Carole Clair

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Research directions

Prevention and smoking cessation

Research on smoking cessation targeting people with type 2 diabetes in the context of the DISCGO (Diabetes and Smoking Cessation: a Gender Oriented Study) study supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation. The purpose is to assess the efficacy of a smoking cessation behavioral intervention tailored to the specific needs of smokers with type 2 diabetes, taking gender into account. The secondary aim is to measure the metabolic impact of smoking cessation.

Medicine and Gender

Research on Gender and Medicine. A first project aims at integrating a gender dimension in medical education, in order to improve the gender sensitivity of medical students and ultimately improve healthcare. A second project aims at assessing the health of women in prison (GIPSI project: Groupe Interfacultaire Prison Santé Inégalités). Other projects focus on the study of gender stereotypes in patient care.

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