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The Inequality of Neural Destiny: Signatures of Life course Socioeconomic Conditions in Brain Myelination and Grey Matter Volume
Loued-Khenissi Leyla, Trofimova Olga, Vollenweider Peter, Marques-Vidal Pedro, Preisig Martin, Lutti Antoine, Kliegel Matthias, Sandi Carmen, Kherif Ferhat, Stringhini Silvia et al..
The Neurobiology of Emotion Regulation in Personality Disorders
Grandjean Loris, Marceau Ely, Draganski Bogdan, Rosselet Amoussou Joelle, Kramer Ueli, 2024/05/16. Swiss Archives of Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. Peer-reviewed.
Diabetes mellitus in older persons with neurocognitive disorder: overtreatment prevalence and associated structural brain MRI findings.
Putallaz P., Seematter-Bagnoud L., Draganski B., Rouaud O., Krief H., Büla C.J., 2024/05/14. BMC geriatrics, 24 (1) p. 427. Peer-reviewed.
The Neurobiology of Life Course Socioeconomic Conditions and Associated Cognitive Performance in Middle to Late Adulthood.
Schrempft S., Trofimova O., Künzi M., Ramponi C., Lutti A., Kherif F., Latypova A., Vollenweider P., Marques-Vidal P., Preisig M. et al., 2024/04/24. The Journal of neuroscience, 44 (17). Peer-reviewed.
Longitudinal microstructural changes in 18 amygdala nuclei resonate with cortical circuits and phenomics.
Ghanem K., Saltoun K., Suvrathan A., Draganski B., Bzdok D., 2024/04/18. Communications biology, 7 (1) p. 477. Peer-reviewed.
Author Correction: Using rare genetic mutations to revisit structural brain asymmetry.
Kopal J., Kumar K., Shafighi K., Saltoun K., Modenato C., Moreau C.A., Huguet G., Jean-Louis M., Martin C.O., Saci Z. et al., 2024/04/10. Nature communications, 15 (1) p. 3098. Peer-reviewed.
Associations between antipsychotics-induced weight gain and brain networks of impulsivity.
Grosu C., Klauser P., Dwir D., Khadimallah I., Alemán-Gómez Y., Laaboub N., Piras M., Fournier M., Preisig M., Conus P. et al., 2024/03/26. Translational psychiatry, 14 (1) p. 162. Peer-reviewed.
Using rare genetic mutations to revisit structural brain asymmetry.
Kopal J., Kumar K., Shafighi K., Saltoun K., Modenato C., Moreau C.A., Huguet G., Jean-Louis M., Martin C.O., Saci Z. et al., 2024/03/26. Nature communications, 15 (1) p. 2639. Peer-reviewed.
Obstructive sleep apnea and cognitive functioning in the older general population: The moderating effect of age, sex, ApoE4, and obesity.
Marchi N.A., Berger M., Solelhac G., Bayon V., Haba-Rubio J., Legault J., Thompson C., Gosselin N., Vollenweider P., Marques-Vidal P. et al., 2024/02. Journal of sleep research, 33 (1) pp. e13938. Peer-reviewed.
The Swiss Brain Health Plan 2023–2033
Bassetti Claudio L. A., Heldner Mirjam R., Adorjan Kristina, Albanese Emiliano, Allali Gilles, Arnold Marcel, Bègue Indrit, Bochud Murielle, Chan Andrew, do Cuénod Kim Q. et al., 2023/11/13. Clinical and Translational Neuroscience, 7 (4) p. 38.
Corrigendum to "Periodic leg movements during sleep and cognitive functioning in the older general population" [Sleep Med 109 (2023) 197-201].
Marchi N.A., Peci A., Haba-Rubio J., Solelhac G., Bayon V., Berger M., Vollenweider P., Marques-Vidal P., von Gunten A., Strippoli M.F. et al., 2023/11. Sleep medicine, 111 p. 207. Peer-reviewed.
Maintaining brain health across the lifespan.
García-García I., Donica O., Cohen A.A., Gonseth Nusslé S., Heini A., Nusslé S., Pichard C., Rietschel E., Tanackovic G., Folli S. et al., 2023/10. Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews, 153 p. 105365. Peer-reviewed.
Statistical analyses of motion-corrupted MRI relaxometry data computed from multiple scans.
