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The role of lateral and vertical herkogamy in the divergence of the blue- and red-flowered lineages of Lysimachia arvensis.
Jiménez-López F.J., Ortiz P.L., Talavera M., Pannell J.R., Arista M., 2020/06/01. Annals of botany, 125 (7) pp. 1127-1135. Peer-reviewed.
The opposing effects of genetic drift and Haldane's sieve on floral-morph frequencies in tristylous metapopulations.
Roux C., Pannell J.R., 2019/11. The New phytologist, 224 (3) pp. 1229-1240. Peer-reviewed.
YY males of the dioecious plant Mercurialis annua are fully viable but produce largely infertile pollen.
Li X., Veltsos P., Cossard G.G., Gerchen J., Pannell J.R., 2019/11. The New phytologist, 224 (3) pp. 1394-1404. Peer-reviewed.
The heavy burden of female reproduction. A commentary on: 'Time for a change: patterns of sex expression, health and mortality in a sex-changing tree'.
Pannell J.R., 2019/10/18. Annals of botany, 124 (3) pp. iv-v. Peer-reviewed.
A new biological species in the Mercurialis annua polyploid complex: functional divergence in inflorescence morphology and hybrid sterility.
Ma W.J., Santos Del Blanco L., Pannell J.R., 2019/08/02. Annals of botany, 124 (1) pp. 165-178. Peer-reviewed.
Sexual dimorphism and rapid turnover in gene expression in pre-reproductive seedlings of a dioecious herb.
Cossard G.G., Toups M.A., Pannell J.R., 2019/07/08. Annals of botany, 123 (7) pp. 1119-1131. Peer-reviewed.
Early Sex-Chromosome Evolution in the Diploid Dioecious Plant Mercurialis annua.
Veltsos P., Ridout K.E., Toups M.A., González-Martínez S.C., Muyle A., Emery O., Rastas P., Hudzieczek V., Hobza R., Vyskot B. et al., 2019/07. Genetics, 212 (3) pp. 815-835. Peer-reviewed.
Do metrics of sexual selection conform to Bateman's principles in a wind-pollinated plant?
Tonnabel J., David P., Pannell J.R., 2019/06/26. Proceedings. Biological sciences, 286 (1905) p. 20190532. Peer-reviewed.
A functional decomposition of sex inconstancy in the dioecious, colonizing plant Mercurialis annua.
Cossard G.G., Pannell J.R., 2019/05. American journal of botany, 106 (5) pp. 722-732. Peer-reviewed.
Rapid loss of self-incompatibility in experimental populations of the perennial outcrossing plant Linaria cavanillesii.
Voillemot M., Encinas-Viso F., Pannell J.R., 2019/05. Evolution; international journal of organic evolution, 73 (5) pp. 913-926. Peer-reviewed.
Sex-specific selection on plant architecture through "budget" and "direct" effects in experimental populations of the wind-pollinated herb, Mercurialis annua.
Tonnabel J., David P., Klein E.K., Pannell J.R., 2019/05. Evolution, 73 (5) pp. 897-912. Peer-reviewed.
Low siring success of females with an acquired male function illustrates the legacy of sexual dimorphism in constraining the breakdown of dioecy.
Santos Del Blanco L., Tudor E., Pannell J.R., 2019/03. Ecology letters, 22 (3) pp. 486-497. Peer-reviewed.
Heritabilities of lateral and vertical herkogamy in Lysimachia arvensis
Jiménez-López F.J., Arista M., Talavera M., Pannell J.R., Ortiz P.L., 2019/01. Plant Species Biology, 34 (1) pp. 31-37. Peer-reviewed.
Characterization of microsatellite markers for <i>Moricandia moricandioides</i> (Brassicaceae) and related species.
Cuenot Y., Gómez J.M., González-Megias A., Pannell J.R., Torices R., 2018/08. Applications in plant sciences, 6 (8) pp. e01172. Peer-reviewed.
Kin discrimination allows plants to modify investment towards pollinator attraction.
Torices R., Gómez J.M., Pannell J.R., 2018/05/22. Nature communications, 9 (1) p. 2018. Peer-reviewed.
Sex Determination: Sterility Genes out of Sequence.
