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Assessing Recent Selection and Functionality at Long Noncoding RNA Loci in the Mouse Genome.
Wiberg R.A., Halligan D.L., Ness R.W., Necsulea A., Kaessmann H., Keightley P.D., 2015. Genome Biology and Evolution, 7 (8) pp. 2432-2444. Peer-reviewed.
The evolution of lncRNA repertoires and expression patterns in tetrapods.
Necsulea A., Soumillon M., Warnefors M., Liechti A., Daish T., Zeller U., Baker J.C., Grützner F., Kaessmann H., 2014. Nature, 505 (7485) pp. 635-640.
Cellular source and mechanisms of high transcriptome complexity in the Mammalian testis.
Soumillon M., Necsulea A., Weier M., Brawand D., Zhang X., Gu H., Barthès P., Kokkinaki M., Nef S., Gnirke A. et al., 2013. Cell Reports, 3 (6) pp. 2179-2190.
Mechanisms and evolutionary patterns of mammalian and avian dosage compensation.
Julien P., Brawand D., Soumillon M., Necsulea A., Liechti A., Schütz F., Daish T., Grützner F., Kaessmann H., 2012. PLoS Biology, 10 (5) pp. e1001328.
The evolution of gene expression levels in mammalian organs.
Brawand D., Soumillon M., Necsulea A., Julien P., Csárdi G., Harrigan P., Weier M., Liechti A., Aximu-Petri A., Kircher M. et al., 2011. Nature, 478 (7369) pp. 343-348.
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