Corbin N., Oliveira R., Raynaud Q., Di Domenicantonio G., Draganski B., Kherif F., Callaghan M.F., Lutti A., 2023/10/01. Journal of neuroscience methods, 398 p. 109950. Peer-reviewed.
Periodic leg movements during sleep and cognitive functioning in the older general population.
Marchi N.A., Peci A., Haba-Rubio J., Solelhac G., Bayon V., Berger M., Vollenweider P., Marques-Vidal P., von Gunten A., Strippoli M.F. et al., 2023/09. Sleep medicine, 109 pp. 197-201. Peer-reviewed.
Subcortical Brain Alterations in Carriers of Genomic Copy Number Variants.
Kumar K., Modenato C., Moreau C., Ching CRK, Harvey A., Martin-Brevet S., Huguet G., Jean-Louis M., Douard E., Martin C.O. et al., 2023/09/01. The American journal of psychiatry, 180 (9) pp. 685-698. Peer-reviewed.
Rare CNVs and phenome-wide profiling highlight brain structural divergence and phenotypical convergence.
Kopal J., Kumar K., Saltoun K., Modenato C., Moreau C.A., Martin-Brevet S., Huguet G., Jean-Louis M., Martin C.O., Saci Z. et al., 2023/06. Nature human behaviour, 7 (6) pp. 1001-1017. Peer-reviewed.
Adversity specificity and life period exposure on cognitive aging.
Künzi M., Sieber S., Joly-Burra E., Cullati S., Bauermeister S., Stringhini S., Draganski B., Ballhausen N., Kliegel M., 2023/05/29. Scientific reports, 13 (1) p. 8702. Peer-reviewed.
Parkinson's disease may disrupt overlapping subthalamic nucleus and pallidal motor networks.
Santos A.N., Kherif F., Melie-Garcia L., Lutti A., Chiappini A., Rauschenbach L., Dinger T.F., Riess C., El Rahal A., Darkwah Oppong M. et al., 2023/05. NeuroImage. Clinical, 38 p. 103432. Peer-reviewed.
Topography of associations between cardiovascular risk factors and myelin loss in the ageing human brain.
Trofimova O., Latypova A., DiDomenicantonio G., Lutti A., de Lange A.G., Kliegel M., Stringhini S., Marques-Vidal P., Vaucher J., Vollenweider P. et al., 2023/04/10. Communications biology, 6 (1) p. 392. Peer-reviewed.
Life-course socioeconomic conditions and cognitive performance in older adults: a cross-cohort comparison.
Schrempft S., Trofimova O., Künzi M., Draganski B., Kliegel M., Stringhini S., 2023/04. Aging & mental health, 27 (4) pp. 745-754. Peer-reviewed.
Obstructive sleep apnoea and 5-year cognitive decline in the elderly.
Marchi N.A., Solelhac G., Berger M., Haba-Rubio J., Gosselin N., Vollenweider P., Marques-Vidal P., Popp J., von Gunten A., Preisig M. et al., 2023/04. The European respiratory journal, 61 (4) p. 2201621. Peer-reviewed.
Cardiometabolic health across menopausal years is linked to white matter hyperintensities up to a decade later.
Schindler L.S., Subramaniapillai S., Ambikairajah A., Barth C., Crestol A., Voldsbekk I., Beck D., Gurholt T.P., Topiwala A., Suri S. et al., 2023. Frontiers in global women's health, 4 p. 1320640. Peer-reviewed.
Therapies for obsessive-compulsive disorder: Current state of the art and perspectives for approaching treatment-resistant patients.
Swierkosz-Lenart K., Dos Santos JFA, Elowe J., Clair A.H., Bally J.F., Riquier F., Bloch J., Draganski B., Clerc M.T., Pozuelo Moyano B. et al., 2023. Frontiers in psychiatry, 14 p. 1065812. Peer-reviewed.
Abnormal brain iron accumulation in obstructive sleep apnea: A quantitative MRI study in the HypnoLaus cohort.
Marchi N.A., Pizzarotti B., Solelhac G., Berger M., Haba-Rubio J., Preisig M., Vollenweider P., Marques-Vidal P., Lutti A., Kherif F. et al., 2022/12. Journal of sleep research, 31 (6) pp. e13698. Peer-reviewed.
