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15 publications

Optimal Monetary Policy when Information is Market-Generated†
Benhima Kenza, Blengini Isabella The Economic Journal. Peer-reviewed.
Does demand noise matter? Identification and implications
Benhima Kenza, Poilly Céline Journal of Monetary Economics. Peer-reviewed.
Booms and Busts with Dispersed Information
Benhima K., 2019. Journal of Monetary Economics, 107 pp. 32-47. Peer-reviewed.
Corporate Cash and Employment
Bacchetta P., Benhima K., Poilly C., 2019. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 11 (3) pp. 30-66. Peer-reviewed.
The demand for liquid assets, corporate saving, and international capital flows
Bacchetta P., Benhima K., 2015/12. Journal of the European Economic Association, 13 (6) pp. 1101-1135. Peer-reviewed.
Corporate Saving in Global Rebalancing
Bacchetta P., Benhima K., 2015. pp. 79-103 dans Raddatz C., Saravia D., Ventura J. (eds.) Global Liquidity, Spillovers to Emerging Markets and Policy Responses, Central Bank of Chile.
Optimal Exchange Rate Policy in a Growing Semi-Open Economy
Bacchetta P., Benhima K, Kalantzis Y., 2014/04. IMF Economic Review, 62 (1) pp. 48-76. Peer-reviewed.
Safety Traps
Benhima K., Massenot B., 2013/10. American Economic Journal. Macroeconomics, 5 (4) pp. 68-106. Peer-reviewed.
Capital Controls with International Reserve Accumulation: Can this Be Optimal ?
Bacchetta P., Benhima K., Kalantzis Y., 2013/07. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 5 (3) pp. 229-262. Peer-reviewed.
A Reappraisal of the Allocation Puzzle through the Portfolio Approach
Benhima K., 2013/02. Journal of International Economics, 89 (2) pp. 331-346. Peer-reviewed.
Financial integration, capital misallocation and global imbalances
Benhima K., 2013. Journal of International Money and Finance, 32 pp. 324-340. Peer-reviewed.
Exchange Rate Volatility and Productivity Growth: The Role of Liability Dollarization
Benhima K., 2012/07. Open Economies Review, 23 (3) pp. 501-529. Peer-reviewed.
Financial Development, Technological Change in Emerging Countries and Global Imbalances
Benhima K., 2010/10. (10.10) 50 Cahiers de recherches économiques, Université de Lausanne - HEC - DEEP.
When Do Long-term Imbalances Lead to Current Account Reversals?
Benhima K., Havrylchyk O., 2010/01. World Economy, 33 (1) pp. 107-128. Peer-reviewed.
Déséquilibres Globaux et Croissance des Pays Emergents dans une Economie Mondiale
Benhima K., 2009. La Revue Economique, 60 (3) pp. 647 - 656. Peer-reviewed.
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