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Emotional intelligence and performance in a stressful task: The mediating role of self-efficacy
Udayar Shagini, Fiori Marina, Bausseron Elise, 2020/04. Personality and Individual Differences, 156 p. 109790.
The Role of Personality Profiles in the Longitudinal Relationship Between Work‐related Well‐being and Life Satisfaction Among Working Adults in Switzerland
Udayar Shagini, Urbanaviciute Ieva, Massoudi Koorosh, Rossier Jérôme, 2019/12/26. European Journal of Personality.
Perceived Social Support and Big Five Personality Traits in Middle Adulthood: a 4-Year Cross-Lagged Path Analysis
Udayar Shagini, Urbanaviciute Ieva, Rossier Jérôme, 2019/01/07. Applied Research in Quality of Life.
Enhancing the Prediction of Emotionally Intelligent Behavior: The PAT Integrated Framework Involving Trait EI, Ability EI, and Emotion Information Processing
Vesely Maillefer Ashley, Udayar Shagini, Fiori Marina, 2018/07/02. Frontiers in Psychology 9 p. 1078. Peer-reviewed.
Investigating the link between trait emotional intelligence, career indecision, and self-perceived employability: The role of career adaptability
Udayar Shagini, Fiori Marina, Thalmayer Amber, Rossier Jérôme, 2018/06/28. Personality and Individual Differences 135 pp. 7-12. Peer-reviewed.
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