Pannell J.R., Gerchen J., 2018/01/22. Current biology, 28 (2) pp. R80-R83. Peer-reviewed.
Gender specialisation and stigma height dimorphism in Mediterranean Lithodora fruticosa (Boraginaceae).
Pannell J.R., 2018. Plant Biology, 20 Suppl 1 pp. 112-117. Peer-reviewed.
Pleiotropic effect of the Flowering Locus C on plant resistance and defence against insect herbivores
Rasmann S., Sánchez Vilas J., Glauser G., Cartolano M., Lempe J., Tsiantis M., Pannell J.R., 2018. Journal of Ecology, 106 (3) pp. 1244-1255. Peer-reviewed.
Size and Content of the Sex-Determining Region of the Y Chromosome in Dioecious <i>Mercurialis annua</i>, a Plant with Homomorphic Sex Chromosomes.
Veltsos P., Cossard G., Beaudoing E., Beydon G., Savova Bianchi D., Roux C., C González-Martínez S., R Pannell J., 2018. Genes, 9 (6) pp. NA. Peer-reviewed.
The divergence history of the perennial plant Linaria cavanillesii confirms a recent loss of self-incompatibility.
Voillemot M., Rougemont Q., Roux C., Pannell J.R., 2018/01. Journal of evolutionary biology, 31 (1) pp. 136-147. Peer-reviewed.
Low number of fixed somatic mutations in a long-lived oak tree.
Schmid-Siegert E., Sarkar N., Iseli C., Calderon S., Gouhier-Darimont C., Chrast J., Cattaneo P., Schütz F., Farinelli L., Pagni M. et al., 2017/12. Nature plants, 3 (12) pp. 926-929. Peer-reviewed.
Range Expansion Compromises Adaptive Evolution in an Outcrossing Plant.
González-Martínez S.C., Ridout K., Pannell J.R., 2017/08/21. Current biology, 27 (16) pp. 2544-2551.e4. Peer-reviewed.
Development and characterization of microsatellite markers for diploid populations of the wind-pollinated herb Mercurialis annua.
Machado A.P., Pannell J.R., Tonnabel J., 2017/08/10. BMC Research Notes, 10 (1) p. 386. Peer-reviewed.
Effects of pollination intensity on offspring number and quality in a wind-pollinated herb
Labouche A.M., Richards S.A., Pannell J.R., 2017. Journal of Ecology, 105 (1) pp. 197-208. Peer-reviewed.
Inbreeding depression is high in a self-incompatible perennial herb population but absent in a self-compatible population showing mixed mating.
Voillemot M., Pannell J.R., 2017. Ecology and Evolution, 7 (20) pp. 8535-8544. Peer-reviewed.
Maintenance of mixed mating after the loss of self-incompatibility in a long-lived perennial herb.
Voillemot M., Pannell J.R., 2017. Annals of Botany, 119 (1) pp. 177-190. Peer-reviewed.
No difference in plasticity between different ploidy levels in the Mediterranean herb Mercurialis annua.
Sánchez Vilas J., Pannell J.R., 2017. Scientific Reports, 7 (1) p. 9484. Peer-reviewed.
On the rarity of dioecy in flowering plants.
Käfer J., Marais G.A., Pannell J.R., 2017. Molecular Ecology, 26 (5) pp. 1225-1241. Peer-reviewed.
Plant Sex Determination.
Pannell J.R., 2017. Current biology, 27 (5) pp. R191-R197. Peer-reviewed.
Self-compatibility is over-represented on islands.
Grossenbacher D.L., Brandvain Y., Auld J.R., Burd M., Cheptou P.O., Conner J.K., Grant A.G., Hovick S.M., Pannell J.R., Pauw A. et al., 2017. New Phytologist, 215 (1) pp. 469-478.
Sex-specific strategies of resource allocation in response to competition for light in a dioecious plant.
Tonnabel J., David P., Pannell J.R., 2017. Oecologia, 185 (4) pp. 675-686. Peer-reviewed.
Small-scale and regional spatial dynamics of an annual plant with contrasting sexual systems
Dorken M.E., Freckleton R.P., Pannell J.R., 2017. Journal of Ecology, 105 (4) pp. 1044-1057. Peer-reviewed.