MRI Measurement of Brain Iron Content in Obstructive Sleep Apnea: the Hypnolaus Study
Marchi N., Solelhac G., Berger M., Lutti A., Haba-Rubio J., Heinzer R., Draganski B., 2022/12. pp. S5-S5 dans Sleep Medicine.
Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Cognitive Decline in the Elderly: the Hypnolaus Study
Marchi N., Berger M., Solelhac G., Haba-Rubio J., Draganski B., Heinzer R., 2022/12. pp. S6 dans Sleep Medicine.
Associations Between Life-Course Socioeconomic Conditions and the Pace of Aging.
Schrempft S., Belsky D.W., Draganski B., Kliegel M., Vollenweider P., Marques-Vidal P., Preisig M., Stringhini S., 2022/11/21. The journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences, 77 (11) pp. 2257-2264. Peer-reviewed.
GnRH replacement rescues cognition in Down syndrome.
Manfredi-Lozano M., Leysen V., Adamo M., Paiva I., Rovera R., Pignat J.M., Timzoura F.E., Candlish M., Eddarkaoui S., Malone S.A. et al., 2022/09/02. Science, 377 (6610) pp. eabq4515. Peer-reviewed.
Sex- and age-specific associations between cardiometabolic risk and white matter brain age in the UK Biobank cohort.
Subramaniapillai S., Suri S., Barth C., Maximov I.I., Voldsbekk I., van der Meer D., Gurholt T.P., Beck D., Draganski B., Andreassen O.A. et al., 2022/08/15. Human brain mapping, 43 (12) pp. 3759-3774. Peer-reviewed.
CYP2C19 expression modulates affective functioning and hippocampal subiculum volume-a large single-center community-dwelling cohort study.
Grosu C., Trofimova O., Gholam-Rezaee M., Strippoli M.F., Kherif F., Lutti A., Preisig M., Draganski B., Eap C.B., 2022/08/05. Translational psychiatry, 12 (1) p. 316. Peer-reviewed.
Mind the gap: Performance metric evaluation in brain-age prediction.
de Lange A.G., Anatürk M., Rokicki J., Han LKM, Franke K., Alnaes D., Ebmeier K.P., Draganski B., Kaufmann T., Westlye L.T. et al., 2022/07. Human brain mapping, 43 (10) pp. 3113-3129. Peer-reviewed.
Signatures of life course socioeconomic conditions in brain anatomy.
Loued-Khenissi L., Trofimova O., Vollenweider P., Marques-Vidal P., Preisig M., Lutti A., Kliegel M., Sandi C., Kherif F., Stringhini S. et al., 2022/06/01. Human brain mapping, 43 (8) pp. 2582-2606. Peer-reviewed.
Restoring statistical validity in group analyses of motion-corrupted MRI data.
Lutti A., Corbin N., Ashburner J., Ziegler G., Draganski B., Phillips C., Kherif F., Callaghan M.F., Di Domenicantonio G., 2022/04/15. Human brain mapping, 43 (6) pp. 1973-1983. Peer-reviewed.
Clinical phenotype modulates brain's myelin and iron content in temporal lobe epilepsy.
Roggenhofer E., Toumpouli E., Seeck M., Wiest R., Lutti A., Kherif F., Novy J., Rossetti A.O., Draganski B., 2022/04. Brain structure & function, 227 (3) pp. 901-911. Peer-reviewed.
Associations between abdominal adipose tissue, reproductive span, and brain characteristics in post-menopausal women.
Schindler L.S., Subramaniapillai S., Barth C., van der Meer D., Pedersen M.L., Kaufmann T., Maximov I.I., Linge J., Leinhard O.D., Beck D. et al., 2022. NeuroImage. Clinical, 36 p. 103239. Peer-reviewed.
Brain Activation During Active Balancing and Its Behavioral Relevance in Younger and Older Adults: A Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) Study.
Lehmann N., Kuhn Y.A., Keller M., Aye N., Herold F., Draganski B., Taube W., Taubert M., 2022. Frontiers in aging neuroscience, 14 p. 828474. Peer-reviewed.
Effects of copy number variations on brain structure and risk for psychiatric illness: Large-scale studies from the ENIGMA working groups on CNVs.
