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Changes in resource partitioning between and within organs support growth adjustment to neighbor proximity in <i>Brassicaceae</i> seedlings.
de Wit M., George G.M., Ince Y.Ç., Dankwa-Egli B., Hersch M., Zeeman S.C., Fankhauser C., 2018/10/16. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 115 (42) pp. E9953-E9961. Peer-reviewed.
High capacity in G protein-coupled receptor signaling.
Keshelava A., Solis G.P., Hersch M., Koval A., Kryuchkov M., Bergmann S., Katanaev V.L., 2018/02/28. Nature communications, 9 (1) p. 876. Peer-reviewed.
Cell-Cell Contact Area Affects Notch Signaling and Notch-Dependent Patterning.
Shaya O., Binshtok U., Hersch M., Rivkin D., Weinreb S., Amir-Zilberstein L., Khamaisi B., Oppenheim O., Desai R.A., Goodyear R.J. et al., 2017/03/13. Developmental cell, 40 (5) pp. 505-511.e6. Peer-reviewed.
Replication and Characterization of Association between ABO SNPs and Red Blood Cell Traits by Meta-Analysis in Europeans.
McLachlan S., Giambartolomei C., White J., Charoen P., Wong A., Finan C., Engmann J., Shah T., Hersch M., Podmore C. et al., 2016. PloS one, 11 (6) pp. e0156914. Peer-reviewed.
Pom1 gradient buffering through intermolecular auto-phosphorylation.
Hersch M., Hachet O., Dalessi S., Ullal P., Bhatia P., Bergmann S., Martin S.G., 2015. Molecular Systems Biology, 11 (7) p. 818. Peer-reviewed.
TLR3-Mediated CD8+ Dendritic Cell Activation Is Coupled with Establishment of a Cell-Intrinsic Antiviral State.
Széles L., Meissner F., Dunand-Sauthier I., Thelemann C., Hersch M., Singovski S., Haller S., Gobet F., Fuertes Marraco S.A., Mann M. et al., 2015. Journal of Immunology, 195 (3) pp. 1025-1033. Peer-reviewed.
A higher mutational burden in females supports a "female protective model" in neurodevelopmental disorders.
Jacquemont S., Coe B.P., Hersch M., Duyzend M.H., Krumm N., Bergmann S., Beckmann J.S., Rosenfeld J.A., Eichler E.E., 2014. American Journal of Human Genetics, 94 (3) pp. 415-425. Peer-reviewed.
Distinct levels in Pom1 gradients limit Cdr2 activity and localization to time and position division.
Bhatia P., Hachet O., Hersch M., Rincon S.A., Berthelot-Grosjean M., Dalessi S., Basterra L., Bergmann S., Paoletti A., Martin S.G., 2014. Cell Cycle, 13 (4) pp. 538-552.
Light intensity modulates the regulatory network of the shade avoidance response in Arabidopsis.
Hersch M., Lorrain S., de Wit M., Trevisan M., Ljung K., Bergmann S., Fankhauser C., 2014. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 111 (17) pp. 6515-6520. Peer-reviewed.
Iterative Estimation of Rigid-Body Transformations
Hersch Micha, Billard Aude, Bergmann Sven, 2012/04. Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, 43 (1) pp. 1-9. Peer-reviewed.
Mapping genetic variants associated with beta-adrenergic responses in inbred mice.
Hersch M., Peter B., Kang H.M., Schüpfer F., Abriel H., Pedrazzini T., Eskin E., Beckmann J.S., Bergmann S., Maurer F., 2012. Plos One, 7 (7) pp. e41032.
Nuclear phytochrome a signaling promotes phototropism in Arabidopsis.
Kami C., Hersch M., Trevisan M., Genoud T., Hiltbrunner A., Bergmann S., Fankhauser C., 2012. Plant Cell, 24 (2) pp. 566-576.
Phytochrome Kinase Substrate 4 is phosphorylated by the phototropin 1 photoreceptor.
Demarsy E., Schepens I., Okajima K., Hersch M., Bergmann S., Christie J., Shimazaki K., Tokutomi S., Fankhauser C., 2012. EMBO Journal, 31 (16) pp. 3457-3467.
Seventy-five genetic loci influencing the human red blood cell.
van der Harst P., Zhang W., Mateo Leach I., Rendon A., Verweij N., Sehmi J., Paul D.S., Elling U., Allayee H., Li X. et al., 2012. Nature, 492 (7429) pp. 369-375. Peer-reviewed.
New gene functions in megakaryopoiesis and platelet formation.
Gieger C., Radhakrishnan A., Cvejic A., Tang W., Porcu E., Pistis G., Serbanovic-Canic J., Elling U., Goodall A.H., Labrune Y. et al., 2011. Nature, 480 (7376) pp. 201-208.
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