevic Lara, Bodet Ludovic, Pasquet Sylvain, Linde Niklas, Jougnot Damien, Longuevergne Laurent, 2020/04/25. Water, 12 (5) p. 1230.
Gradient-based deterministic inversion of geophysical data with generative adversarial networks: Is it feasible?
Laloy Eric, Linde Niklas, Ruffino Cyprien, Hérault Romain, Gasso Gilles, Jacques Diederik, 2019/12. Computers & Geosciences, 133 p. 104333.
Joint probabilistic inversion of DC resistivity and seismic refraction data applied to bedrock/regolith interface delineation
de Pasquale Giulia, Greenwood Andrew, Linde Niklas, 2019/08/21. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 170 p. 103839.
Simulation of fine-scale electrical conductivity fields using resolution-limited tomograms and area-to-point kriging
Nussbaumer Raphaël, Linde Niklas, Mariethoz Grégoire, Holliger Klaus, 2019/08/01. Geophysical Journal International, 218 (2) pp. 1322-1335. Peer-reviewed.
Hydrogeological model selection among complex spatial priors
Brunetti Carlotta, Pirot Guillaume, Bianchi Marco, Linde Niklas, 2019/07/05. Water Resources Research, 55 pp. 6729-6753.
Bayesian Inference of Subglacial Channel Structures From Water Pressure and Tracer‐Transit Time Data: A Numerical Study Based on a 2‐D Geostatistical Modeling Approach
Irarrazaval Inigo, Werder Mauro A., Linde Niklas, Irving James, Herman Frederic, Mariethoz Gregoire, 2019/06. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 124 (6) pp. 1625-1644. Peer-reviewed.
Reduction of conceptual model uncertainty using ground-penetrating radar profiles: Field-demonstration for a braided-river aquifer
Pirot Guillaume, Huber Emanuel, Irving James, Linde Niklas, 2019/04. Journal of Hydrology, 571 pp. 254-264.
Bayesian full-waveform tomography with application to crosshole ground penetrating radar data
Hunziker Jurg, Laloy Eric, Linde Niklas, 2019. Geophysical Journal International.
Probabilistic inference of subsurface heterogeneity and interface geometry using geophysical data
de Pasquale Giulia, Linde Niklas, Doetsch Joseph, Holbrook W. Steven, 2019. Geophysical Journal International.
The buried caldera boundary of the Vesuvius 1631 eruption revealed by present-day soil CO2 concentration
Poret M., Finizola A., Ricci T., Ricciardi G. P., Linde N., Mauri G., Barde-Carbusson S., Guichet X., Baron L., Shakas A. et al., 2019. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research.
A Review of Geophysical Methods for Soil Structure Characterization
Romero-Ruiz A., Linde N., Keller T., Or D., 2018/12/03. Reviews of Geophysics, 56 pp. 672-697. Peer-reviewed.
Probabilistic inference of fracture-scale flow paths and aperture distribution from hydrogeophysically-monitored tracer tests
Shakas A., Linde N., Le Borgne T., Bour O., 2018/12. Journal of Hydrology, 567 pp. 305-319. Peer-reviewed.
A quantitative comparison of GPR sections to reduce geological prior uncertainty
Pirot G., Huber E., Irving J., Linde N., 2018/09/09. 24th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics.
Geoelectrical Signatures of Reactive Mixing: A Theoretical Assessment
Ghosh U., Borgne T. L., Jougnot D., Linde N., Méheust Y., 2018. Geophysical Research Letters, 45 pp. 3489-3498. Peer-reviewed.
Impact of petrophysical uncertainty on Bayesian hydrogeophysical inversion and model selection
Brunetti C., Linde N., 2018. Advances in Water Resources, 111 pp. 346-359. Peer-reviewed.
Impact of small-scale saline tracer heterogeneity on electrical resistivity monitoring in fully and partially saturated porous media: Insights from geoelectrical milli-fluidic experiments
Jougnot D., Jiménez-Martínez J., Legendre R., Le Borgne T., Méheust Y., Linde N., 2018. Advances in Water Resources, 113 pp. 295-309. Peer-reviewed.
Training-Image Based Geostatistical Inversion Using a Spatial Generative Adversarial Neural Network
Laloy E., Hérault R., Jacques D., Linde N., 2018. Water Resources Research, 54 pp. 381-406. Peer-reviewed.
On uncertainty quantification in hydrogeology and hydrogeophysics
Linde Niklas, Ginsbourger David, Irving James, Nobile Fabio, Doucet Arnaud, 2017/12. Advances in Water Resources, 110 pp. 166-181.