Sønderby I.E., Ching CRK, Thomopoulos S.I., van der Meer D., Sun D., Villalon-Reina J.E., Agartz I., Amunts K., Arango C., Armstrong N.J. et al., 2022/01. Human brain mapping, 43 (1) pp. 300-328. Peer-reviewed.
Lessons Learned From Neuroimaging Studies of Copy Number Variants: A Systematic Review.
Modenato C., Martin-Brevet S., Moreau C.A., Rodriguez-Herreros B., Kumar K., Draganski B., Sønderby I.E., Jacquemont S., 2021/11/01. Biological psychiatry, 90 (9) pp. 596-610. Peer-reviewed.
Unraveling brain interactions in vision: The example of crowding.
Jastrzębowska M.A., Chicherov V., Draganski B., Herzog M.H., 2021/10/15. NeuroImage, 240 p. 118390. Peer-reviewed.
Composite trait Mendelian randomization reveals distinct metabolic and lifestyle consequences of differences in body shape.
Sulc J., Sonrel A., Mounier N., Auwerx C., Marouli E., Darrous L., Draganski B., Kilpeläinen T.O., Joshi P., Loos RJF et al., 2021/09/13. Communications biology, 4 (1) p. 1064. Peer-reviewed.
Temporal Dynamics of Brain White Matter Plasticity in Sighted Subjects during Tactile Braille Learning: A Longitudinal Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study.
Molendowska M., Matuszewski J., Kossowski B., Bola Ł., Banaszkiewicz A., Paplińska M., Jednoróg K., Draganski B., Marchewka A., 2021/08/18. The Journal of neuroscience, 41 (33) pp. 7076-7085. Peer-reviewed.
Effects of eight neuropsychiatric copy number variants on human brain structure.
Modenato C., Kumar K., Moreau C., Martin-Brevet S., Huguet G., Schramm C., Jean-Louis M., Martin C.O., Younis N., Tamer P. et al., 2021/07/20. Translational psychiatry, 11 (1) p. 399. Peer-reviewed.
Brain tissue properties link cardio-vascular risk factors, mood and cognitive performance in the CoLaus|PsyCoLaus epidemiological cohort.
Trofimova O., Loued-Khenissi L., DiDomenicantonio G., Lutti A., Kliegel M., Stringhini S., Marques-Vidal P., Vollenweider P., Waeber G., Preisig M. et al., 2021/06. Neurobiology of aging, 102 pp. 50-63. Peer-reviewed.
Temporal trajectory of brain tissue property changes induced by electroconvulsive therapy.
Gyger L., Ramponi C., Mall J.F., Swierkosz-Lenart K., Stoyanov D., Lutti A., von Gunten A., Kherif F., Draganski B., 2021/05/15. NeuroImage, 232 p. 117895. Peer-reviewed.
Mapping grip force to motor networks.
Weitnauer L., Frisch S., Melie-Garcia L., Preisig M., Schroeter M.L., Sajfutdinow I., Kherif F., Draganski B., 2021/04/01. NeuroImage, 229 p. 117735. Peer-reviewed.
Gradient of electro-convulsive therapy's antidepressant effects along the longitudinal hippocampal axis.
Gyger L., Regen F., Ramponi C., Marquis R., Mall J.F., Swierkosz-Lenart K., von Gunten A., Toni N., Kherif F., Heuser I. et al., 2021/03/29. Translational psychiatry, 11 (1) p. 191. Peer-reviewed.
1q21.1 distal copy number variants are associated with cerebral and cognitive alterations in humans.
Sønderby I.E., van der Meer D., Moreau C., Kaufmann T., Walters G.B., Ellegaard M., Abdellaoui A., Ames D., Amunts K., Andersson M. et al., 2021/03/22. Translational psychiatry, 11 (1) p. 182. Peer-reviewed.
Brain plasticity dynamics during tactile Braille learning in sighted subjects: Multi-contrast MRI approach.
Matuszewski J., Kossowski B., Bola Ł., Banaszkiewicz A., Paplińska M., Gyger L., Kherif F., Szwed M., Frackowiak R.S., Jednoróg K. et al., 2021/02/15. NeuroImage, 227 p. 117613. Peer-reviewed.
Apolipoprotein E4 effects on topological brain network organization in mild cognitive impairment.
Sanabria-Diaz G., Melie-Garcia L., Draganski B., Demonet J.F., Kherif F., 2021/01/12. Scientific reports, 11 (1) p. 845. Peer-reviewed.
