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Entre mobilité temporaire et ancrage local: portrait de la jeunesse suisse
Stam Alexandra, Rérat Patrick (eds.)Ferrez Eliane, Haldimann Lucas, Heers Marieke, Kleiner Brian, Rérat Patrick, Stam Alexandra, 2019/09/20., Somedia Buchverlag.
Motivations et freins à la mobilité temporaire
Heers Marieke, Kleiner Brian, Haldimann Lucas, 2019/09/20. pp. 103-127 dans Entre mobilité temporaire et ancrage local: portrait de la jeunesse suisse chap. 6, Somedia Buchverlag.
Surveying national minorities
Herzing Jessica M. E., Elcheroth Guy, Lipps Oliver, Kleiner Brian, 2019/03/01., University of Lausanne; FORS.
Guide for National Planning for Setting Up New Data Services
Bornatici Christina, Kleiner Brian, Kvamme Trond, Kvalheim Vigdis, Bradic Martinovic Aleksandra, Glavica Marijana, 2017. 33, European Commission.
National Development Plans for Data Services in Non-CESSDA Member Countries in the ERA
Bornatici Christina, Kleiner Brian, Kvamme Trond, Bradic Martinovic Aleksandra, Zdravkovic Aleksandar, Glavica Marijana, Oliveira Claudia, Van Den Eynden Veerle, 2017. 85, European Commission.
Language Ability and Motivation among Foreigners in Survey Responding
Kleiner B., Lipps O., Ferrez E., 2015/06. Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology, 3 (3) pp. 339-360. Peer-reviewed.
Understanding Research Infrastructures in the Social Sciences
Kleiner B., Renschler I., Wernli B., Farago P., Joye D. (eds.), 2013/05. 228, Seismo.
Considering Dialect in Survey Research
Renschler Isabelle, Kleiner Brian, 2013/04. Bulletin of Sociological Methodology/Bulletin de Méthodologie Sociologique, 118 (1) pp. 51-59. Peer-reviewed.
National minorities and their representation in social surveys : which practices make a difference ?
Laganà F., Elcheroth G., Penic S., Kleiner B., Fasel N., 2013. Quality & Quantity, 47 (3) pp. 1287-1314. Peer-reviewed.
Understanding Research Infrastructures in the Social Sciences
Kleiner Brian, Renschler Isabelle, Wernli Boris, Farago Peter, Joye Dominique, 2013. 226, Seismo.
Minorities in general social surveys: what we can learn from the Swiss case and why the black box should be opened wider. Position paper,
Elcheroth Guy, Fasel Nicole, Gianettoni Lavinia, Kleiner Brian, Lagana Francesco, Lipps Oliver, Penic Sandra, Pollien Alexandre, 2011/09., University of Lausanne and Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences.
Supporting an open access research culture : Findings of a National Survey of Social Science Researchers
Buerli Stefan, Kleiner Brian, 2009/10. 10, FORS.
The Impact of Instructions on Survey Translation : An Experimental Study
Kleiner B., Pan Y., Bouic J., 2009. Survey Research Methods, 3 (3) pp. 113-122. Peer-reviewed.
The modern racist ideology and its reproduction in "pseudo-argument"
Kleiner Brian, 1998. Discourse & Society, 9 (2) pp. 187-215. Peer-reviewed.
Whatever - Its use in "pseudo-argument"
Kleiner Brian, 1998. Journal of Pragmatics, 30 pp. 589-613. Peer-reviewed.
Discourse disputes: how come you do do like you do
Kleiner Brian, Preston Dennis R., 1997. Folia Linguist, 31 pp. 105-132. Peer-reviewed.
Discourse markers in second language research
Demirci Mahide, Kleiner Brian, 1997. Journal of Intensive English Studies, 11 pp. 131 – 142. Peer-reviewed.
The perception of Turkish dialects
Demirci Mahide, Kleiner Brian, 1997. dans Handbook of Perceptual Dialectology, John Benjamins.
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