Mimicry in plants.
Pannell J.R., Farmer E.E., 2016/09/12. Current biology, 26 (17) pp. R784-5. Peer-reviewed.
Long story short.
Pannell J.R., Cossard G., 2016/09/06. eLife, 5 pp. e20314. Peer-reviewed.
A test of the size-constraint hypothesis for a limit to sexual dimorphism in plants.
Labouche A.M., Pannell J.R., 2016/07. Oecologia, 181 (3) pp. 873-884. Peer-reviewed.
Sex Determination: Separate Sexes Are a Double Turnoff in Melons.
Ma W.J., Pannell J.R., 2016. Current Biology : Cb, 26 (4) pp. R171-R174. Peer-reviewed.
Evolution of the mating system in colonizing plants.
Pannell J.R., 2015. Molecular Ecology, 24 (9) pp. 2018-2037. Peer-reviewed.
Female sterility associated with increased clonal propagation suggests a unique combination of androdioecy and asexual reproduction in populations of Cardamine amara (Brassicaceae).
Tedder A., Helling M., Pannell J.R., Shimizu-Inatsugi R., Kawagoe T., van Campen J., Sese J., Shimizu K.K., 2015. Annals of Botany, 115 (5) pp. 763-776.
Inferring the mode of origin of polyploid species from next-generation sequence data.
Roux C., Pannell J.R., 2015. Molecular Ecology, 24 (5) pp. 1047-1059. Peer-reviewed.
Plant Mating Systems: Female Sterility in the Driver's Seat.
Pannell J.R., Voillemot M., 2015. Current Biology, 25 (12) pp. R511-R514.
Plant sex chromosomes: lost genes with little compensation.
Toups M., Veltsos P., Pannell J.R., 2015. Current Biology, 25 (10) pp. R427-R430.
Sex determination in dioecious Mercurialis annua and its close diploid and polyploid relatives.
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The scope of Baker's law.
Pannell J.R., Auld J.R., Brandvain Y., Burd M., Busch J.W., Cheptou P.O., Conner J.K., Goldberg E.E., Grant A.G., Grossenbacher D.L. et al., 2015. New Phytologist, 208 (3) pp. 656-667.
A quantitative genetic signature of senescence in a short-lived perennial plant.
Pujol B., Marrot P., Pannell J.R., 2014. Current Biology, 24 (7) pp. 744-747.
Evolución de la agregación y separación de sexos: ¿Qué hemos aprendido de las poblaciones ibéricas de Mercurialis annua?
Pannell J.R., Santos-del-Blanco L., 2014. Ecosistemas, 23 (3) pp. 13-22. Peer-reviewed.
Leaf Mimicry: Chameleon-like Leaves in a Patagonian Vine.
Pannell J.R., 2014. Current Biology, 24 (9) pp. R357-R359.
Plasticity in sex allocation in the plant Mercurialis annua is greater for hermaphrodites sampled from dimorphic than from monomorphic populations.
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Exogenous selection shapes germination behaviour and seedling traits of populations at different altitudes in a Senecio hybrid zone.
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Genetic differentiation for size at first reproduction through male versus female functions in the widespread Mediterranean tree Pinus pinaster.
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Speciation genetics: reinforcement by shades and hues.
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The ecology of plant populations: their dynamics, interactions and evolution
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Two's company, three's a crowd: experimental evaluation of the evolutionary maintenance of trioecy in Mercurialis annua (Euphorbiaceae).
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Characterization of microsatellite loci and reliable genotyping in a polyploid plant, Mercurialis perennis (Euphorbiaceae).
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Mixed mating in androdioecious Mercurialis annua inferred using progeny arrays and diploid-acting microsatellite loci in a hexaploid background.
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Sex-differential herbivory in androdioecious Mercurialis annua.
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Sexual dimorphism in a dioecious population of the wind-pollinated herb Mercurialis annua: the interactive effects of resource availability and competition.
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On the problems of a closed marriage: celebrating Darwin 200.
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Rapid divergence in physiological and life-history traits between northern and southern populations of the British introduced neo-species, Senecio squalidus
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Canopy-stored seed banks of Allocasuarina distyla and A. nana in relation to time since fire Australian
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