Benoît Turquety

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Research directions

Digital Media Epistemology: Dispositives and Cultural Technology

Within the EPIMETE / Epistemology: Media, Technology framework.

History of film technologies

History of machines, practices and discourses, whether dominant or marginal, within the field of cinema.
Links to the general history of techniques and technology.

History and epistemology of vision machines and dispositives

Vision machines & dispositives
Optical instruments
Apparatuses for the production of images and visual shows
Links to cultural history, history of sciences and general epistemology

Film and cinema history and historiography

Methodologies for the writing of film and cinema history
History of film histories
Links with connected disciplines (cultural history, media history, histories of art, sciences, techniques and technologies)

Film and poetry

Problems and methods of a compared analysis of poetics in different media, historical and aesthetical implications.
History of the links between film and poetry, for theoreticians as well as poets and filmmakers.
American and French poetic movements in the twentieth century; experimental film.

Questions of film aesthetics and film analysis

Film aesthetics, in relation with questions of dispositives and perception.
Methods for film analysis and aesthetical implications.
In particular, the works of Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub, Peter Nestler, Peter Kubelka, etc.

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