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Faculté de biologie et médecine

Service de radiodiagnostic et radiologie interventionnelle
Fonction(s) : Maître assistant, Privat-docent
Quartier UNIL-CHUV
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CH-1011 Lausanne
Téléphone : 021 314 75 35

Centre d'Imagerie Biomédicale

CH-1011 Lausanne
Téléphone : 021 693 79 81
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Caracterisation non-invasive de tissus
Imagerie par résonance magnétique (irm)

Prix et distinctions scientifiques

University of Lausanne Hossein Sadeghi Prize - Fluorine MRI of atherosclerosis 2015

Annual prize of the University of Lausanne (UNIL) for outstanding cardiovascular research.
Bénéficiaire : Ruud Van Heeswijk

Prix de Recherche Pfizer 2014

Prestigious national research prize in basic cardiology for demonstrating that fluorine-19 MRI can be used to quantify myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) in mice. Included a small research grant.
Bénéficiaire : Ruud Van Heeswijk

SCMR Poster Award - Cardiac T2 Mapping 2014

Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) in New Orleans, USA.
Best Clinical Poster Award for the abstract:
Free-Breathing T2 mapping at 3T for the Monitoring of Cardiac Allograft Rejection: Initial Results.
by RB van Heeswijk, G Vincenti, P Monney, J Kourda, S Rotman, M Stuber, J Schwitter, R Hullin
Bénéficiaire : Ruud Van Heeswijk

SMRA Highest Score Abstract - X-Ray Imaging of the Mouse Heart 2012

International MR Angiography Working Group (MRA Club), now the Society for Magnetic Resonance Angiography (SMRA) in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Abstract with the highest reviewer score:
X-ray phase-contrast grating interferometry for atherosclerosis imaging in mice.
RB van Heeswijk, P Modregger, S Coppo, G Bonanno, M Pellegrin, JF Aubert, M Stampanoni, L Mazzolai and M Stuber.
Bénéficiaire : Ruud Van Heeswijk

ISN Oral Presentation award - MR spectroscopy of brain glycogen 2008

International Society for Neurochemistry (ISN) meeting International Meeting for Brain Energy Metabolism in Beijing, China.
"Certificate of Excellence" oral presentation award for the abstract:
NMR determination of brain glycogen turnover with internal labelling monitoring.
by RB van Heeswijk, FD Morgenthaler, L Xin and R Gruetter.
Bénéficiaire : Ruud Van Heeswijk

ISMRM Poster Award - lithium-6 DNP 2008

International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) in Toronto, Canada.
Poster award from for the abstract:
Detection and imaging of hyperpolarized 6-lithium in the rat brain in vivo.
by RB van Heeswijk, K Uffmann, A Comment, F Kurdzesau, C Perazzolo, C Cudalbu, S Jannin, T Konter, P Hautle, B van den Brandt, JJ Van der Klink, G Navon, and R Gruetter
Bénéficiaire : Ruud Van Heeswijk

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