The Relationship between Life Course Socioeconomic Conditions and Objective and Subjective Memory in Older Age.
Künzi M., Joly-Burra E., Zuber S., Haas M., Tinello D., Da Silva Coelho C., Hering A., Ihle A., Laera G., Mikneviciute G. et al., 2021/01/06. Brain sciences, 11 (1) p. 61. Peer-reviewed.
Apolipoprotein E allele 4 effects on Single-Subject Gray Matter Networks in Mild Cognitive Impairment.
Sanabria-Diaz G., Demonet J.F., Rodriguez-Herreros B., Draganski B., Kherif F., Melie-Garcia L., 2021. NeuroImage. Clinical, 32 p. 102799. Peer-reviewed.
Explainable deep learning models for dementia identification via magnetic resonance imaging : Developing topics
Gallay Charles, Draganski Bogdan, Kherif Ferath, 2020/12. Alzheimer's & Dementia, 16 (S5).
Mechanisms of change in brief treatments for borderline personality disorder: a protocol of a randomized controlled trial
Kramer Ueli, Grandjean Loris, Beuchat Hélène, Kolly Stéphane, Conus Philippe, Roten Yves, Draganski Bogdan, Despland Jean-Nicolas, 2020/12. Trials, 21 (1).
Troubles neurocognitifs chez les personnes âgées avec maladie oncologique [Cancer-related cognitive impairment in older adults]
Baratali L., Major K., Rouaud O., Draganski B., 2020/11/11. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (714) pp. 2172-2175. Peer-reviewed.
Remodeling of brain morphology in temporal lobe epilepsy.
Roggenhofer E., Muller S., Santarnecchi E., Melie-Garcia L., Wiest R., Kherif F., Draganski B., 2020/11. Brain and behavior, 10 (11) pp. e01825. Peer-reviewed.
SPHN - The Swiss Aging Citizen Reference (SACR).
Jeong A., Bochud M., Cattin P., Dermitzakis M., Draganski B., Papassotiropoulos A., Preisig M., Stieltjes B., Vollenweider P., Probst-Hensch N., 2020/06/16. Studies in health technology and informatics, 270 pp. 1168-1169. Peer-reviewed.
Mean Oxygen Saturation during Sleep Is Related to Specific Brain Atrophy Pattern.
Marchi N.A., Ramponi C., Hirotsu C., Haba-Rubio J., Lutti A., Preisig M., Marques-Vidal P., Vollenweider P., Kherif F., Heinzer R. et al., 2020/06. Annals of neurology, 87 (6) pp. 921-930. Peer-reviewed.
Converging patterns of aging-associated brain volume loss and tissue microstructure differences.
Taubert M., Roggenhofer E., Melie-Garcia L., Muller S., Lehmann N., Preisig M., Vollenweider P., Marques-Vidal P., Lutti A., Kherif F. et al., 2020/04. Neurobiology of aging, 88 pp. 108-118. Peer-reviewed.
Neuro-Clinical Signatures of Language Impairments after Acute Stroke: A VBQ Analysis of Quantitative Native CT Scans.
Muller S., Dauyey K., Ruef A., Lorio S., Eskandari A., Schneider L., Beaud V., Roggenhofer E., Draganski B., Michel P. et al., 2020. Current topics in medicinal chemistry, 20 (9) pp. 792-799. Peer-reviewed.
Developmental trajectories of neuroanatomical alterations associated with the 16p11.2 Copy Number Variations.
Cárdenas-de-la-Parra A., Martin-Brevet S., Moreau C., Rodriguez-Herreros B., Fonov V.S., Maillard A.M., Zürcher N.R., 16p11.2 European Consortium, Hadjikhani N., Beckmann J.S. et al., 2019/12. NeuroImage, 203 p. 116155. Peer-reviewed.
Trajectories of brain remodeling in temporal lobe epilepsy.
Roggenhofer E., Santarnecchi E., Muller S., Kherif F., Wiest R., Seeck M., Draganski B., 2019/12. Journal of neurology, 266 (12) pp. 3150-3159. Peer-reviewed.
Dopaminergic modulation of motor network compensatory mechanisms in Parkinson's disease.
