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A systematic screen for morphological abnormalities during fission yeast sexual reproduction identifies a mechanism of actin aster formation for cell fusion.
Dudin O., Merlini L., Bendezú F.O., Groux R., Vincenzetti V., Martin S.G., 2017. PLoS Genetics, 13 (4) pp. e1006721. Peer-reviewed.
A formin-nucleated actin aster concentrates cell wall hydrolases for cell fusion in fission yeast.
Dudin O., Bendezú F.O., Groux R., Laroche T., Seitz A., Martin S.G., 2015. Journal of Cell Biology, 208 (7) pp. 897-911.
Insect eggs induce a systemic acquired resistance in Arabidopsis.
Hilfiker O., Groux R., Bruessow F., Kiefer K., Zeier J., Reymond P., 2014. Plant Journal, 80 (6) pp. 1085-1094. Peer-reviewed.
Role of Methyl Salicylate on Oviposition Deterrence in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Groux R., Hilfiker O., Gouhier-Darimont C., Peñaflor M.F., Erb M., Reymond P., 2014. Journal of Chemical Ecology, 40 (7) pp. 754-759. Peer-reviewed.
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