Bayesian model selection in hydrogeophysics: Application to conceptual subsurface models of the South Oyster Bacterial Transport Site, Virginia, USA
Brunetti C., Linde N., Vrugt J.A., 2017/04. Advances in Water Resources, 102 pp. 127-141. Peer-reviewed.
Probabilistic inversion with graph cuts: Application to the Boise Hydrogeophysical Research Site
Pirot Guillaume, Linde Niklas, Mariethoz Grégoire, Bradford John H., 2017/02. Water Resources Research, 53 (2) pp. 1231-1250.
Apparent apertures from ground penetrating radar data and their relation to heterogeneous aperture fields
Shakas A., Linde N., 2017. Geophysical Journal International, 209 pp. 1418-1430. Peer-reviewed.
Inference of multi-Gaussian relative permittivity fields by probabilistic inversion of crosshole ground-penetrating radar data
Hunziker J., Laloy E., Linde N., 2017. Geophysics, 82 pp. H25-H40. Peer-reviewed.
Inversion using a new low-dimensional representation of complex binary geological media based on a deep neural network
Laloy Eric, Hérault Romain, Lee John, Jacques Diederik, Linde Niklas, 2017. Advances in Water Resources.
Long-Term Soil Structure Observatory for Monitoring Post-Compaction Evolution of Soil Structure
Keller T., Colombi T., Ruiz S., Manalili M.P., Rek J., Stadelmann V., Wunderli H., Breitenstein D., Reiser R., Oberholzer H. et al., 2017. Vadose Zone Journal, 16 p. 16. Peer-reviewed.
Neutrally buoyant tracers in hydrogeophysics: Field demonstration in fractured rock
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On structure-based priors in Bayesian geophysical inversion
de Pasquale G., Linde N., 2017. Geophysical Journal International, 208 pp. 1342-1358. Peer-reviewed.
Pore network modeling of the electrical signature of solute transport in dual-domain media
Day-Lewis F. D., Linde N., Haggerty R., Singha K., Briggs M. A., 2017. Geophysical Research Letters, 44 pp. 4908-4916. Peer-reviewed.
The 3-D structure of the Somma-Vesuvius volcanic complex (Italy) inferred from new and historic gravimetric data
Linde N., Ricci T., Baron L., Shakas A., Berrino G., 2017. Scientific Reports, 7 p. 8434. Peer-reviewed.
Hydrogeophysical characterization of transport processes in fractured rock by combining push-pull and single-hole ground penetrating radar experiments
Shakas A., Linde N., Baron L., Bochet O., Bour O., Le Borgne T., 2016. Water Resources Research, 52 pp. 938-953.
Image synthesis with graph cuts: a fast model proposal mechanism in probabilistic inversion
Zahner Tobias, Lochbühler Tobias, Mariethoz Grégoire, Linde Niklas, 2016. Geophysical Journal International, 204 (2) pp. 1179-1190.
Integrated Imaging of the Earth : Theory and Applications
Moorkamp M., Lelièvre P.G., Linde N., Khan A., 2016., John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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Joint Inversion in Hydrogeophysics and Near-Surface Geophysics
Linde N., Doetsch J., 2016. pp. 117-135 dans Integrated Imaging of the Earth: Theory and Applications, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Merging parallel tempering with sequential geostatistical resampling for improved posterior exploration of high-dimensional subsurface categorical fields
Laloy Eric, Linde Niklas, Jacques Diederik, Mariethoz Grégoire, 2016. Advances in Water Resources, 90 pp. 57-69.
Patch-based iterative conditional geostatistical simulation using graph cuts
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Streaming potential modeling in fractured rock: Insights into the identification of hydraulically active fractures
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An analytical study of seismoelectric signals produced by 1-D mesoscopic heterogeneities
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Effective modeling of ground penetrating radar in fractured media using analytic solutions for propagation, thin-bed interaction and dipolar scattering
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Feature-preserving interpolation and filtering of environmental time series
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Geological realism in hydrogeological and geophysical inverse modeling: A review
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Monitoring of saline tracer movement with vertically distributed self-potential measurements at the HOBE agricultural test site, Voulund, Denmark
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3-D density structure and geological evolution of Stromboli volcano (Aeolian Islands, Italy) inferred from land-based and sea-surface gravity data
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Morphological, hydrological, biogeochemical and ecological changes and challenges in river restoration - the Thur River case study
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Distributed soil moisture from crosshole ground-penetrating radar travel times using stochastic inversion.
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A filtering method to correct time-lapse 3D ERT data and improve imaging of natural aquifer dynamics
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