Jastrzębowska M.A., Marquis R., Melie-García L., Lutti A., Kherif F., Herzog M.H., Draganski B., 2019/10/15. Human brain mapping, 40 (15) pp. 4397-4416. Peer-reviewed.
A nation-wide initiative for brain imaging and clinical phenotype data federation in Swiss university memory centres.
Draganski B., Kherif F., Damian D., Demonet J.F., MemoNet consortium, 2019/08. Current opinion in neurology, 32 (4) pp. 557-563. Peer-reviewed.
Example dataset for the hMRI toolbox.
Callaghan M.F., Lutti A., Ashburner J., Balteau E., Corbin N., Draganski B., Helms G., Kherif F., Leutritz T., Mohammadi S. et al., 2019/08. Data in brief, 25 p. 104132. Peer-reviewed.
hMRI - A toolbox for quantitative MRI in neuroscience and clinical research.
Tabelow K., Balteau E., Ashburner J., Callaghan M.F., Draganski B., Helms G., Kherif F., Leutritz T., Lutti A., Phillips C. et al., 2019/07/01. NeuroImage, 194 pp. 191-210. Peer-reviewed.
Evolution of white matter tract microstructure across the life span.
Slater D.A., Melie-Garcia L., Preisig M., Kherif F., Lutti A., Draganski B., 2019/05. Human brain mapping, 40 (7) pp. 2252-2268. Peer-reviewed.
Spatial Resolution and Imaging Encoding fMRI Settings for Optimal Cortical and Subcortical Motor Somatotopy in the Human Brain.
Marquis R., Muller S., Lorio S., Rodriguez-Herreros B., Melie-Garcia L., Kherif F., Lutti A., Draganski B., 2019. Frontiers in neuroscience, 13 p. 571. Peer-reviewed.
The Combination of DAT-SPECT, Structural and Diffusion MRI Predicts Clinical Progression in Parkinson's Disease.
Lorio S., Sambataro F., Bertolino A., Draganski B., Dukart J., 2019. Frontiers in aging neuroscience, 11 p. 57. Peer-reviewed.
Change in Emotional and Theory of Mind Processing in Borderline Personality Disorder: A Pilot Study.
Kramer U., Kolly S., Maillard P., Pascual-Leone A., Samson A.C., Schmitt R., Bernini A., Allenbach G., Charbon P., de Roten Y. et al., 2018/12. The Journal of nervous and mental disease, 206 (12) pp. 935-943. Peer-reviewed.
Controlling motion artefact levels in MR images by suspending data acquisition during periods of head motion.
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Quantifying the Effects of 16p11.2 Copy Number Variants on Brain Structure: A Multisite Genetic-First Study.
Martin-Brevet S., Rodríguez-Herreros B., Nielsen J.A., Moreau C., Modenato C., Maillard A.M., Pain A., Richetin S., Jønch A.E., Qureshi A.Y. et al., 2018/08/15. Biological psychiatry, 84 (4) pp. 253-264. Peer-reviewed.
Simultaneous estimation of population receptive field and hemodynamic parameters from single point BOLD responses using Metropolis-Hastings sampling.
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Networks of myelin covariance.
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Memory center: The Lausanne model
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Multiple Linear Regression: Bayesian Inference for Distributed and Big Data in the Medical Informatics Platform of the Human Brain Project
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Regional volumetric change in Parkinson's disease with cognitive decline.
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Neuroticism, depression, and anxiety traits exacerbate the state of cognitive impairment and hippocampal vulnerability to Alzheimer's disease
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Sustained enhancements in inhibitory control depend primarily on the reinforcement of fronto-basal anatomical connectivity.
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The Global ECT-MRI Research Collaboration (GEMRIC): Establishing a multi-site investigation of the neural mechanisms underlying response to electroconvulsive therapy.
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Brain networks modulated by subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation.
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The Number of Genomic Copies at the 16p11.2 Locus Modulates Language, Verbal Memory, and Inhibition.
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Embodied neurology: an integrative framework for neurological disorders.
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16p11.2 Locus modulates response to satiety before the onset of obesity.
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Neurobiological origin of spurious brain morphological changes: A quantitative MRI study.
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New tissue priors for improved automated classification of subcortical brain structures on MRI.
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Deep brain stimulation of the posterior gyrus rectus region for treatment resistant depression.
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